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The Daily Genealogist: Recent Reader Responses

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock

This week, at the end of the holiday season, we share reader comments made in response to recent surveys, a name origin column, and a story of interest.

Responses to surveys on saving holiday cards and genealogical gift-giving:

Jeannette Maxey of Kalamazoo, Michigan: I had a card that my parents and I exchanged for well over twenty years, each year telling the other how cheap we were that we could only afford “this ratty, old Christmas card.” Beginning in 1960, the card went back and forth between my house in Midland and then Kalamazoo, Michigan, and their home in Bloomington, Indiana. It was great fun, but the post office lost it; one year it never arrived.

Anne B. Wagner of Portsmouth, Rhode Island: No genealogical presents are on my list for Santa. However, I am giving genealogical presents in the form of old family movies from 1927 to about 1954, which have been transferred to DVD, as well as a representative sampling of our children's childhood snapshots, scanned to DVD.

A response to the Christmas name origin column:

Leslie Nutbrown of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada: I thought you might find it interesting to know that I have several ancestors in several generations with the name Christmas. Christmas Warren was born in 1848 in Marnhull, Dorset, England. His grandfather was Christmas Kendall, born in 1774. His father was Christmas Kendall, born in 1730. His grandfather was Christmas Keinell, born December 25, 1650, in Marnhull. So the name Christmas spanned almost 200 years in this family and only the first one to bear the name was born on Christmas Day.

[On the topic of the Christmas surname, readers might enjoy an article in The Hamilton [Ontario] Spectator, “Don’t Call Her Merry Christmas,” which features a profile of Hamilton resident Mary Christmas and a brief discussion of the Christmas surname.]

A response to the story of interest on the daughter of a Civil War veteran (Kearney Woman is a Living Link to the Civil War):

Aline (Grandier) Hornaday: I was interested to read the story about the daughter of a Civil War veteran, a living link with her father's long-ago war service. Perhaps you'd also be interested to know that I am the daughter of a Franco-Prussian War [1870–71] veteran, who is now long gone but still sorely missed! I am a proud American citizen by birth — I was born in San Diego, California. My father became an American citizen and was very pleased to vote and carry out the responsibilities of citizenship. I am sure there must be many others with the same sort of historical connections with the past!

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