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  • Answers - Nexus Vol. IV No. 5


    Published Date : December 1987

    (A4) BAKER/WINSLOW - The Baker genealogy my family has traced lists a Samuel Baker as married to Eleanor Winslow 29 December 1656.  The following is the information we have on Samuel Baker: Samuel Baker was b. at Beneden, Kent, England, 1605.  He sailed from England in May 1635 on the Elizabeth and Anne, arriving in Green Harbor, Marshfield, Mass.  We believe he had a son, Samuel, b. 1636- 38, m. Eleanor Winslow, dau. of Kenelto Winslow.  Eleanor and Samuel had five ch., and after Eleanor’s death, Samuel m. Mrs. Patience (BARSTOW) SIMMONS, and they had four ch.  See Richards, The History of Marshfield, vol. 2, p. 36.  Eleanor Winslow was a niece of Governor Winslow, as her father, Kenelm was b. in Eng. 1599, m. 1634 Eleanor, and settled in Marshfield 1641.  He was a Representative to the General Count for eight years and d. at Salem 1672.  His ch, were Kenelm, Eleanor Adams, Nathaniel, and Job.  I seek info on Samuel Baker in the 1630 to 1699 period.

    Richard A. Baker, 17 Greenbrier Rd., Keene, NH 03431

    (A15) CHUBB/PEIRCE/WHITE - The addenda to the Newton VR. states: “Mary Peince who mar. Silas Chubb was probably dau. of Joseph & Ruth.”  If so, she would have been b. at Waltham. Mass., 20 Nov. 1752.  Does this info match your pension record?

    John Hutchins, 495 Edgell Rd., Framingham. MA 01701

    (A24)  DEWEY/ROOT/ASHLEY - I have Family Group Sheets of the desc. of Capt. Adijah Dewey & Sarah Root as follows: Adijah Dewey m. Mercy Ashley, Bethiah Dewey m. Silas NOBLE, Medad Noble m. Lydia FRARY, Levi Noble m. Aurelia STEELE, John Noble m. Many Sophie ROBERTS, Samuel Roberts Noble m. Hattie Edith SKINNER, Samuel Lloyd Noble m. Margaret Vivian Bilby, and Samuel Russel Noble m. Many Jane CURTIS.  The par. of Capt. Adijah Dewey were Thomas Dewey, Jr., & Constant HAWES.  The par. of Sarah Root were John Root, Jr., & Mary ASHLEY.  The par. of Thomas Dewey, Jr., were Thomas Dewey & Mrs. Frances CLARK, wid.  The par. of Constant Hawes were Richard Hawes & Ann ___?  The par. of John Root, Jr., were John Root & Mary KILBOURNE. The par. of Many Ashley were Robert Ashley & Frances MOODY.  The father of Thomas Kilbourne was John Kilbounne.  The par. of Frances Moody were George Moody & Margaret ___? And the par. of George Moody were Richard Moody & Anne ___?  I have family group sheets on all of the above.

    Clark Hibbard, 917 Davis, Ardtoore, OK 73401

    (A24) Since both Adijah Dewey and Sarah Root had sisters whom I number among my ancestors, I can refer you to the following sources: Dewey and Dewey, Life of George Dewey, Rear Admiral U.S. Navy, and Dewey Family History (1898), pp. 228-29, 240, and James Pierce Root, Root Genealogical Records, 1600-1870 (1870), pp. 314-317.  Adijah3 Dewey was b. at Northampton, Mass., 5 Mar. 1666, and d. 27 Mar. 1742, son of Thomas2 (Thomas1) Dewey & Constant2 (Richard1) Hawes.  Adijah m. 1688 Sarah3 Root, b. at Westfield?, Mass., 24 Sept. 1670, dau. of John2 (John1) Root ? Mary2 (Robert1) Ashley. 10 ch.  Also have info on Adijah’s sisters and cousins.  For further info on Westfield families, go to the Westfield Athenaeum (6 Elm St., Westfield, MA 01085) for transcripts of old city records and the notes of Louis Maninus Dewey.

