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  • #42 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Yankee Ancestors, Mayflower Lines, and Royal Descents and Connections of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr.

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : December 1, 1999
    Among topics of future “Notable Kin” columns for which I have long been collecting material, a particular favorite has been marriages of noted American Jewish figures to spouses of Yankee, Quaker, or Tidewater Southern ancestry. In my Princess of Wales and Notable Kin volumes I have covered or mentioned Ellin Leslie Prince, wife of banker and philanthropist James Joseph Speyer (1861-1941); Ellin Travers Mackay, wife of composer Irving Berlin (born Israel Baline, 1888-1989); Margaret Shelton Hollister, wife of Jack Isidore Straus (1900-1985) of Macy’s; and Mrs. Barbara Cushing Mortimer, wife of William Samuel Paley (1901-1990) of CBS. In a future “Notable Kin” column I hope to treat the wives of financiers, merchants, or Hollywood figures who bore the surnames Belmont, Douglas (Kirk), Friendly, Gimbel, Guggenheim, and Schiff. Today, however, I wish to consider the Yankee ancestry of Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr., born in 1951, publisher of The New York Times since 1992 and head, although he and his father are I believe Episcopalian, of probably the most noted Jewish family in the history of American publishing. His father, Arthur Ochs “Punch” Sulzberger, whose grandparents bore the Ashkenazi or Sephardic surnames Sulzberger, Hays, Ochs, and Wise, married firstly in Purchase, N.Y. 2 July 1948 Barbara Winslow Grant (later Mrs. David Christy and then Mrs. Jerry Johnson), from whom he was divorced in 1956, several years before becoming publisher of the Times in 1963. Upon Arthur Sr.’s retirement he was succeeded by his son.

    Barbara Winslow Grant is the daughter of Norwood, Mass. native Theodore Francis Grant of White Plains, N.Y. (b. 4 Feb. 1897, d. in P.E.I. 12 Nov. 1963), and Helen Macdonald of Boston. I have not attempted to trace the ancestry of this latter, whose Scots and P.E.I. associations are noted in Susan E. Tifft and Alex S. Jones, The Trust (1999), pp. 248-49. The immediate ancestry of Theodore Francis Grant, however,is largely traceable through Massachusetts VRs and printed sources. He was the son of insurance executive Theodore Elisha Grant (1870-1944) of Norwood, and Annie Louise Alden (1874-1953 - her historic surname is borne as a middle name by a sister and daughter of the current publisher); and grandson of Philadelphia native Theodore Grant, Jr. (1841-1893, son of Theodore and Mary ----) and Caroline Morse Winslow (b. 1848) of Dedham, and of Ordney (sometimes Adner or Adnah) William Alden (b. 1848) and Mary Jane Keith (b. 1853), both of Bridgewater, Mass. The six great-grandparents of T.F. Grant who are themselves further traceable are Elisha Freeman Winslow, Olive Smith Fisher, Horatio Harris Alden, Abigail Dunham Clark, Elbridge Keith, and Caroline Keith (who married a cousin).

    Elisha Freeman Winslow was descended from Stephen Hopkins and Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower, and from Kenelm Winslow, brother of another passenger, Gov. Edward Winslow of the Plymouth Colony. These lines may be outlined in usual Notable Kin form as follows: George Winslow & Olive Covell Smith (parents of E.F.); Nathan Winslow, Jr. & Mary Nye; Nathan Winslow & Eunice Mayo; Kenelm Winslow (IV) & Zerviah Ryder; Joseph Mayo & Abigail Merrick; Kenelm Winslow (III) &Bethiah Hall, John Mayo & Hannah Freeman, Benjamin Merrick & Rebecca Doane; Kenelm Winslow, Jr. & Mercy Worden, John Freeman & Mercy Prence, William Merrick, Jr. & Abigail Hopkins; Kenelm Winslow (brother of Gov. Edward) & Ellen Newton, Thomas Prence & Patience Brewster (daughter of Elder William Brewster & Mary ---- of the Mayflower), Giles Hopkins (son of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower) & Catherine Whelden. Other ancestors of E.F. Winslow, via Nye and Burgess families, were Thomas and Dorothy (Waynes?) Burgess, treated in my Ancestors of American Presidents (1995, p. 275), as mutual forebears of Hayes and FDR; and Brewster of the Mayflower was an ancestor of Zachary Taylor (AAP, p. 335).

