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  • Notable Kin - The Immediate Ancestry of President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton: An Ancestor Table for Six Generations

    David Curtis Dearborn

    Published Date : December 27, 1992

    William Jefferson Clinton is the first president whose middle name honors a predecessor (Ronald Wilson Reagan, whose middle name was his mother’s surname, was born the year before Woodrow Wilson’s election); the second president who took a stepfather’s surname (the first was Gerald R. Ford, Jr.); the third youngest president (after Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy); and the fourth post-World War II president with southern ancestry (following Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Carter). The following six-generation ancestor table is a very preliminary outline of the new president’s ancestry; it is presented below in large part so that other genealogists, especially NEHGS members in the southern states, may add to it. The NEXUS office will collect all addenda forwarded to us and, if the material warrants, publish a supplement.

    The new president himself was born in Arkansas; his father in Texas; his paternal grandparents in Mississippi; his father’s maternal grandfather in Georgia; his father’s maternal grandmother (probably) in Florida; his mother’s paternal grandparents in Alabama; and his mother’s maternal grandfather in Louisiana. Among the new president’s great-great- (or great-great-great-) grandparents are natives of Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. He thus has ancestral ties to all the Confederate states, plus Kentucky (with possible links to Scots-Irish Pennsylvania). Three grandparents of his paternal grandmother, moreover, are said on census records to be natives of Ireland. Fairly rare surnames in this ancestry include Snelgrove and Spradley; more common ones include Adams, Howard, Lockhart, Malone, Russell, and Wilson. Since only one or two lines have yet been traced to immigrants, speculation about pine-American nationalities is premature. Most of the surnames, however, sound English, Scottish, Scots-Irish, Irish, or (in the case of Baum) German. In both its geographical spread throughout the South and its probable derivation largely from the British Isles, this ancestry may be considered rather typically Southern, and somewhat similar to that of Harry S Truman, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and James Earl Carter, Jr.

    The ancestor table below is the result of much teamwork, including extensive research in Salt Lake City by David Curtis Dearborn; further work in Boston by Julie Helen Otto, plus Richard Andrew Pierce and Neil B. Todd of the Enquiries Service and NEXUS contributor Richard Brenneman; and some overall review by Gary Boyd Roberts, who contacted Society friends John Anderson Brayton of North Carolina, William Addams Reitwiesner of Washington, D.C., Robert Behra, then of Texas, and Dr. J. Bradley Arthaud of Missouri. Each of these last, plus George Ely Russell, sent items of interest; Waltham National Archives volunteer William M. Read provided useful data; Rebecca Patterson of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Vera Westbrook of the Hope Star and Mr. H. O. Grisham were very helpful; and Mary Nell Turner of the Hempstead County Genealogical Society reviewed our findings and added much local data. Ancestor tables were prepared by Brenneman, Dearborn and Otto. The following consolidation of all work to date will, we hope, be of keen interest to our readers and elicit much response. In the following table the president is #1, his parents #2-3, his grandparents #4-7, his great-grandparents #8-15, his great-great-grandparents #16-31, and his great-great-great-grandparents #32-63 (some earlier ancestors or kinsmen are covered under #s 34, 35, 48, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, and 61). Male ancestors have even numbers; female ancestors have odd ones. To find an ancestor’s parents, double his or her number. To find an ancestor’s child, divide his or her number by two and drop halves.

    1. Bill Clinton (born William Jefferson Blythe IV), b. Hope, Hempstead Co., Arkansas 19 Aug. 1946 [name legally changed from Blythe to Clinton, Garland Co., Ark 12 June 1962], inaugurated 42nd U.S. President 20 Jan 1993; m. Fayetteville, Washington Co., Ark. 11 Oct. 1975 Hillary Rodham, b. Chicago, Illinois 26 Oct. 1947, dau. of Hugh Ellsworth and Dorothy (Howell) Rodham (Who’s Who in American Law, 7th ed., 1992-93 [1991], p. 178, which incorrectly gives m. date as 11 Nov.; in TV debate 11 Oct. 1992 Clinton mentioned 17th wedding anniversary)

    2. William Jefferson Blythe III, b. Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas 27 Feb. 1918, d. near Sikeston, Scott Co., Missouri 17 May 1946 (Hempstead Co. Gen. Soc., Hempstead County, Arkansas Cemeteries, Book 1, Including Bodcaw, Bois D’Arc, and Part of DeRoan Townships [1990, henceforth HCACJ], p. 148; d. cert.); m. Texarkana, Miller Co., Ark. 3 Sept. 1943 (data from Rebecca Patterson of Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

    3. Virginia Dell Cassidy, b. Bodcaw, Nevada Co., Arkansas 6 June 1923, res. Hot Springs, Ark., 1993; m. (2) 1950 (3) Aug. 1962 Roger Clinton [25 July 1909-Nov. 1967 (SS Death Index)] (div. briefly 1962); (4) 1968 Jeff Dwire (d. 1974; not in SS Death Index under this name); (5) 1986 Dick Kelley


