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  • #71 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: The Immediate New England and Royal Ancestry of the Beach Boys

    Michael Thomas Meggison

    Editor’s Introduction: Although a generation apart, born in 1943 and 1967 respectively, Mr. Meggison and I are both in many ways children of the 1960s. The generation of our parents and, to some extent, conservatives even today, often believe that the “counter-culture” of that decade later “crashed” into largely addiction and AIDS. Those of us nurtured by that decade, however, attribute to this “counter-culture” some very definite achievements. Among these are the anti-war movement, the truncated career of Lyndon Johnson (unfortunately followed by several decades of political reaction against 1960s idealism); progress in civil rights, the “sexual revolution,” feminism, gay rights, and environmental causes; and rock music. By the mid- and late 1960s this last had often turned cynical or dark (the Doors [“The End”], Rolling Stones [“Sympathy for the Devil”], and Velvet Underground [“Venus in Furs”]); much of 1950s rock had been about adolescent rebellion but with Elvis Presley and many others there was also an exuberance based partly on “hillbilly,” jazz, or R&B precedents. In the early 1960s, however, almost as a musical equivalent of the “Camelot” Kennedy years, was one sound by one group whose glorification of sheer fun was almost its only theme. This sound was the “surfer” music of the Beach Boys. Later known for extensive drug use, the group was also much married and divorced. The three Wilson brothers at the group’s core (Brian, Dennis, and Carl) married respectively twice, five times, and twice, while their cousin “Mike” Love married six times and left a “love child” who married her cousin Dennis Wilson.

    Beginning in 1961, the Beach Boys’ hits include “Surfin’,” “Surfin’ U.S.A.,” “Little Deuce Coupe,” “Surfer Girl,” “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Help Me Rhonda,” “I Get Around,” “California Girls,” “Good Vibrations,” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.” These songs popularized both a new sport and southern California itself, icons that spread around the world as surfers sought the “perfect wave” on beaches in Australia, Mexico, and elsewhere. Surf music, for a while almost synonymous with California itself, was followed later in the decade by the Free Speech movement at Berkeley, hippies in Haight-Ashbury and the psychedelic music at the Avalon and Fillmore, Reagan from Orange County, and the evolution of modern Los Angeles, now the second-largest city in the nation.

    In 1966 the album Pet Sounds, produced by Brian Wilson, partly inspired the Beatles’ epic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The former album established Wilson as one of the most gifted producers and composers in rock music. Shortly after this watershed release, Brian began a long period of drug abuse that eventually led to a nervous breakdown. While Brian’s role in the band slowly diminished, the Beach Boys continued to produce albums of note, but sometimes changed their trademark “sunny” sound to one of a melancholy or introspective cast. In the early 1980s they played several Fourth of July concerts at the Washington Monument (at least one of which I attended), suffered the 1983 drowning of drummer Dennis Wilson (and Brian’s virtual withdrawal from normal life), and in 1998 lost guitarist Carl Wilson, youngest of the three brothers.

    Mr. Meggison, author of The Ancestors and Descendants of Capt. George Eden Meggison, 1756-1815, of P.E.I., Canada and the United States (2000), has traced the ancestry of the group in great detail for most American generations. He wishes to acknowledge the Minnesota Historical Society, Wilson cousin Lois Murphy, Mike Love cousin Joe Booth, Harold and Kay Wilson, the Hutchinson [Kansas] Public Library, the Reno County [Kansas] Genealogical Society, Deanna Warren, and TAG contributor Kathleen Fenton. Of the great-grandparents of the brothers, one was born in Sweden and one in Holland; the wife of the Swedish immigrant was of Swedish-born parents, and the wife of the Dutch immigrant was of German parentage. One great-grandparent, Alta Lenora Chitwood, was of Southern and mid-Atlantic ancestry, and two others – Albert H. Finney and his wife Elnora Brass – had one parent each born in New York. New Yorker Eli Barnum Finney, Canadian-born Almon R. Brass (of parents said to be born in Vermont and New York), and this latter’s wife, New Yorker Paulina ____, may all be of New England ancestry, but have not yet been successfully traced.

    George Washington Wilson (1831-1909), great-great-grandfather of Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson and of Michael Edward “Mike” Love, was an Ohio native who died in California and whose parents were at one time of Jay, Essex Co., New York. Of these parents, Henry Wilson, a probable son of Elias and grandson of Henry Wilson and Elizabeth Adams of Wrentham, Massachusetts, belonged almost certainly to the progeny of Henry1 Wilson of Dedham, a family well covered in Massachusetts by a 1996 genealogy by Ken Stevens. Elizabeth Adams was a great-granddaughter of my ancestors Nathaniel Whiting and Hannah Dwight. Notable Whiting and Dwight descendants are treated in column #57 of this Internet series.