    Olive Smith Fisher, wife of Elisha Freeman Winslow, was a Fiske and Morse descendant, and thus shared ancestors with Taft, Coolidge, Nixon, and Bush (all Morse descendants - see AAP, p. 245), and with Benjamin Harrison and Coolidge once more (Fiske descendants --see AAP, p. 320). Other forebears of Olive include John and Mary (Heath) Johnson of Roxbury, ancestors also of Franklin Pierce and FDR (AAP, p. 314). Most notably, however, Olive was of royal descent through the immigrants Griffith and Margaret (Fleming) Bowen of Mass., also forebears of President Franklin Pierce, and for whose lines to Henry I, King of England, d. 1135, see my 1993 compendium, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States, pp. 387-88. Olive’s Bowen line may be outlined thus: Eliphalet Fisher & Susan Farrington (parents of Olive); David Farrington & Susannah Fales; Benjamin Farrington & Sarah Fuller; Jonathan Farrington & Prudence Child; Joshua Child & Elizabeth Morris; Benjamin Child & Mary Bowen; Griffith Bowen & Margaret Fleming. I might add that recent research by Paul D. Child of Ogden, Utah, and Christopher C. Child of Putnam, Conn., has shown that Elizabeth Child (bp. 1629, sister of the above Benjamin) remained in England, married Rev. James Bradshaw, and was the mother of Sarah Bradshaw, wife of Daniel Bayley and ancestor J858 (as per Gerald Paget) of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, via H.M. The Queen, H.M. The Queen Mother, and Bowes-Lyon, Smith, Moseley, and Bayley families.

    Horatio Harris Alden (b. 1806) was a son of Andrew and Silence (Fobes) Alden, grandson of David, Jr. and Rhoda (Leach) Alden, great-grandson of David and Judah (Paddelford) Alden, and great-great-grandson of John and Hannah (White) Alden. This last John Alden was himself the son of Joseph and Mary (Simmons) Alden, and the grandson of Mayflower passengers John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, who were great-great-grandparents of President John Adams and great-great-great-grandparents of President John Quincy Adams (AAP, p. 334). Silence Fobes was the daughter of Jason and Leah (Washburn) Fobes, granddaughter of Josiah and Freelove (Edson) Fobes, and great-granddaughter of John and Abigail (Robinson) Fobes. This last John Fobes (b. 1679) was a son of Edward and Elizabeth (Howard) Fobes and a grandson of John and Constant (Mitchell) Fobes, Bridgewater forebears of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Henry (see my American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales [1984], p. 30).Leah Washburn was her husband’s second cousin, daughter of Israel Washburn and Leah Fobes, granddaughter of Israel Washburn and Waitstill Sumner, and Joshua Fobes and Abigail Dunbar, and great-granddaughter of Samuel and Deborah (Packard) Washburn, the above Edward and Elizabeth (Howard) Fobes, and Peter and Sarah (Thaxter) Dunbar. Of these last, Samuel Washburn was the son of John and Elizabeth (Mitchell) Washburn, grandson of Experience Mitchell (brother of Mrs. Constant Mitchell Fobes above, and ancestor of Taft by Mary ----, a second wife - see AAP, p. 289) and Jane Cooke, and great-granddaughter of Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and Hester le Mahieu; and Sarah Thaxter was the daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Church) Thaxter, granddaughter of Richard and Elizabeth (Warren) Church, and great-granddaughter of Richard Warren of the Mayflower and his wife Elizabeth ----. Warren was an ancestor of Presidents Grant and FDR (the latter six times over). Cooke was an ancestor of FDR and very likely Bush (also via Washburn), and the immigrant Philip Delano, a nephew of Hester le Mahieu, was also a forebear of Grant and FDR (AAP, pp. 257, 289, 336, 338-40).

