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  • A Barstow/Beairsto Line

    Donald J. K. Beairsto

    Published Date : August 1985
    The Barstows/Beairstos of colonial New England are well covered in a major recent genealogy by Arthur H. Radasch.  The following line is not treated in that work and is offered here as the second in our NEXUS series of updated genealogies.

    1. JOHNSON5 BEAIRSTO, (William4-3, George2-1), b. in Boston ca. 1741; d. 14 Mar. 1817 in his 76 yr. (rec. Royal Calendar); m. ca. 1775 ANNE HYDE; d. 7 April 1825 in her 72 yr.  Johnson was a carpenter and possibly a millwright in Charlottetown.

    Children, all born in Charlottetown:

            i.           Johnson, b. ca. 1776; rn. ca. 1812 Margarate Young.

           ii.          Hannah, b. 10 Oct. 1777; m. 10 aug. 1797 George Aitken.

          iii.         William. b. ca. 1780; m. (1) ca. 1804 Mary Maclaren; m. (2) ca. 1811, Jane Hyde.

          iv.         Thomas, b. ca. 1782; m. Catherine Rafter.

           v.          Anne, b. ca. 1783; m. ca. 1804 John Merchland

          vi.         Sarah Hyde, b. ca. 1784; m. Charles Bernard.

         vii.        George, b. ca. 1786.

        viii.       Benjamin, b. ca. 1791; rn. Rebecca ____.

          ix.         Margery, b. ca. 1793.

           x.          Isabelle, b. ca. 1796; m. Thomas Robbins.

          xi.         Mary, b. ca. 1797.

    2.  GEORGE6 BEAIRSTO, (Johnson5, Williarn4-3, George2-1), b. at Charlottetown, ca. 1786; d. at Malpeque, P.E.I., 28 Feb. 1864 in his 78 yr.; m. ca. 1806 MARGARATE RILEY.  George was a farmer, gristmill owner, millwright, and possibly a brewer in Malpeque.

    Children, all born in Malpeque:

         i.           William. b. ca. 1808; m. 27 Jan. 1831 France Aitken.

        ii.          James, b. 1 Oct. 1810.

       iii.         Elizabeth, b. ca. 1812; m. 17 Jan. 1833 Johnson Aitken.

       iv.         Mary Anne, b. __?; m. James McNutt.

        v.          Eliza, b. ?; m. Robert McNutt.

       vi.         Benjamin, b. 1 April 1817; m. ca. 1848 Anne McNutt.

      vii.        Marciarate, b. __?; m. Archibald McGoughan.

     viii.       Martha, b. __?; m. 17 Jan. 1850 Thomas Simms.

       ix.         Lily, b. ca. 1824; m. Neil McGoughan.

        x.          Catherine, b. Dec. 1826.

       xi.         John Keir, b. ca. 1830; m. ca. 1858 Jessie MacMillan.


    3.  JAMES7 BEAIRSTO, (George6, Johnson5, William4-3, George2-1), b. 1 Oct. 1810; d. 10 May 1882; m. 11 Jan. 1837 MARY KERR dau. of Rev. John Keir.  James was a farmer, gristmill owner and millwright at the Baltic, P.E.l.

    Children, all born at Malpeque:

         i.           Margarate, b. __?; m. Rev. James Sinclair.

        ii.          John Kerr, b. 5 July 1840; m. (I) Janie Patrick m. (2) Janie Barnes.

       iii.         George, b. 14 Apr. 1842; m. 5 Feb. 1874 Anne McGoughan.

       iv.         James, b. 1 Jan. 1845.

        v.          William. b. 4 May 1849; m. 30 Oct. 1879 Helen Tisdale.

       vi.         Mary Amelia, b. 29 Mar. 1847; m. Rev. Arthur Carr.

      vii.        Robert Patterson, b. 29 Dec. 1852; (bachelor).

    4.         Dr. JAMES8 BEAIRSTO, (James7, George6, Johnson5,William4-3, George2-1), b. at Malpeque, I Jan. 1845; d. 9 Feb. 1928; m. (1) 19 Dec. 1877 HELEN WIGGINS; m. (2) 1891 BELLE NUGENT.  James was a physician in Alberton, P.E.I., and Lakeville, N.B. He retired in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Children by first marriage, all born in Alberton:

       i.           Cecil, b. ca. 1879, died young.

      ii.          Nettie, b. 8 Nov. 1881; m. 30 June 1909 Colin M. King.

     iii.         Ella May, b. 28 Oct. 1884; (Spinster).

     iv.         Ernest Gerald, b. 17 Aug. 1886; m. 12 Dec. 1912 Charlotta MacDonald.

    Children by second marriage, all born in Lakeville:

      v.          William Nugent, b. 10 June 1892; died young.

    vi.          John Bowes, b. 28 Aug. 1893; died young.

    vii.        Harold King, b. 4 Dec. 1895 (compiler of genealogy).

    viii.       Robert Kerr, b. 30 April 1899.

    5.         ROBERT KEIR9 BEAIRSTO, (James8-7, George6, Johnson5, Williarn4-3, George2-1), b. at Lakeville, 30 April 1899; d. at Vernon, B.C., 19 Dec. 1963; m. 22 Sept. 1929 LILLIAN EMMA VARLEY, b. at Blackpool, Eng., 22 Mar. 1907; d. at Vernon, 24 Nov. 1971.  Robert was an electrician and lineman by trade and from 1935 till his death he was a carpenter and electrician in Vernon.

    Children, born in Vernon, B.C.:

        i.           Donald James Kerr, b. 25 Oct. 1936.

      ii.          Patricia Loraine, b. 3 Feb. 1946; m. Ted Archibald.

    6.         DONALD JAMES KERR10 BEAIRSTO, (Robert Keir9, James8-7, George6, Johnson5, William4-3, George2-1), b. at Vernon, 25 Oct. 1936; m. 25 Jan. 1956 JUNE MARIE POPHAM; b. at Lethbridge, Alta. 15 Mar. 1938.  Don is a member of Local 280 Sheet Metal Workers and has worked construction in the province of B.C. for most of his life.  At present (1985) he is a fabricator for Brenda Mines in Peachland, B.C.  His wife is a bookkeeper in Penticton, B.C.  They plan to retire in Summerland at their present address.

    Children, born in Vernon:

       i.           Laurie Anne, b. 22 Aug. 1956; m. William Crawford.  At present it appears that Laurie is the only one interested in the genealogy.  They live in Quesnell, B.C.

      ii.          David Donald, b. 19 Dec. 1958; d. 30 Aug. 1972.  Unfortunately this ends this particular line of the genealogy and can only continue as a Crawford line.

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