    Joyce G. Harnington, 70 Main Blvd., Trenton, NJ 08618

    (A24) I am desc, from Ashley and Root families and have a modest collection of data.  The Ashley data is best compiled in Francis Bacon Tnowbridge’s The Ashley Genealogy: History of the Descendants of Robert Ashley of Springfield, Mass. (1896) (on microfilm at LDS Library).  My Root database comes from James Pierce Root, Root Genealogical Records, 1600-1870 (1870), and other sources at NEHGS.

    Sandra M. Clunies, 6 Briardale Court, Derwood, MD 20855

    (A62) STIMSON/LEFFINGWELL - Our family records indicate John1 STIMSON/STIMPSON (early spellings vary) was b. at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1605; arrived in Mass., 1630 with the Saltonstall party; settled at Watertown, Mass.; moved to Ipswich 1635; m. Susan (PHILLIPS?); d. at Ipswich June 1643. Known sons: James, b. 1635, d. 1690; George, b. 1641; Andrew; Jonathan, b. 1638.  Dr. James2 Stimson (1) m. 1661 Mary Lefingwell; 13 ch. Dr. James3 Stimson (II) m. (1) 1706 Sarah UPTON; m. (2) 1709/10 Hannah STEARNS; six ch., md. James (III), b. at Tolland, Conn., 1719. See Loren P. Waldo, The Early History of Tolland (1861).

    Thomas F. Stimson, 934 Liberty St., El Cernito, CA 94530

    (A64) THOMAS/LITTLE/WARREN - Isaac LITTLE, son of Thomas & Anna (Warren) Little, was b. at Plymouth, Mass., 1646; d. at Marshfield, Mass., 24 Nov. 1699, bur. in Winslow Cemetery; m. where?, when? Bethia(h) THOMAS, b. ??, d. at Marshfield 23 Sept. 1718, dau. of Capt. Nathaniel Thomas, d. before Mar. 1674, & Mary ___.  A Nathaniel Thomas was listed as one of the “Master Mariners of Duxbury, 1867,” NEXUS 4(February-March 1987):22.

    Mrs. L.J. Gunn, Rt, 4, Box 355, Reidsville, NC  27320

    (A67) VARNEY/TURNER/ROCKETT/ROCKWOOD - John VARNEY could be the son of James & Jane (Jean) (___) Varney of Boston, b. 1 July 1708.  Another John Varney, son of Benjamin and Sarah (TIDEY) Varney, was b. 11 Mar, 1716/17 and thus would be several years younger than his wife, your Mary TURNER, b. at Medfield, Mass., 1713.  Evidence may yet be discovered from the records of the Congregational Church at East Medway (now Millis, Mass.), where Darius, son of John Varney, Jr., was bp. 14 May 1775.

    Donald L. Armstrong, 202 Paul Sawyier Dr., Frankfort, KY 40601

    (A82) COOLIDGE/ROUSE - Re Elizabeth (ROUSE) COOLIDGE, see Perley M. Leighton’s “The Wife of Obadiah Coolidge,” in TAG 59(Jan. 1983):47-48, which identifies her as Elizabeth ROOSE, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth (Goodrich) ROSE, son of Robert Rose, the immigrant.  Details of some of this line can also be found in Robert C. Anderson, “The Ancestry of Calvin Coolidge,” in TAG 53(Apnil 1987):69.  See also Christine Rose’s The Descendants of Robert Rose of Wethersfield and Branford, Conn. (1983), reviewed in TAG, same issue, p. 60.  The article also refers to the par. of Elizabeth Rose as John & Elizabeth (___) GOODRICH of Wethersfield, Conn.  See M. L. Holman, Stevens-Miller Ancestry (1948), and L.W Case, Genealogy of the Goodrich Family (1889).

    Mrs. Ross B. Johnson, 240 Quay St., Lakewood, CO 80226

    (A82) Elizabeth ROUSE was almost certainly the dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth (Goodrich) ROSE, b. at Wethersfield, Conn., 15 Apr. 1665.  See my reasoning in TAG 59:47 and Cristine Rose’s 1983 Rose genealogy.