    4. William Jefferson Blythe (II, named for an uncle, William Jefferson Farm Blythe), b. Tippah Co., Miss. 21 Jan. 1884(21 Jan. 1882, acc. to 1981 History of Grayson Co., Texas, cited below), d. Grayson Co., Texas 5 Feb. 1935 (d. rec.); m. Tippah Co. 19 Aug. 1906 (Marriage Records, Tippah Co., Miss. Book 8, p. 418)

    5. Lou Birchie Ayers, b. Tippah Co., Miss. 9 Feb. 1893 (Feb. 1888 in 1900 Census, Tippah Co., Miss. 110-7-25), d. Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas 15 Feb. 1946 (bur. West Hill Cem., Sherman; Grayson County Frontier Village, The History of Grayson County, Texas, vol.2 [1981, henceforth HGCT2], Family Histories section, pp. 49-50); m. (2) Avery Barron

    6. [James] Eldridge Cassidy, b. Parker Twp., Nevada Co., Ark. 19 Aug. 1898, d. Hope, Hempstead Co., Ark. 11 March 1957 (HCAC], p. 148; bur. Block E, Rose Hill Cem., Hope [g. s. gives DOB 1900, but 1900 census (Nevada Co., Ark. 85-12-90) gives DOB Aug. 1898]; m. Nevada Co., Ark. (both of Emmet, Ark.) 3 Jan. 1922 [Hempstead Co., Ark. Marriage Records, Book W, p. 141]

    7. Edith V[allie/Valeria] Grisham, b. Bodcaw, Nevada Co., Ark. 2 Nov. 1901, d. Hope, Hempstead Co., Ark. 17 Jan. 1968 (d. rec.) (bur. Block E, Rose Hill Cem., Hope)

    8. Henry Patton Foote Blythe, b. Tippah Co., Miss. 18 Sept. 1851, d. Tippah Co. 3 July 1898 (bur. Lowry Cem., Tippah Co. [Tippah Co. Hist and Gen Soc., The History of Tippah County, Mississippi (1981, henceforth HTCM), p. 2161; m. Ripley, Tippah Co. Miss. 29 Oct. 1874 (Tippah Co., Miss. Marriage Records, Book 1, p. 257)

    9. Frances Ellen “Fannie” Hines, b. Tippah Co., Miss. 2 Dec. 1857, d. Grayson Co., Texas 11 July 1936 (bur. Holloway Cem. there; family records of Ann Blythe Grigsby from Mary Nell Turner)

    10. Simpson Green “Dick” Ayers, b. Ga. 27 Oct. 1820, d. Tippah Co., Miss. 27 May 1897 (bur. Pleasant Hill Church Cem., East Faulkner, Tippah Co.; see Don Martini, comp., Tippah County Death Notices, vol. 1 [1976, henceforth TCDN1], p.6); at T3S R4E, Tippah Co., 1870; m. (2) by 1872 (HTCM, p. 192), poss. by 1870

    11. Hattie Hayes, b. Fla. (or at sea) 1852 or 23 July 1858 [g.s.] (d. cert. gives 26 July 1863, clearly impossible), d. Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss 16 Aug. 1935 (d. rec.; bur. with husband). Hattie, acc. to HTCM, p. 192, the mother of Robert E. Ayers [who in 1900 gave DOB as Feb. 1871], was fluid when reporting dates. In 1900 her middle initial was “A”; but in 1870 Harriet J. Ayers, 19, b. Miss., “keeping house,” appears just under Simpson; next is Sarah J., 20, b. Miss., “at school” (by first w. Louisa Heddon, Simpson had no dau. Harriet). In 1880 Hattie was 28, b. Fla., father b. Ireland, mother U.S. (#49-50, SD 5, ED 193, p. 6); in 1900 she was 40 (b. June 1860; 5 written over 6), b. at sea, both parents b. Ire., mother of 12 (11 lvg.), a farmer (#109-109, 110-7-22); in 1910 she was 52, b. at sea, father b. Ga., mother Ireland, mother of 12, 10 lvg., a farmer (#136-136, 101-7-89).

    12. James M. Cassidy, b. Coffee Co., Ala. Nov. 1855, res. Parker Twp., Nevada Co., Ark. 1900, d. Covington Co., Ala. ca. 1908 (bur. Red Level Cem. there, but no g. s. was later found; a family story says he and bro. Noah Cassidy traveled by train to Alabama to visit relatives. It was very hot on the train and when they arrived the weather was cold. James developed pneumonia and died at Red Level shortly thereafter [data from Mary Nell Turner]); m. ca. 1880

    13. Sarah Louisa Russell, b. Butler (now Crenshaw) Co., Ala. Nov. 1858, d. Parker Twp., Nevada Co., Ark. 9 April 1945 (bur. Ebenezer Cem., Parker Twp., Sect. 3, T14S R23W) (Cemetery Records of Nevada County, Arkansas, compiled under the sponsorship of the Nevada Co. Extension Home Makers Clubs [1976], p. 165; see FHL Film #1005242)