    Abigail Dunham Clark (b. 1809), wife of Horatio Harris Alden and daughter of John Clark and Sarah Bartlett Rider, was a descendant, via Riders and Swifts, of William and Joan (----) Swift of Sandwich, ancestors also of FDR and Nixon.

    Elbridge and Caroline (Keith) Keith, born in 1818 and 1815 respectively, were third cousins once removed, twice over, and their ancestry is again rich in Mayflower and royal descents and connections to the late Princess of Wales. Elbridge was the son of Caleb and Hazadiah (Hayward) Keith, grandson of Holman and Silvia (Keith) Keith, and Hezekiah, Jr. and Hazadiah (King) Hayward. Holman Keith (b. 1760) was the son of James and Sarah (Holman) Keith, grandson of Joseph and Susannah (Field) Keith, and of John, Jr. and Anne (Harris) Holman, and great-grandson of Joseph Keith and Elizabeth Fobes (daughter of Edward Fobes and Elizabeth Howard above, and granddaughter of Princess of Wales forebears John Fobes and Constant Mitchell), and of John and Anne (Quincy) Holman, and Isaac, Jr. and Jane (Cooke) Harris. Anne Quincy was a daughter of Daniel Quincy and Anna Shepard (ancestors #s 28-29 of J.Q. Adams - see AAP, pp. 3-4), granddaughter of Rev. Thomas Shepard, Jr. and Anna Tyng (forebears of FDR), and great-granddaughter of William Tyng and Elizabeth Coytmore of Mass., this last a descendant of Edward I, d. 1307, King of England, and half-sister of a forebear of Calvin Coolidge (AAP, pp. 186, 249). Isaac Harris, Jr. and his wife Jane Cooke were children of Isaac and Mercy (Latham) Harris, and Caleb and Jane (----) Cooke, grandchildren of Robert and Susannah (Winslow) Latham and Jacob and Damaris (Hopkins) Cooke, and great-grandchildren of John Winslow (brother of Kenelm and Gov. Edward above) and Mayflower passenger Mary Chilton (daughter of Mayflower passenger James Chilton), of Francis Cooke of the Mayflower and Hester le Mahieu, and of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.

    (More on Keiths) Silvia (Keith) Keith, wife of Holman Keith, was the daughter of Eleazer Keith and Elizabeth Mitchell, granddaughter of Joseph Keith and Susannah Field above, and of Edward Mitchell, Jr. and Elizabeth Cushing, and great-granddaughter of Edward and Alice (Bradford) Mitchell and Elisha and Leah (Loring) Cushing. Edward Mitchell was the son of Experience Mitchell above and his second wife Mary ----. Alice Bradford was the daughter of John and Mercy (Warren) Bradford, granddaughter of William Bradford, Jr. and Alice Richards, and of Joseph and Priscilla (Faunce) Warren, and great-granddaughter of Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth Colony, also a Mayflower passenger, of Thomas and Welthian (Loring?) Richards (forebears of FDR and Bush), and of Richard Warren of the Mayflower. Elisha Cushing was a great-great-grandson twice over of Edward Gilman of Hingham, Norfolk, father of Edward of Exeter, New Hampshire (ancestor of Sulzberger and Gerald Ford), and of Mary (Gilman) Jacob of Hingham, Mass. (ancestor of Sulzberger and Bush), and almost certain maternal grandfather of Samuel Lincoln of Hingham, Mass., great-great-great-great-grandfather of President Abraham Lincoln (AAP, p. 255). Hezekiah Hayward, Jr. was descended, via Edsons and Holbrooks, from Thomas and Jane (Powys) Holbrook of Weymouth, Mass., ancestors of Garfield, Taft, and Bush (AAP, p. 260).

