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  • Answers - Nexus Vol. VII No. 3 & 4


    Published Date : June - August 1990

    (A-465) BEEBE - Par. of Henry Crocker BEEBE b. Somers, Conn., 28 Feb. 1811 were Charles & Lucy (HAMLIN) BEEBE, m.Wilbraham, Mass., 3 May 1810.  Their ch. #2 was Abigail, b. Tolland 27 Mar. 1813.  The par. of Lucy HAMLIN (b. 1789) were John & Lucy (BARTON) HAMLIN, m. Somers, 30 Dec. 1784.  John was b. Somers 12 Mar. 1761; d. Wilbraham 30 Oct. 1825; a private in Blackman#s Co., disch. 1780. His par. were Nathaniel & Rachel (WHIPPLE) HAMLIN, m. ca. 1753. Rachel WHIPPLE was b. 13 Oct. 1733, dau. of Thomas & Mary (GARY) WHIPPLE of Enfield.  I am as yet unable to find Nathaniel HAMLIN#s par. & cannot confirm desc. from Giles HAMLIN of Middletown, Conn. Lucy (BARTON) HAMLIN rem. to Peoria, Ill., after d. of husband; d. there 1841.  Note that John HAMLIN#s lineage in H. F. Andrews, The Hamlin Genealogy (1900) is incorrect.  Somers probate records reveal his par. as Nathaniel & Rachel (WHIPPLE) HAMLIN.

    Ms. Winona Hamlin-Sullivan. 3932 Eden Rock Cir. W., Tampa, FL 33634

    (A-542) SIMPSON/KOENIC(G)/PAQUETTE - John SIMPSON m. lDslet 12 Feb. 1811 Marie Ann KOENIG.  He was son of either John & Genevieve (TALON) SIMPSON, m. 1781, or Richard & Mary (TOPHAM) SIMPSON of R.I., m. Newport 14 Oct. 1786; if the former, he is grandson of Augustin & Olive (GUYON-DESPRES) TALON of Canada.  Marie Ann was dau. of Lt. Edmond Victor & Marie Louise (JEAN) KOENIG, m. ca. 1782; granddau. of Baron Edmund Frederick Rudolf Christoph Heinrich & Amalie (RUDOLF) von KOENIG.  Marie Louise JEAN is one of three, b. 1759, 1762 or 1768.  See, among other sources, Koenig, Simpson and Talon entries in the compendia of Tanguay, Charbonneau, and Legare.

    Lynne Moretti, 231 Brigantine Cir., Norwell, MA 02061

    (A-7) BAKER # Par. of Sarah BAKER, b. Salisbury, Mass., 25 Jan. 1720/1, were William BAKER of Ipswich & Elizabeth HEARD, m. Salisbury 24 Sept. 1713.  A possible anc. line for Elizabeth HEARD is given in D. W. Hoyt, Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury (reps. 1981), p. 200. William BAKER is son of William & Sarah S (FITTS) BAKER, m. 30 Dec. 1686.

    Donald B. Stevens, 25 Gardner Ter., Del-mar, NY 12054

    (A-13) BENNETT/GIDDINGS - The par. of Sarah (GIDDINGS) BENNETT were Job & Sarah (BUTLER) GIDDINGS.  Sarah GIDDINGS is listed (without number) in Minot S. Giddings The Giddings Family (1882), p. 22.  The author errs in saying Job (no. 22) m. Sarah ANDREWS; her husband was Job#s cousin Thomas (no. 25).

    Ralph L. Giddings, 721 Parkview Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525