    14. Lemma [Lemar N. (1900 census)] Newell Grisham, b. Union Parish, La. 22 June 1879 (b. Sept. 1879, 1900 census), d. Nevada Co. or Hope, Ark. 28 Sept.1954. bur. Oak Grove Cem., DeRoan Twp., Hempstead Co. (Hempstead Co. Gen. Soc., Hempstead County, Arkansas Cemeteries, vol.2 [1991, henceforth HCAC2], p. 37); living Nevada Co. (as L. M. Grisham) in 1910 (107-16-30); m. Nevada Co. 27 Jan. 1901 (Hempstead Co. Gen. Soc., Marriages, Nevada County, Arkansas, 18 71-1901, [ca. 1988, henceforth MNCA], p. 74)

    15. Edna Earl Adams, b. Hempstead Co., Ark. 19 April 1878 (1900 census, De Roan Twp. [Hope], Hemp-stead Co. ED43, Sheet 11, line 71), d. prob. Hope 8 Aug. 1952; bur. Oak Grove Cem., DeRoan Twp., Hempstead Co. (HCAC2, p. 37)

    16. Thomas Jefferson Blythe, b. Ala. 1 Aug. 1829, d. Tippah Co., Miss. 6 Aug.1907 (bur. Lowry Cem.); served as pvt., F 34 Miss. Inf., C. S. A. 1862-65; at Marshall Co., Miss. 1850; at Tippah Co. 1860 (see HGCT2 , p. 46; HTCM, p. 216); m. (2) Nov. 1867 Elizabeth Melvinia (Hines) Lockhart (1831-1906; see TCDN] , p. 12), sister of #18 and identified in her father’s 1869 estate work as dau. of Elias & Polly [___] Hines of Tippah Co. Her first husband, Thomas Franklin Lockhart, killed at the Battle of Atlanta 22 July 1864, was poss. bro. of #19. In Sept. 1850 term of Tippah Co. Circuit Court, a “Jefferson Blythe” served on a jury (Charles O. Slover vs. Edwin R Smith, Execution Docket #3280); during the same term he or a namesake was one of a number of men found guilty of betting various items as promissory notes with one George Leopard, who turned state’s evidence in March 1850; Blythe had on 5 Nov. 1849 bet a saddle with Leopard on the outcome of a sheriff’s race, and was fined $20 (Execution Docket #3339, State vs. Jefferson Blythe) (Don Martini, comp., Tippah County. Mississippi Circuit Court Records 1849-1886 [1986, henceforth TCMCCR], pp. 13, 17). (Note that a John Jefferson Blythe [relation, if any, to T. J. not known], m. to Cleo Ussery of Tishomingo Co., Miss., was also living at Tippah Co. during this time.) T. J. Blythe m. (1) Marshall Co., Miss. 1 Jan. 1849

    17. Esther Elvira Baum, b. [prob. Rutherford Co.] Tenn. ca. 1825, d. ca. 1865 (“during the Civil War,” according to 1898 obit. of #8)

    18. John F. Hines, b. Tenn. ca. 1833, d. Parker Co., Texas 11 Nov. 1902 (obit says he moved to Texas 10 mos. [206] ago to live with children and grandchildren; see TCDN1, p. 64; HGCT2, p. 214). He served as a pvt. in H 23 Miss. Inf. C.S.A., enlisting 19 Sept. 1861, and served until discharged from a Union prison 19 June 1865. With his regiment he was captured at the Battle of Fort Donelson, 19 Feb. 1862; exchanged at Vicksburg 3 Sept. 1862, and captured near Nashville 15 Dec. 1864. Both times he was imprisoned at Camp Douglas near Chicago (“Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Mississippi,” FHL Film #1488334); m. Tippah Co., Miss. 9 May 1852

    19. Eliza Emily Lockhart, b. NC. 18 Oct. 1832, d. Tippah Co., Miss. 27 Dec. 1904 (bur. Lowry Cem., Tippah Co.); at Tippah Co., 1850 with mother Martha L. (##310-310). Her likely bro., Thomas [F.] Lockhart (ca. 1828-1864) was in household #127-127 and m. Elizabeth Melvinia Hines, sister of #18 and later second wife of #16. Both Eliza and Thomas were b. NC., acc. to 1850 census.

    20. ___ Ayers. b. Ireland

    21. ___, b. U.S.A.

    22. ___ Hayes, b. Ireland

    23. ___, b. Ireland

    24. [George] Washington Cassidy, b. Chesterfield Dist., S.C. ca. 1829, d. Red Level, Covington Co., Ala. 13 May 1886 (LDS Ancestral File), at Coffee Co., Ala. 1850 (as “Washington Castor” in household #151-151), 1860 (#1253-1253); at T4N R14E, Covington Co., Ala. 1870. On 11 Aug. 1855 Washington “Casity” of Coffee Co. received a homestead certificate for land in T6N R22E (M.D. Hahn, Old Sparta & Elba Land Office Records & Military Warrants, 1822-1860 [1983, henceforth Old Sparta], p. 109). His bro. Calvin Cassidy, who lived a few doors away in 1860 and 1870, served July-Aug. 1864 as pvt., H 4 Ala. Inf., C.S.A.; he was captured by Union forces, and Calvin’s military record lists exact place of birth (FHL Film #0880448). G. W. Cassidy m. ca. 1852