    The immediate ancestry of Marilla Warren (ca. 1811-post 1881), wife of Henry Wilson, has been much studied by Kathleen Fenton in a 1998 TAG article, and Raeola Ford Cooke in at least five typescripts at the Society. Of Marilla’s four grandparents, Nathan Warren was a descendant of Thomas and Katherine (Duxford) Richardson, forebears of presidents Pierce, Coolidge, the Bushes, and probably Hoover. Other ancestors of Nathan Warren were Rev. Henry and Dorothy (Sheafe) Whitfield (see my Notable Kin, Volume One[NK1, 1998], pp. 106-7, 111-12), and William and (poss.) Elizabeth (____) Ward of Sudbury, ancestors of Emily Dickinson, Margaret Fuller, and Susan B. Anthony (NK1, pp. 201-7). Persis Sumner, wife of Nathan Warren, was of royal descent via Mrs. Sarah Woodward Henchman, who will be included in my forthcoming Royal Descendants of 600 Immigrants, via Hannah Henchman and William Sumner (III), also ancestors of Jennie Jerome and Sir Winston [Leonard Spencer] Churchill. Other ancestors of Persis were Robert White and Bridget Allgar, ancestors of presidents Fillmore, Grant, Cleveland, and Ford; and my own forebears James and Joan (Adam) Martin (some of whose notable descendants are covered in #58 of this series of columns) via Thomas Stowe and Mary Griggs, also ancestors of Churchill. Eleazer Peck, maternal grandfather of Marilla Warren, was a great-grandson himself of Bartholomew Foster, Jr., and ____ ____ of Wallingford, Connecticut, ancestors of Churchill once again. Bartholomew’s mother, Hannah Very, was a granddaughter of Thomas Very and Bridget ____ (the latter an immigrant to Salem, Massachusetts), almost certainly a granddaughter herself of Henry and Elizabeth Scudder, ancestors via Elizabeth (Scudder) Lathrop of presidents Grant and FDR.

    Outlined below is an ancestor table for the Wilson brothers (and of Mike Love through his mother) for five generations, plus three generations of the known ancestry of the above George Washington Wilson (#s32-33, 64-67, 128-135). Following this AT are the Adams, Warren, Sumner, and Peck extension to all ancestors named above; sources for these extensions; and 41 endnotes assembled by Mr. Meggison that document #s1-129. For reasons of space and member interest, I have not included Mr. Meggison’s coverage of the Southern or mid-Atlantic ancestry of #s17-19. As usual in these columns, “TP” and “FP” indicate descent from two or three, or four or five, American presidents; “RD” indicates royal descent; and for this column, “WC” indicates ancestors shared with Jennie Jerome and her son, Prime Minister Sir Winston [Leonard Spencer-] Churchill. For the above-cited presidential connections, see my 1995 Ancestors of American Presidents, esp. pp. 240, 242, 256. A short outline and note about the royal descent of Mrs. Sarah Woodward Henchman follows the endnotes.

    1. Brian Douglas Wilson, b. Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 20 June 1942; m. (1) Los Angeles 7 Dec. 1964 Marilyn Rovell (div. 1979); (2) Palos Verdes, Calif. 6 Feb. 1995 Melinda Kae Ledbetter. Children (with Marilyn): Carnie, b. 29 April 1968; Wendy, b. 16 Oct. 1969. He adopted (with Melinda) Daria Rose, b. 10 Nov. 1996, and Delanie Rae, b. 9 Jan. 1998 [1].
    1. Dennis Carl Wilson, b. Hawthorne, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 4 Dec. 1944, drowned Marina del Rey, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 28 Dec. 1983 [2]. He m. (1) 29 July 1965 Carol Freedman; (2) 4 Aug. 1970 Barbara Charren (div. Aug. 1974); (3 and 4) 21 May 1976 and Las Vegas, Nevada 28 June 1978 [Barbara] Karen (Perks) Lamm (div. 1977, 1980) [3]; (5) 28 July 1983 Shawn Marie Love (daughter of Michael Edward “Mike” Love by Shannon Ann Harris). Children (with Carol): Jennifer, b. 21 Dec. 1966; Scott (son of Barbara Charren; adopted); (with Barbara): Michael, b. 19 Feb. 1971; Carl Benton, b. 1 Jan. 1972; (with Shawn): Gage Dennis, b. 3 Sept. 1982.
    1. Carl Dean Wilson, b. Hawthorne, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 21 Dec. 1946, d. there 6 Feb. 1998 [2]. He m. (1) Los Angeles 3 June 1966 Annie Hinsche (div. 1980) [4]; (2) Las Vegas 18 Nov. 1987 Gina Caroline Martin [5]. Children (with Annie): Jonah, b. 22 March 1969; Justyn, b. 18 Oct. 1971.
    2. Murry Gage Wilson, b. Hutchinson, Reno Co., Kansas 2 July 1917, d. Los Angeles 4 June 1973 [2]. An assembly-line worker at Goodyear (where he lost his left eye in a work accident), he later founded ABLE Machinery, which soldered airplane parts. In 1952, Murry’s own first songs (including “First Day Polka,” “Hidden Tears,” and “His Little Darling”), recorded long before, were released after Lawrence Welk played “Two Step Side Step” by the Bachelors on a live radio broadcast. Murry later became the Beach Boys’ first manager. He m. Los Angeles 26 March 1938
    3. Audree Neva Korthof, b. Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minn. 28 Sept. 1917, d. Los Angeles 1 Dec. 1997 [6]. Although not a professional performer, Audree played piano and was an accomplished organist [7].
    4. William Coral “Buddy” Wilson, b. Hutchinson, Kansas 18 Feb. 1890, d. Hawthorne, Calif. 29 May 1981 [8]; a painting inspector, later a plumber. He moved to Los Angeles in the 1920s. “Buddy” m. South Hutchinson, Kansas 7 March 1914 [9]
    5. Edith Sophia Sthole, b. Hutchinson 22 Feb. 1897, d. Los Angeles 6 Feb. 1963 [2].

