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The Daily Genealogist: Silome

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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto

SILOME (f): Silome Hurd, b. Woodbury, Conn. 29 Dec. 1715, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah (Cothren 3:15), may have been named not for the Salome who caused such trouble for John the Baptist, but for the Pool of Siloam, in Jerusalem, which, according to the Gospel of John, was said to have healing powers. Or “Silome” could be a mistake for the name SILENCE.

The Daily Genealogist: North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

North Carolina Digital Heritage Center

The North Carolina Digital Heritage Center is a statewide digitization and digital publishing program. It is part of the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center’s online collections come from cultural heritage institutions across North Carolina. Click on the Collections link in the menu bar to access them. Select the collection you would like to view from the dropdown list.

Images of North Carolina
The Images of North Carolina collection contains more than 4,500 items from nearly thirty different repositories. There are photos and postcards of people and places in more than forty North Carolina counties from the late nineteenth century to the present. You can search by keyword, view all items, and browse by location or subject.

North Carolina City Directories
City directories for nearly sixty North Carolina cities and towns located in about forty counties have been digitized and uploaded to the website. They cover the period from 1860 through 1953. You can search by keywords and browse by city, county, or date.

North Carolina Memory
The North Carolina Memory collection contains more than 2,000 digitized items related to North Carolinians past and present. The collection can be searched by keywords or browsed by item type or location. The types of items in the collection include account books, bills of lading, correspondence, death registers, funeral programs, indentures, land grants, pamphlets, financial records, and many more. The items are primarily from (or related to) North Carolina, but some items also have connections to other places, including South Carolina, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, and Africa.

North Carolina Newspapers
This collection comprises nearly forty community and twenty student newspapers from towns and schools throughout North Carolina. The collection can be searched by keyword and location and limited by title and date range. You can also browse through the newspapers by location and by title.

North Carolina Yearbooks
The North Carolina Yearbooks collection contains nearly seventy college and university yearbooks and fifty high school yearbooks from fourteen counties. They cover the period from the 1890s to the present and include both public and private schools. Clicking on the North Carolina Yearbooks link in the menu bar will open the College & University main page. Enter the institution’s name in the search box to begin your search or click on the institution’s name to browse. To view the high school yearbooks collection click on the High School Yearbooks button at the top of the page. As noted on the website, many of the yearbooks in the high school collection are from schools that no longer exist. Enter the institution’s name in the search box to begin your search or click on the county’s name in the list and select a school.

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