    25. Nancy Ann/Josephine Snelgrove, b. Early Co., Ga. ca. 1836-38, d. Red Level, Covington Co., Ala. 20 April 1920 (LDS Anc. File). She is called Josephine with her husband in 1870 and 1880. By deed dated 5 April 1856, Washington Casity and Nancyann his wife sell land in Sect. 23, T6N R22E (Coffee Co. [Ala.] Deeds D:86). The 1850 census of Coffee Co., Ala. (#149-149) shows dau. Nancy AL. [or Al.?], ae. 12, b. Ga., in household of Jesse Snelgrove

    26. William James Russell, b. S.C. 14 Jan. 1825, d. Parker Twp., Nevada Co., Ark. 23 Jan. 1897 (bur. Ebenezer Cem., Sect. 3, T14S P23W, Parker Twp.; FHL Film #1005242, p. 165); at Montgomery Co., Ala. 1850, at Butler (now Crenshaw) Co., Ala. 1860 (Russell Register 13[1990-91]:1772) (On 4 March 1846 W. J. Russell witnessed the will of Martha [Saunders] Trigg [1758-1846], written in Dallas Co., Ala. [rec. Perry Co., Ala.], widow of Abram Trigg; see F. D. England, “Notes on Some Central Alabama Families” [tss., NEHGS, 1956], p. 23); m. Montgomery Co., Ala. 25 Aug. 1846 (P. J. Gandrud, Marriage Records of Montgomery County, Alabama 18 17-1850 [1973], p. 103)

    27. Mary E. Spradley, b. Kershaw Dist., S.C. 31 Oct. 1828, d. Parker Twp., Nevada Co. 18 April 1900 (bur. with husband, Ebenezer Cem.)

    28. James B. Gresham/Grisham, b. Tenn. (poss. Macon Co.?) 18 Feb. 1843, d. Parker Twp., Nevada Co. (DeRoan Twp., Hempstead Co.?), Ark. 19 April 1915 (bur. Shover Springs, Hempstead Co., Sect. 18, T13S P23W; LaVetta Mouser, Mary Medeareis, and Lucille Ward, I Remember Shover Springs [1980], p. 76). He is prob. the James Gresham, ae. 8, b. Tenn., in household of Moses and Betsey Gresham, at Dist. #7, Macon Co., Tenn. 1850 (##29-29) and ae. 18 in 1860 (##842-810). He was at Marion, Union Parish, La., in 1870, as James B. Gresham, 26, farmer, b. Tenn., with first wife Margaret, 22, and dau. (##171-171); at Parker Twp., Nevada Co., Ark. 1900 census (85-8-20), and 1910 (107-16-30) (m. 36 yrs., 1910; of Union Parish, La., m. (2) Nevada Co., Ark. 22 Jan. 1874 (MNCA, p. 73)

    29. Hattie R. Mitchell, b. Ark. 22 Jan. 1858, d. Parker Twp., Ark. 7 Jan. 1912, bur. with husband

    30. Martin Franklin Adams, b. Hempstead Co., Ark. ca. 1851, d. there by 16 Dec. 1884 (mentioned as deceased in father’s will of that date); m. 24 March 1870 (Hempstead Co., Ark. Marriage Book B, p. 10)

    31.  Sarah Jane May, b. Ark. November 1848, d. prob. Hempstead Co., Ark. ca. 1909 (data from Mary Nell Turner); at De Roan Twp., Hempstead Co., Ark., in 1900 (43-11B-70). She also appears as head of house-hold on an 1890 tax list (Hempstead Co. Gen. Soc., Hempstead Co., Arkansas Index of 1890 Tax Receipts Record Book [ca. 1985], p. 1)

    32. Andrew J. Blythe, b. S.C. ca. 1801, liv. Marshall Co., Miss. 1850, d. by 1860 (see HTCM, p. 216). The 1830 census shows Andrew Blythes in Tuscaloosa and Limestone Cos., Ala.; however no deeds in either place name him as a principal. In 1850 Andrew stated he was b. S.C. , but in both 1880 and 1900 his son Thomas J. Blythe gave father’s birthplace as Tenn.

    33. Jane ___, b. Tenn. ca. 1808, liv. Tippah Co., Miss. July 1870, when she was sued in Tippah Co. Circuit Court by A.J. Murry (July term 1870, Minute Docket #7023) (TCMCCR, p. 194)