    Their daughter, Emily Glee Wilson (b. Hutchinson 30 Nov. 1919, d. Cypress, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 2 Oct. 1979) [2] married Milton Love (b. Los Angeles 2 Sept. 1918, son of Edward F. and Edith [Clardy] Love) [10]. Emily was the mother of Mike Love of the Beach Boys.

    Michael Edward “Mike” Love, b. Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles Co., Calif. 15 March 1941; m. (1) 4 Jan. 1961 Frances St. Martin (div. 4 March 1963); (2) Las Vegas 15 Oct. 1965 Suzanne Belcher (div.); (3) Jan. 1972 Tamara Fitch (div. 1977); (4) Sue Oliver Damon (div.); (5) Santa Barbara, Calif. 17 Sept. 1981 Cathy Linda Martinez (div.); (6) Incline Village, Nevada 24 April 1994 Jaqueline Piesen. Children (with Frances): Melinda, b. 15 July 1961; Teresa, b. 2 Dec. 1962; (with Suzanne): Hayleigh, b. 27 Dec. 1966; Christian, b. 23 May 1968; Michael Edward II, b. 19 Feb. 1971; (with Tamara): Summer Deva, b. 31 Jan. 1973; (with Cathy): Michael Edward II, b. 24 April 1982; (with Jaqueline): Brian, b. 6 Aug. 1988; Ambha Leila Lakshmi, b. 4 Jan. 1996. His daughter Shawn Marie (b. Dec. 1964), from a nonmarital relationship with Shannon Ann Harris, later married her cousin Dennis Carl Wilson, above.