    Penley M. Leighton, 177 Myrtle St., Westbrook, ME 04092


    (A86) SMALL/MESERVE/HUBBARD - Abigail6 SMALL who m. 1762 John MESERVE was dau. of Samuel5 SMALL & Dorothy HUBBARD.  The line continues: Samuel4 Small & Ann HATCH; Samuel3 & Elizabeth (CHADBOURNE) HEARD; Francis2 Small & Elizabeth LEIGHTON; Edward1 Small and Elizabeth SHURT.  References: Edward Small of New England, First and Second Cong. Church records of Scarbono, Me.

    Beverly Beal Neal, 92 Noaok Ledyard Rd., Mystic, CT 06355

    (A87) FIRMIN/FAIRMAN - Giles and John FIRMIN, poss. father and son, came in the Winthrop fleet to Mass. in 1630 (see Banks, Planters of the Commonwealth), settled in Watertown and later Ipswich, Mass. John may have been the father of John FAIRMAN of Enfield, Conn., acc. to Savage, Gen. Dict, of N.E. See Fairman genealogies at NEHGS.

    Donald Pethybridge, 46 Shetland Dr., Wallingford, CT 06492

    (A95) HUBBARD/MITCHELL/HIGHSTEAD - Church, count, and vital records, plus a reminiscence published in the Register 1858, suggest that Susannah HIGHSTEAD was dau. of Edward & Anna, that her siblings were Lucy, Elizabeth, Abigail, Edward, and Mary, and that her family rem. from Canterbury, Conn., to Canaan, Conn., ca. 1739.  Elizabeth m. at Sheffield, Mass., 23 Aug. 1754 Preserved NOBLE. Susannah had a ch, by John HUBBARD at Sheffield 1764.  Mary had a ch. by John HUXLEY at Sheffield 1758 and was warned out in 1759.  See Sheffield YR.; Hartford Probate District, Canaan, Docket #2683; Court of Sessions Dockets, Canterbury, Conn., (1:156-57); the Register (12:123); and the records of the Court of General Sessions and Common Pleas at Northampton, Mass. (6:68).  The paucity of HIGHSTEAD/HIGHSTED events and the concentration of the few found in one geographic area lead one to conclude that prob. all belong to the same family.

    Theodore Mayo Atkinson, Star Route 70, Box 131, Great Barrington, MA 01230

    (A107) TRUE/STURTEVANT -Simeon Smith TRUE, oldest son of John & Abigail (SMITH) TRUE, m. 1822 Lucy STURTEVANT.  They moved to the Hosea Stuntevant farm at Center Harbor, N.H., in 1830.  When he d. in 1845, Simeon owned two yoke of oxen besides other cattle.  The family consisted of 10 ch.  This info is from a booklet entitled “To the Descendants of Minnesota Pioneers Hosea, Lewis, and Charles True” written by Arthur W. True of 205 N. Jackson St., Arlington, VA 22201. Simeon8 True was a desc. of John7, Enoch6, Joseph5, Henny4, William3, Henny2-1 True.  Henry1 immigrated from England in 1640 to Salem. Mass., and later Salisbury, Mass.

     James D. True, 399 Parker St., Newark, NJ 07104

    (A136) FISH/WILBUR - Joseph FISH was son of Elisha Fish, bur. at Mt. Tabor, Vt., near Danby.  I desc. through Elisha’s son John, Elisha’s mother was Freelove TARR, acc. to NEXUS 3(Feb. 1986):58, A277. See also the Fish and Carr genealogies for the early generations.