    34. Moses Baum, b. NC. 25 Feb. 1804, d. Marshall Co., Miss. 4 May 1853, bur. Chewalla Baptist Ch. Cem., Marshall Co. (Cemeteries of Marshall Co., Miss. [1983], p. 66). Censuses and the pre-1900 NC. probate index show many Baums in Currituck Co., NC., but not this Moses. The earliest record of him is in Rutherford Co., Tenn., in 1827; indictments for “riot” were found against Samuel Green, Samuel Wilson, Moses Baum, and Thomas Baum, who were fined $10 apiece (Goodspeed Publishing Co., History of Tennessee... Maury, Williamson, Rutheford, [etc.] Cos. [1886, repr. 1988], p. 822). Moses was at Rutherford Co. in 1830 (as “Moses Bomb”) with [207] 3001-1001. Moses Baum was at Rutherford Co. 3 March 1840 when he bought from Ephraim Farm 50 acres on headwaters of Bradley’s Creek; he sold them 16 Oct. 1840, when he is called of Wilson Co., Tenn. (Rutherford Co. Deeds, X:642, Z:109). In 1860 Moses’s widow Mary was living in T4W R1S, Marshall Co., Miss. Census household ##83-79 listed a John D. Baum, 41, b. NC.; Mary Higdon, 54, b. NC., and Mary’s Higdon children, aged 31 to 21, all b. Tenn. E. R. Whitley, Marriages of Rutherford Co., Tennessee, 1804-1872 [1981], p. 33, shows the marriages of Andrew Higdon and Mary Baum, 18 March 1826, and of Elijah Higdon and Sarah Bishop, 13 June 1836, with J.D. Baum as surety. A John Baum was also bondsman for the marriage of James T. Jewell to Malinda Thomas in Wilson Co. 1 Feb. 1838. (E. R. Whitley, Marriages of Wilson Co., Tenn. 1802-1850 [1981], p. 158.) R. A. Pierce believes that Moses, John D. and Mary were prob. children of Lemuel Baum of Randolph Co., N.C. (1810-15), later of Rutherford Co., Tenn. In 1820 Lemuel Baum (who in 1840 was ae. 60-70) was enumerated (101101-02101) at Rutherford Co. next to an Ephraim Farm (310001-1321), whose 1842 Rutherford Co. will mentions a $2 bequest to Moses Baum but gives no relationship.

    35. Mary ___, b. Ky. 3 July 1802, d. Marshall Co., Miss. 24 Nov. 1862, bur. with husband; liv. Marshall Co., Miss. 1850, 1860 (a “fammeress,” b. Tenn., in 1860 census). R. A. Pierce suggests that Mary may have been a dau. of Ephraim Farr, a Rutherford Co. neighbor of Lemuel Baum above, and enum. next to #34 in the 1830 census of Rutherford Co. A son of #16-17 was William Jefferson Farr Blythe (1858-1943) (HTCM, p. 216]. H. N. Pharr, Pharrs and Farrs with Other Descendants from Five Scotch-Irish Pioneers in America (1955),pp. 445-46, places Ephraim Farr as son of an Ephraim Farr, Jr. (b. ca. 1765 in Pennsylvania, prob. York Co., son of Ephraim, Sr. [d. NC. 1784] & first w. Hannah ). Ephraim, Jr. and w. Jane came to Sumner Co., Tenn. from Mecklenburg Co., NC.; Ephraim Farr (3rd) m. Mecklenburg Co. 14 July 1801 Esther Latta (Brent Holcomb, Marriages of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina [1981], p. 55). Esther is prob. one of the females in the 1800 Mecklenburg Co. household (01101-33110) of Joseph Latta, the only head-of-household of that surname in the co. that year and also bondsman for her marriage. This surname is seen in NC. from the 1760s (Brent Holcornb, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779 [1979], p. 54), but also seems to have ties to Pennsylvania; on 2 Dec. 1779 Adam Tate of Donegal, Lancaster Co., Penn. made sales agreement for 5s. with Joseph Latta of Mecklenburg (both yeomen), “for the purchase of 600 a[cres] in Anson, on both sides of south fork of Rocky River adj[oining] Davidson Loggs Property may be rented for one year at a cost of one red rose” (H. W. Ferguson, Genealogical Deed Abstracts: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Books 10-14 [1990], pp. 70-71).

    36. Elias Hines, b. N.C. [1880 census for son John F. Hines], d. Tippah Co. 30 May 1846 (family recs. sent to Mary Nell Turner); 1869 petition names heirs Jacob, John, Elizabeth M. Blythe, Margaret Newell, Mrs. S.D. Ready, and Joseph [dec., with minor son Joseph] (TCDN1, p. 64)

    37. Mary/Polly ___, b. S.C. ca. 1808, d. Tippah Co. 6 April 1893, ae. 85 (TCDN1, p. 64); living next to son John F. Hines, Tippah Co. 1860

    38. ___ Lockhart, b. Virginia [1880 census for dau. “Elizea” E. Hines, Tippah Co. #4127-130], d. by 1850

    39. Martha/”Maittie” ___, b. N.C. ca. 1797, living Tippah Co., Miss. 1880. Tippah Co. 1850 census, p. 415, #310-310, shows Martha L. Lockhart, 52, with children Eliza E., 19, and James A., 13, all b. N.C. She was also mother of Thomas F. Lockhart, household #127-127, listed as 22, b. N.C., later killed at Battle of Atlanta, whose wife Elizabeth Melvinia Hines m. (2) #16.

    40. ___ Ayers, b. Ireland?