    (A-38)  FARNUM/HOLT - Elizabeth FARNUM was b. Andover, Mass., 1718, dau. of Ephraim & Priscilla (HOLT) FARNUM, m. Andover 20 Mar. 1699/1700.Ephraim FARNUM, b. Andover 1 Oct. 1676, was son of Ralph & Elizabeth (HOLT) FARNUM, m. Andover 26 Oct. 1658. Priscilla (HOLT) FARNUM, b. Andover 13 Aug. 1679 was dau. of James & Hannah (ALLEN) HOLT, m. 12 Oct. 1675. Elizabeth (HOLT) FARNUM, b. Newbury 30 Mar. 1636, & James HOLT, b. ca. 1651, were children of the immigrant Nicholas and his first w. Elizabeth (SHORT) HOLT. Hannah ALLEN, b. Andover 28 Oct. 1652, was dau. of Andrew and Faith (INGALLS) ALLEN. See VitalRecords of Andover, Mass. [19121, 1:36, 134, 137; 2:119, 120, 179, 207 and Allen, Famuin and Holt sections of Charlotte Helen Abbott#s orss., #Early Records of 131   Families in Andover.# - Edward F. Ilolden. 1 Oakwood Line #6, Goffstown, NH 03045

    (A-48) HOXSIE/CASEY # Bathsheb5 HOXSIE, b. ca. 1770, m. Abel4 CASEY, was dau. of Jeremiah4 (1735- 1794) & Sarah (NILES) HOXSIE, m. 1764; granddau. of Joseph3 (1708-1777) & Deborah (BABCOCK) HOXSIE, m. 1728; great granddau. of John2 HOXSIE (1677-1767) & Mary4  HULL (Joseph3, Tristram2, Rev. Joseph1); great-great granddau. of Lodowick1 HOXIE of Sandwich, Mass, (ca. 1637-ca. 1706) &  Mary2 PRESBURY (John1), m. 1664. John2 HOXSIE rem. to R.I. en. 1697. Joseph5 HOXSIE, bro. of Bathsheba, was b. 1764, m. Mary ___.  Either he or their first cousin, also Joseph5 HOXSIE (son of Job4 [1731-1788] & Anna [RATHBUN] HOXSIE, m. 1749), was named in an 1802 lawsuit by CASEY.  Joseph son of Job m. (1) 1797 Hannah TILLINGHAST, (2) Susannah HOXSIE.  See L.R. Hoxie, The Hoxie Family (1950), and M.G.D. Hinckley, #The Hoxie Family# (typescript, 1960).

    R. A. Lovell, Jr.. Sandwich Archives & Historical Center, 145 Main St.,Sandwich, MA 02563

    (A-56) LEETE/WOODRUFF - Although the LEET Family Group (organized last year to update a family genealogy) does not have the information you request, we can offer a clue.  Ruth LEETE. dau. of Reuben4 LEETE (John3-2,Gov. William1) m. 26 Jan. 1774 Daniel Parmelee HANDY; their 5 ch. Ranged in age from 1-12 when Daniel d. 8 Dec. 1787.  No data for either Ruth LEETE or Ruth HANDY after this date.  Possibly she was Ruth LEETE who m. David Brown WOODRUFF in 1791.  See E. L.Leete, The Family of William Leete (1884) and Leete Genealogy (1934), and Alvan Talcott, Families of Early Guilford (1984).

    Steven Wayne Leet, 5 Pinewood Rd., Wilmington, MA 01887

    (A-65) - ORCUIT/WOODWARD/HUNT - From Thomas Wyman, Genealogy of the Name and Family of Hunt (1862-3), p. 233: Phebe HUNT, b. 9 Nov. 1793, dau. of John & Europe (COMSTOCK) HUNT of Uxbridge, Mass., m. Boston, Mass, 13 Oct. 1813 Benjamin WOODWARD.  Among their nine ch. (from Bible record cited): Sara Ann WOODWARD, b. Boston 11 Feb. 1816; m. 20 Sept. 1837 Samuel ORCUTT.  From H. G. Judson & E. E. Orcutt, Genealogy of John Orcutt and his Descendants (1968), pp. 48-49, 109: Samuel7 ORCUTT b. Boston 11 Feb. 1813, bp. West Church 4 Apr. 1813; d. #after 1886;##m. Sarah Ann WOODWARD in 1836, dau. of Benjamin & Phoebe (HUNT) WOODWARD.#  10 ch. listed, but two (one d. y.) had the same name.

    Mitchell J. Hunt, 502 Church St., Willow Grove, PA 19090 and

    Bea Baumback, 16227 Ave. 17½ , Madera, CA 93637

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