    (Still more on Keiths) Caroline (Keith) Keith (b. 1815), matrilineal great-grandmother of T.F. Grant, and great-great-great-grandmother of A.O. Sulzberger, Jr., was the daughter of Lemuel, Jr. and Anna (Keith) Keith, granddaughter of Lemuel and Anna (Lathrop) Keith, and of Caleb and Susannah (Mitchell) Keith and great-granddaughter of Eleazer and Keziah (Kingman) Keith, of Isaac and Bethiah (Howard) Lathrop, of Ebenezer and Mary (Pierce) Keith, and of Nathan and Ann (Cary) Mitchell. Eleazer Keith was another son of the above Joseph and Elizabeth (Fobes) Keith. Bethiah Howard was a daughter of Edward and Mary (Byram) Howard, a granddaughter of John, Jr. and Susannah (Latham) Howard, and a great-granddaughter of the above Robert and Susannah (Winslow) Latham. Ebenezer Keith was a son of Samuel (brother of Joseph) Keith and Bethiah (sister of Elizabeth) Fobes. Nathan Mitchell was a son of Timothy and Deborah (Packard) Mitchell, grandson of Thomas and Elizabeth (Kingman) Mitchell, great-grandson of Jacob and Susannah (Pope) Mitchell, and great-great-grandson of the above Experience Mitchell (husband firstly of Jane Cooke) and his second wife Mary ---. These Plymouth and Bridgewater families were much intermarried, as were long-term residents of many New England towns and in fact many pre-industrial communities in the Western world.

    Thus the publisher of The New York Times for the last seven years has been a descendant of Mayflower passengers Alden, Bradford, Brewster, Chilton, Cooke, Hopkins, Mullins, and Warren - and of Chilton, Cooke, Hopkins and Warren twice over. Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. has royal descents via Mrs. Elizabeth Coytmore Tyng, and Griffith and Margaret (Fleming) Bowen, all of Massachusetts, and shares John Fobes (d. 1660) and Constant Mitchell, plus her almost certain brother Experience, with the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and Princes William and Henry. Via Alden, Brewster, Cooke, Warren, Mitchell, Burgess, Morse, Fiske, Johnson, le Mahieu/Delano, Richards, Gilman, Holbrook, and Swift - not an exhaustive list - there are presidential kinships, usually those of 8th to 13th cousins, to the two Adamses, Taylor, Pierce, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, Taft, Coolidge, FDR, Nixon, Ford, and Bush (15 in all, 16 if George W. Bush is elected in 2000).

    I shall list my sources for all of this research in the “Notable Kin” column planned for sometime in the future. In general, however, I used New York Times obituaries for Theodore Francis Grant, his mother, and his mother-in-law; Massachusetts vital records for events 1841-1905; vol. 4, p. 1137 (and previous pages, wherein Theodore F. Grant and some of his Winslow, Fisher, Bullard and Barbour ancestors are covered in detail) of Edmund Dana Barbour’s “Descendants of George Barbour,” a 1907 typescript at NEHGS in Boston; the 1867 Alden Memorial by Ebenezer Alden, where Horatio Harris Alden and his son Ordney William appear on p. 111; pertinent volumes of Mayflower Families Through Five Generations (vol. 16 for Alden, 15 for Chilton, 12 for Cooke, 6 for Hopkins, 18 for Warren), plus the four-generation Mayflower Families in Progress pamphlets for Bradford and Brewster; the 1997 Collected Genealogies of Keith, Keath & Keeth Families in North America (Laurence A. Keith, ed.), where Elbridge appears on p. 71, his parents-in-law Lemuel and Anna on pp. 75 and 80, and his grandmother Silvia on p. 72; and the older, somewhat flawed town studies of Bridgewater and Plymouth families by Nahum Mitchell and William T. Davis, respectively.

    In my next column I shall give readers a preview of my progress to date on the second edition of RD500, and discuss a few new discoveries or proposed lines. I hope many readers descended from various of the families herein mentioned will read the nation’s greatest newspaper with renewed interest. Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post and Harry Chandler and the Otises of The Los Angeles Times are treated in my Notable Kin volumes, Bradlee in vol. 1, chapter 9, and Chandler in vol. 2, chapter 26.
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