    41-47. ___

    48. (prob.) Levi Cassidy, b. prob. Chesterfield Dist., S.C. ca. 1790, prob. son of Zachariah Cassidy Sr., a Revolutionary soldier; at Chesterfield Dist 1830, with Alexander, Benjamin, William, Zachariah Jr. & Sr.; at Henry Co., Alabama 1840 (1 male 5-10, 2 10-15, 150-60, 3 females 0-5, 15-10, 1 30-40, numbers & ages corresponding to #24’s 1850 family group); also there are Michael, William and Za[cha]riah. Levi d. prob. Henry or Coffee Co., Ala. by 1850. Note that #24 had bro. Zachariah. The elder Zachariah, of Cheraw Dist. (parent of Chesterfield) was a pvt. in Benton’s Regt. 1782 (Rev. Alexander Gregg, History of the Old Cheraws... [1867], p. 405; B. G. Moss, Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution [1983, henceforth S.C. Roster], p. 157), also a lieut. under Benton the next year. In 1790 Zachariah Sr. was at Cheraw Dist. (1-0-2); in 1800 at Chesterfield (p. 108; 30010-10010); in 1810 at Chesterfield (p. 217); and in 1820 both Zachariah and Levi were at Chesterfield (no ages enumerated). In 1830 at Chesterfield Dist., Zachariah Sr.’s household included 1 male 5-10, 1 20-30, 1 70-80, 1 female 15-20, 1 60-70; Levi’s in 1830 held 3 males 0-5, 1 40-50, 1 female 20-30, 1 30-40, and 1 70-80. In 1836 Alexander, Michael, William, and Zachariah Casity, all of Henry Co., Ala. (who with bro. Patrick and sister Elizabeth are listed as children of a “Hugh Cassedy, a Scotchman of South Carolina,” and said to have removed from S.C. in 1831 to Lawrenceville, Henry Co., Ala.; see Mrs. Marvin Scoff, History of Henry County, Alabama [1961], pp. 189-90) purchased land in T8N R28E, about 35 miles east of where Washington Cassidy later lived (Old Sparta, pp. 16, 19, 24). In the 1850 census of Coffee Co., Ala., Washington “Castor,” 20, b. S.C., is enumerated next to a Zachariah “Castor”, 22, b. S.C., obviously his brother.

    49. [prob.] Rachel ___,b. S.C. ca. 1807, living Coffee Co., Ala. 17 Oct. 1850 (as Rachel “Castor,” ae. 43, b. S.C., with children ae. 11 to 2, all b. Ala., 1850 [208] census, #4153-153), next to Joseph Gipson, 60, b. S.C., in whose household were #24 and brother Zachariah; next to Gipson was

    50. Jesse Snelgrove, b. Orangeburg Dist., S.C. 25 Feb. 1792, d. Longstreet, Coffee Co., Ala. 23 July 1876 (LDS Anc. File; P. G. Cleveland, Snellgrove [1976], pp. 81, 98-99, which makes Jesse son of an Edward Snelgrove of S.C.; grandson of Edward Freeman Snelgrove; great-grandson of Freeman Snelgrove (fl. 1735) of Amelia Twp., Berkeley Co., S.C., and an unknown first wife; and great-great-grandson of Henry Snelgrove of Charles City and Surry Cos., Virginia, who arrived from England in June 1684, himself son of John Snelgrove of “Eversett” [Evershott, near Frome?], Co. Dorset). Jesse was at Laurens Co., Ga. 1820; at Early Co., Ga. 1830, 1840; at Coffee Co., Ala. 1850, 1860. On 17 Nov. 1852 Warrant #24680 in favor of Jesse Snellgrove to land in Sect. 6, T6N R23E was “located” (claimed?) by Michael Belsher; on 12 Oct. 1854 Jesse received a homestead certificate to land in T6N R22E (Old Sparta, pp. 134, 95). At Laurens Co. in Oct. 1817, he and his wife were witnesses in State vs. Thomas Sanford for larceny (Allen Thomas, Laurens County, Georgia Legal Records, 1807-1832 [1991], p. 670); for some of his jury service, see ibid., pp. 584, 589, 593. Jesse m. Laurens Co., Ga. 29 July 1815

    51. Elizabeth Howard, b. S.C. 4 June 1790, d. Longstreet, Coffee Co., Ala. 19 Dec. 1884 (LDS Anc. File; acc. to LDS Family Registry dau. of James A. Howard)

    52. Simon Russell, b. Darlington Dist., S.C. ca. 1800, son of Michael Russell, Jr. of Darlington Co., S.C. (d. there betw. 14 July-21 Aug. 1824) (& unk. first w.), poss. grandson of Michael Russell (d. Darlington Co. ante Oct. 1813; his will, however, lists no son Michael) & Elizabeth ___, and poss. gr.-grandson of John Russell (d. Onslow Co., N C. betw. 4 Nov 1751-3 July 1753, formerly of Bath Co., NC.), & Elizabeth ___ (data collected by George Ely Russell, in part from research files of Leonardo Andrea). Simon was at Montgomery Co., Ala. 1840, 1850 (Russell Register 13[1990-91j:1771). Simon Russell of Montgomery Co. purchased land 23 Dec. 1835 in Sect. 26, T12N R18E (northern Crenshaw Co., on Montgomery Co. line) (M.D. Hahn, Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Warrants, 1817-1853 [rev. ed., 1986, henceforth Old Cahaba], p. 129). He d. 1863-70, bur. at Pine Thicket, Ramer, Montgomery Co. He m. (2) Ramer 11 Jan. 1849 Matilda Courtney (P. J. Gandrud, Alabama Records, 231[1968, repr. ca. 1980]:46); m. (1) S.C. ca. 1823