     Mrs. George S. Bailey, P.O. Box 176, Wallingford, VT 05773

    (A137) FRENCH/BIRD - I desc. from Isaac & Mary (FRENCH) BIRD of Stoughton, Mass.  They are bur. in Pearl Street Cemetery, a short distance from Stoughton Square.  Mary’s g.s. gives her death date as 1816, age 64 or 67, which would mean she was b. 1749 or 1752, prob, 1749.  An earlier transcript of the Pearl St. Cemetery records may be at NEHGS, perhaps by William Capeo or Waldo Sprague, unpublished.  The 1749 date agrees with Mitchell’s History of Bridgewater (1840, rep. 1970).  Mitchell gives birth dates for Micah & Ruth FRENCH and eight ch. See also Canton-Stoughton VR.  Seeking info on Dorchester BIRDS: Thomas Bird calls John GREENAWAY his “son.”  Does this mean that his wife, Ann ___, was first m. to a Greenaway?  Also have info on Stoughton WINSHIPs.

    Ralph H. Mann, Jr., former secretary, Stoughton Historical Society, P.O. Box 7728, St. Petersburg, FL 33734

    (A139) GIFFORD - I am a desc. of William GIFFORD.  For his anc., see the Register, Oct. 1974 through 1984.  See also William Gifford of Sandwich, Mass., by Daniels and McLean, and Fullers, Sissions, and Scott: Our Yeoman Ancestors, by Carol Clark Johnson.

    Don Bailey, 912-16th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122

    (Al39) From Quaker records of the Oblong, Dutchess Co., N.Y., William & Martha GIFFORD had a son William. b. 28 Mar. 1750., d. at Oswego, N.Y., before 1761.  See the Register 130(1976), pp. 284-85. William Gifford m. 1745 Martha WILKINSON of Charlestown, RI.  From Dutchess Co. Tax Lists, Beckman Precinct, William Gifford, Jr., Feb. 1757-1778.  From DAR Patriot Index, p. 267, Wm. Gifford was b. 1758, d. 1840, Pvt. N.Y., Conn.  More.  There were three Gideon Giffords of Vermont.

    Blanche Laura Sack, 157 Panoramic Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

    (Al52) LITTLEFIELD/WHITE - The name Mary LITTLEFIELD occurs at least twice in the family of Nathaniel Littlefield of E. Stoughton, Mass.  Your Mary maybe a cousin of Nathaniel (b. 31 Oct. 1762) and related to Mary (b. 30 Nov. 1721).  Our Mary Littlefield was b. 1820 and to Jarvis WHITE of Easton, Mass.  (Need dates and documentation.)  If this is your family, the line comes from Edmund Littlefield, bp. at Wells, Eng., June 1592.  References: History of Early Settlements of Bridgewater, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, and Maine and N.H. Record.

    Lila H. Kirk-wood, 815 Oak Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090

    (Al61) PHILLIPS/COLE - Seeking the anc. of (1) Israel PHILLIPS and (2) Levi Phillips who m. Mary BRADWAY.  Israel had a son named Reuben Phillips and two grandsons named Reuben.  The family is known to have lived in Crown Point and Ticonderoga, near Whitehall.  These Reubens are in an age group to poss. have been the father of your Cyrus Milton Phillips. More.

    Mrs. Philip Bradway, 1119 Hedgewood Lane, Schenectady, NY 12309

    (A166) POTTER/WITT - See the Witt genealogy by Frank Wippich Balcomb, Ephraim Potter & Mary Witt had a son Theophilus Potter, who m. Lois WALKER.  Their son Luke Potter m. Elvira PAGE, etc.

    Barbara Tucker, 4948 Zenith Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55410

    (A 170) REED - Bethia was poss. the dau. of William REED and Mabel KENDALL.  William’s brother Esdras had a land grant situated at Muddy River (now Brookline, Mass.), which William purchased and lived on until 1648, when he removed to Woburn.  My father Emery Arnold Reed (Sr.) compiled a history of the Reeds to which I have added.

    F. Arnold Reed, Jr., 2706 Willow Dr., Vienna, VA 22180

    (A169) REED - William & Mabel (Kendall) REED(E) had dau. Bethiah, b. at Woburn, Mass., ca. 1635, m. 1657 John JOHNSON.  More.  See also Mormon records, DAR records, and Reade or Reed Descendants, by Meadows and Ames (1937), and Burlington, Part of a Greater Chronicle, by Fogelberg.

    Carolee Reed Petterson, 2414 Sharon Oaks Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025

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