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  • #65 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: The New England Ancestry of Clint Eastwood

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Over the last quarter-century, my best correspondent by far – the genealogical colleague who has sent me the most startling discoveries, tantalizing “tidbits,” and Anglo-American connections that I could further pursue – has been Michael J. Wood of London, who also name-indexed the American volumes of The Mowbray Connection. Like me, Michael peruses new biographies, and in his last letter brought to my attention Clint: The Life and Legend by Patrick McGilligan (1999), whose first chapter is called “The Tree of Clint.” Clinton Eastwood, Jr. (b. 1930), whose acting or directing credits include the various “spaghetti westerns” of the 1960s, Play Misty for Me (1971), the Dirty Harry series of the 1970s, Bird (1988), Unforgiven (1992, for which he received an Academy Award), The Bridges of Madison County (1995), and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997), is the son of Clinton Eastwood (whose mid-Atlantic Eastwood descent is traceable for six generations) and Margaret Ruth Runner, daughter of Waldo Errol Runner and Virginia May McClanahan.

    Clint Eastwood’s maternal grandfather, W.E. Runner, was the son of Charles Claude Runner and Sophia Aurelia Bartholomew (b. 1859), who appears on p. 322 of the 1885 Record of the Bartholomew Family by George Wells Bartholomew. Sophia Aurelia’s parents were Edward Franklin Bartholomew, b. 1828 in Wallingford, Conn., later of Pueblo and elsewhere in Colorado, and his wife Cordelia Kellogg, b. 1829 in Egremont, Mass., who appears on pp. 584 and 1265 of The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, 3 vols. (1903) by Timothy Hopkins.

    McGilligan cites the Bartholomew and Kellogg genealogies – he is a bit of a genealogist himself – but from further printed sources, almost the entire New England ancestry of Sophia Aurelia Bartholomew can be traced. Not only were Edward Franklin Bartholomew and his parents born in Wallingford, so too was Jane (Hall) Kellogg, the wife of Edward Kellogg and mother of Cordelia. With adroit use of Families of Ancient New Haven (9 vols., 1922-39, repr. 1974) by Donald Lines Jacobus, The History of Wallingford (1870) by Charles H.S. Davis, The Halls of New England (1883, Halls of Wallingford section) by D.B. Hall, plus only a few more sources, we can readily identify Sophia Aurelia’s grandparents as Noyes Dana Bartholomew and Elizabeth Hall, and Edward Kellogg and Jane Hall; her great-grandparents as Andrew Bartholomew and Rachel Royce, Samuel Hall (IV) and Elizabeth Parsons, Ephraim Kellogg, Jr., and Jane Ashley, and Hezekiah Hall and Esther Lewis; and her great-great-grandparents as Joseph Bartholomew and Mary Sexton, Reuben Royce and Keziah Moss, Samuel Hall (III) and Sarah Hull, John Parsons and Esther Hall (sister of Samuel [III]), Ephraim Kellogg and Ruth Hosmer, William Ashley and Jane Dutcher, Samuel Hall (IV) and Elizabeth Parsons again, and (probably) Samuel Lewis and Esther Sperry.

    Of the just-listed sixteen New England great-great-great-great-great-grandparents of Clint Eastwood, Reuben Royce was the son of Joseph Royce, Jr. and Anna Andrews, grandson of Joseph Royce and Mary Porter, and of Samuel Andrews, Jr. and Anna Hall, and great-grandson of Millard Fillmore forebears Nehemiah Royce (son of my ancestors Robert and Mary [----] Royce, see column #58) and Hannah Morgan (daughter of Princess of Wales forebears James Morgan and Margery Hill), and of Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth Peck (again my ancestors, see column #58). Keziah Moss, Reuben’s wife, was the daughter of John Moss (III) and Elizabeth Hall, granddaughter of John Moss, Jr. and Martha Lathrop, and great-granddaughter of U.S. Grant and FDR forebears Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder. Samuel’s parents, Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House, are also ancestors of the two Presidents Bush; and the notable Lathrop progeny is the subject of column #56. Scudder and Stoughton kinsmen of Mrs. Elizabeth Scudder Lathrop were the subjects of columns #s 22and 23.

    Samuel Hall (III) was the son of Samuel Hall, Jr. and Love Royce, daughter of Nathaniel Royce (another son of Robert Royce and Mary ----) and Sarah Lathrop (another daughter of Samuel Lathrop and Elizabeth Scudder). Sarah Hull, wife of Samuel Hall (III), was the daughter of Benjamin Hull and Elizabeth Andrews (another child of Samuel Andrews and Elizabeth Peck). Esther (Hall) Parsons, as suggested above, was also a child of Samuel Hall, Jr. and Love Royce.

    Ruth Hosmer, wife of Ephraim Kellogg, was a daughter of Thomas Hosmer and Susannah Steele, daughter of Thomas Steele (and Susannah Webster), son of Samuel Steele and Mercy Bradford, daughter of William Bradford, Jr. and Alice Richards. William Bradford, Jr. was of course the son of Gov. William Bradford of the Mayflower and his wife Mrs. Alice Carpenter Southworth, and Alice Richards was the daughter of FDR and Bush ancestors Thomas and Wealthian (Loring?) Richards. William Ashley, husband of Jane Dutcher, was the son of Aaron Ashley and Sarah Day, daughter of John Day and Mary Smith, granddaughter of Thomas Day and Sarah Cooper (ancestors of Hayes) and of John Smith and Mary Partridge (ancestors of Hayes), and great-granddaughter of Robert Day and Editha Stebbins (ancestors of Cleveland) and of Samuel Smith of South Hadley and his wife Elizabeth Smith (ancestors of Cleveland and the two Bushes).

    Hezekiah Hall, husband of Esther Lewis and father of Jane (Hall) Kellogg, was, as already noted, another child of Samuel Hall (IV) and Elizabeth Parsons, so Royce-Lathrop-Scudder-Stoughton-Andrews-Peck and Royce-Scudder-Lathrop descents are repeated. Esther Lewis, wife of Hezekiah Hall, is probably the Esther listed on p. 1087 of Families of Ancient New Haven, daughter of Samuel Lewis and Esther Sperry, granddaughter of Ichabod Lewis and Esther Hall, and great-granddaughter of Caleb Hall and Esther Humphreville. Esther Humphreville’s maternity is uncertain, but her father Samuel Humphreville was the son of John (H)Umfraville of New Haven (and ----), an immigrant for whom a royal descent from Henry I of England (d. 1035) has recently been suggested  (see The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States Who Were Themselves Notable or Left Descendants Notable in American History [2002 ed.], p. 657) by Anthony Hoskins (see also TAG 72 [1997]: 15-19).

    Thus the actor Clint Eastwood, a movie icon for almost 40 years, has a likely royal descent, a Mayflower line (Bradford), ancestors in common with the late Princess of Wales, Prince William, and Prince Harry (James Morgan and Margery Hill), various presidential connections, and numerous kinships to my own Wallingford-born great-great-great-grandmother (Sarah [Hough] Root). In the next column, I will treat the also-surprising New England ancestry, also brought to my attention by Michael J. Wood, of a somewhat older California novelist, several of whose works have become screen classics.

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