    53. Nancy Russell (no known rel., acc. to Alice Bradley, per notes of G. E. Russell), d. Montgomery Co., Ala., in or after 1841

    54. Warren C. Spradley, b. prob. Kershaw Dist., S.C. 11 April 1803 (g. s.; but poss. 3-5 yrs. older, as “Warren Spradley” was a S.C. household head in 1820), d. Crenshaw Co., Ala. 20 June 1884 (bur. Mt. Pleasant Ch. of Christ Cem., at Sect. 24, T1ON R17E, Crenshaw Co., on Route 331 north of Luverne, Ala. [L. R. F. Carmichael, Tombstone Inscriptions of Northern Crenshaw County, Alabama Cemeteries (1990-91), p.44]); at Montgomery Co., Ala. 1850, at Butler (now Crenshaw) Co., Ala. 1860. By a deed dated May 1824 Warren Spradley of Kershaw Dist. mortgaged for $80 an 80-acre plantation on Long Branch Waters of Pine Tree Creek, composed of two tracts originally granted to Zachariah Canty (Kershaw Dist. Deeds, K:334; FHL Film #002047). By a deed dated 25 Nov. 1831, rec. 4 Feb. 1832, he sold the same for $120 to Maria Parrish; his wife “Alsey” relinquished her dower rights (Kershaw Dist. Deeds, M:316; FHL Film #002047). On 6 Jan. 1836 he rec. his purchase of land in Sect. 34, T12N R18E (now in northeastern Crenshaw Co.) One of his sons was Bryant A[ugustus] Spradley, b. ca. 1842. Spradley is an unusual surname confined chiefly to Kershaw Dist. A Bryant Spradley is listed in 1810-30 censuses. The Camden Gazette of 13 Oct. 1817 announced the death on Wednesday last of “Mr. Bryant Spradley, in the 80th year of his age. Mr. Spradley was born and always lived in this town or its neighborhood and during his life never took a dose of medicine or lost a drop of blood by the lancet. He was never confined a day by sickness until he was attacked by the disease that terminated his existence. Until a week before his death he possessed the vigor, health and strength that characterized his youth, and was able to undergo labour and exposure that most men would sink under” (Brent Holcomb, Marriage and Death Notices from Camden, S.C. Newspapers 1816-1865 [1978], p. 5). It may have been the elder Bryant’s widow whose death was laconically announced in the same paper 4 Oct. 1821 as “In this town, Mrs. Spradley” (ibid., p. 17). One Willis Daniels (ca. 1765-1800), hanged at Orangeburg, S.C. 16 May 1800 for repeated thefts, confessed that “From Mr. Brain [sic] Spradley, of Camden, with whom I some time lived, I stole a quantity of clothing, and a pair of saddlebags, and made off in the night...” at some time during his life of crime (ca. 1785-1800) (Georgetown [S.C.] Gazette of 16 July 1800, in S.C. Mag. of Anc. Research 6[1974]:74). Warren C. is given in Ala. IGI as having dau. Caroline Amelia Spradley, b. 24 Jan. 1836 at Highland Home, Crenshaw Co., where (34-12-18) Warren Spradley bought or was granted land 6 Jan. 1836 (Old Cahaba, p. 132); next to his name, with a transaction on the same day (land at 22-12-18), is that of Smith Summerlin of adjacent Lowndes Co., Ala. (ibid.),who m. Montgomery Co. 13 Dec. 1834 a Martha Spradley and among whose children in 1850 was a Bryant Summerlin (see P. J. Gandrud, Alabama Records, 174[1957, repr. ca.: [1980]:83; for later Lowndes Co. Spradley marriages, see MB. Russell, Lowndes Court House [1951], pp. 271-74). A Bryant Spradley, b. S.C. ca. 1792, of Montgomery and Butler Cos., Ala. at the same time and much the same place, is given in LDS Family Registry as [209] son of James Spradley (1767-1808) and w. Mary and grandson of Bryant Spradley of Camden (ca. 1737-1817). S.C. Hist. and Gen. Magazine 32 (1931):70] records: “A Horrid Accident. On the 13th inst. [Aug. 1808] a party of huntsmen went about ten miles from Camden, for the purpose of driving for Deer and Wolves; their hounds started a deer which was killed, over which the dogs began fighting; one of the company, (a lad about 14 years of age) in attempting to part the dogs struck one of them with the but[t] of his gun, which went off, Mr. James Spradley, who being immediately behind the young man, received the load of buck-shop [sic] in his head just over his left eye; Mr. Spradley fell lifeless to the ground and without a struggle instantly expired. He has left a widow with six small children” ([Charleston, S.C.] City Gazette and Daily Advertiser, dateline Camden, S.C. 24 Aug. 1808)]. W. C Spradley, perhaps a younger son of James and grandson of the elder Bryant, m. prob. by 1820

    55. Elsey/Alcey Malone, b. S.C. (prob. Kershaw Dist.) 15 May 1800, d. Crenshaw Co., Ala. 22 April 1884 (bur. with husband, Mt. Pleasant Cem., Crenshaw Co.; maiden name on g. s.). She was prob. the namesake and granddau. of Alsa “Melone,” enumerated in 1800 at Kershaw Dist. (p.425; 11000-20021-10), obviously a widow over 45, poss. with married children in her household. Nearby (all p. 425) were Cornelius (22100-11210), John (00100-20100), William (22100-11210) and William Melone, Jr. (00100-00100). In 1810 Cornelius, Francis, John, John Jr., and William Melone were all at Kershaw Dist.; in 1820 (when Elsey was prob. married), Malone households in S.C. had dwindled to those of Fanny (000100-00001), John (000001-00001) and John Jr. (000010-00010). Alsa Melone’s husband (name unk.) was prob. a son of the Cornelius Melone “and wife,” who with Hugh Conhary arrived in S.C. from Ireland ca. 1751, all indentured servants of Samuel Wyly (later J.P.), and ca. 1755 were given lands in old Craven Co. (W. B. Smith, White Servitude in Colonial South Carolina [1961], p.41). The immigrant Melones had two other probable sons: William (1755-ca. 1842) and Cornelius (1757-1856), Revolutionary soldiers from Kershaw Dist.; both later moved to Alabama (S.C. Roster, p. 651). The forename “Cornelius” strongly suggests that the Melones were of Catholic rather than Protestant origin.

    56. (prob.) Moses Grisham/Grissom, b. Lincoln Co., NC. 1792/3, prob. son of Rev, soldier Drury Grisham. Moses d. Macon Co., Tenn. Feb. 1880 (LDS Anc. File). He was at Dist. #7, Macon Co., in 1850 census (#429-29), as Moses Gresham, 58, mechanic, b. NC.; with wife Betsey, 52, b. NC., and several children including James, 8, b. Tenn. In 1860 (#4842-810) he is enumerated as M. Grissom, 67, farmer, b. NC.; wife Elizabeth, 61, b. NC.; and several children, including son James, 18, farmer, b. Tenn. In 1870 (#456-56) he is listed as Moses Grissom, 78, farmer, b. N.C., living with one unm. dau. He and his family res. on Little Salt Lick, several miles south of Red Boiling Springs, Tenn. (Vernon Roddy, On the Early Story of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee [1991], pp. 15,301); m. Lincoln Co., N.C. 21 Dec. 1815 [IGI]

    57. (prob.) Betsey Slate, b. N.C. ca. 1798, liv. Macon Co., Tenn. 1870, d. by 1880, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth/Betsey (Desbrook) Slate (LIDS Anc. File)

    58. ___ Mitchell, b. N.C. (per 1880 census) or Virginia (per 1910 census)

    59. (poss.) Martha ___, b. N.C. ca. 1830, parents b. NC. (1880 census, Nevada Co., Ark., 212-26- #96-96, next door to J. B. and Hattie [Mitchell] Grisham); in 1910 Hattie gave mother as b. Ark.

    60. Martin Adams, b. Tenn. (Hempstead Co., Ark., Carouse Twp., 1850 census, 432-26, #54-54) or Mo. (1860 census, Hempstead Co., Carouse Twp., #915-915) ca. 1810, d. Hempstead Co., Ark. 1886; in will left $1 to granddau. Edna Adams (Hempstead Co. Wills BB:360); listed as head of household at Hempstead Co. 1840-1860; m. Hempstead Co. 31 Oct. 1839 (Hempstead Co.. Wills, Marriages, Pine Emptions, Etc., Book BB:377)

    61. Clarinda Wilson, b. Ark. ca. 1821, liv. 16 Dec. 1884 (date of husband’s will, which mentions her), with husband 1850, ae. 29; 1860, ae. 38; prob. dau. of John Wilson of Ozan Twp., Hempstead Co., Ark. (there 1840, 1850; b. Ky. ca. 1792, farmer with $2070 real estate), and wife Jane (b. Ky. ca. 1809); in 1850 household of this John Wilson was a four-month old Clarinda Wilson, b. Ark., appar. the infant dau. of a grown son living with his father.

    62. Benjamin May, b. N.C. ca. 1812 (ae. 28 at marriage, 67 in 1880); in 1860 Hempstead Co. census, 653-42, Carouse Twp. [P.O. Albany], p.822, #916-916 [next to M. Adams]), parents b. N.C. (1880 census, Hempstead Co., Ark., DeRoan Twp., p. 374, #3-3); m. Hempstead Co., Ark. 25 Feb. 1840 (Hempstead Co., Ark. Wills, Marriages, Pre-Emptions, Etc., Book BB:32-33)

    63. Clara McBride, b. Ark. ca. 1822 (ae. 18 at marriage); with husband 1850, 1860 [as “Cloa”]; prob. the “Charlottie,” 57, b. Ark., parents b. Tenn., Benjamin’s wife in 1880.

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