    1. Carl Arie Korthof, b. Renville, Renville Co., Minn. 24 March 1897, d. Los Angeles 12 Dec. 1949 [2], travel agent, ad salesman, clerk, machinist, deliveryman, driver, and night watchman, moved his family to Los Angeles in 1928. He m. ca. 1916
    2. Ruth Edna “Betty” Finney, b. Hennepin Co., Minn. 4 Sept. 1897, d. Los Angeles 22 March 1955 [11].
    3. William Henry Wilson, b. Reedsville, Meigs Co., Ohio 27 April 1863 [12], d. Hutchinson, Kansas 30 March 1948 [13]. He was a farmer in Hutchinson, Kansas. In 1900 and 1920 Will and his family lived in Hutchinson, but shortly after 1900 moved to Escondido, Calif., where Will purchased a grape vineyard and supplied grapes to Hutchinson via refrigerated boxcars. He m. at Marion Co., Illinois 11 Oct. 1884 [14]
    4. Alta Lenora Chitwood, b. Sandover, Marion Co., Illinois 9 Jan. 1864, d. Hutchinson 1 Feb. 1941 [15].
    5. Karl Johan Karlsson Ståhl, b. Skrufshult, Hogsby, Sweden 10 Oct. 1867. He immigrated in 1886 and in New York changed his name to Charles John Sthole. He m. (2) Maria Amalia Lindholm; (1) Hutchinson 17 Dec. 1889 [16]
    6. Maria Sofia Pettersen, b. Illinois ca. 1864 [17], living in 1930 ae. 62, of Swedish-born parents
    7. Aart Arie Korthof, b. Holland ca. 1865, living Minneapolis 20 Dec. 1908. He immigrated to America in 1885 and was naturalized 25 Oct. 1894. He m. prob. Renville, Minn. ca. 1889
    8. Amelia (Prignitz) Henning, b. prob. Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin 18 Dec. 1864, d. Minneapolis 2 Dec. 1908 [18].
    9. Albert H. Finney, b. Randolph, Columbia Co., Wisconsin 17 Oct. 1854, d. Minneapolis 13 Oct. 1939, a laborer in the Minneapolis Sewer Dept. [19]. He m. ca. 1884 (1930 census shows his wife’s age at marriage as 23)
    10. Elnora Brass, b. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 25 Sept. 1861, d. Los Angeles 19 June 1947 [20].
    11. George Washington Wilson, b. Pomeroy, Meigs Co., Ohio ca. 2 Jan. 1831 (calc.) [21], d. Escondido, California in Sept. 1909 [22], a farmer in Carrigan, Marion Co., Illinois and Morton and Reno cos., Kansas. He was also a stonemason and helped to build the Kansas State Reformatory in Hutchinson [23]. He m. (1) Meigs Co. in Dec. 1852 Matilda Bailey (sister of #17), m. there (2) 26 Feb. 1857 [24]
    12. Mary Bailey, b. Meigs Co., Ohio ca. 1831, living in 1880; may have separated from her husband and died at a son’s home in Lincoln, Washington Co., Arkansas, ca. July 1909 [25].
    13. Green Lee Chitwood, b. Lincoln Co., Tenn. 7 Dec. 1819, d. Odin, Marion Co., Illinois 18 July 1888. He m. Salem, Marion Co. 2 Dec. 1840 [26]
    14. Ruth Chaffin, b. Jacobson Co., Tenn. 3 Dec. 1822, d. Odin, Marion Co., Illinois 22 July 1888.
    15. Adolf Fredrik Carlsson Stål, b. Quillemala, Morlunda Parish, Småland, Sweden 14 March 1838, d. in Sweden 11 April 1912; m. Skruvshult, Hogsby Parish, Sweden 7 April 1860
    16. Christina Lovisa Adolfsdotter, b. Fran Lindås, Enntzebo Village, Målilla Parish, Småland, Sweden 18 Feb. 1830, d. in Sweden 1 Sept. 1917.

    22-25. ____ [Swedish and Dutch]

    26. Carl Friedrich/Charles Frederick Pri[e]gnitz, b. Prussia 28 Dec. 1826 or 1827, d. Two Rivers, Wisc. 24 Jan. 1906 [27]. He immigrated to the U.S. in June 1862 (landed in New York) and filed intentions for citizenship 30 May 1878 [28]. He m. Germany ca. 1863

    27. Caroline ____, b. Germany ca. 1819, living in 1880.

    28. Eli Barnum Finney, b. N.Y. ca. 1828, d. by 12 Jan. 1892. On 1 March 1850, Eli B. Finney was granted 40 acres in Columbia Co., Wisconsin [29]. He enlisted 2 Sept. 1864 as corporal in Co. D, 43rd Infantry Regt., Wisc. He mustered out 24 June 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. [30]. In 1880, ae. 50, he was in Eau Claire, Wisc., working as an expressman [31], and was in the 1890 Veterans Census there [32]. He m. prob. Wisc. ca. 1851

    29. Ellen Coughlin, b. Ireland ca. 1832, living 12 Jan. 1892 and res. in Georgia, where she applied for a widow’s pension [33].

    30. Almon R. Brass, b. Canada [English] ca. 1820-22 [34]. On 1 March 1848 “Almond Brass of Jefferson Co., Wisconsin Territory” was issued twp. 5N, range 15E, sec. 21, in Wisconsin [35]. Later he lived in Milan, Erie Co., Ohio (1850), Fond du Lac, Wisc. (1860), Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., Wisc. (1870), Spring Valley, Fillmore Co., Minn. (1880), and Grand Forks, North Dakota (1888-89 Grand Forks directory [36]).

    31. Paulina ____, b. N.Y. ca. 1820.

    The ancestry of #s 17-19 is Southern or mid-Atlantic – and includes the surnames Rairden, McMillen, Meador, Faught, Ray, Cantrell, Cox, Simmons, Woodruff (of N.J.), Tillotson, Hilliard, Moore, Bradshaw, Osborne (of N.J.), Key, Murray, Clark, Wainwright (of Va.), Donnington (of N.J.), Cartwright, Jones, Summerell, Dusenberry, Evans, White, and Newton (of N.J.). The ancestry of #s 20-23 is Swedish, of #s 24-25 Dutch, and of #s 26-27 German. #28, E. B. Finney, unfortunately does not appear in Howard Finney, The Finney-Phinney Families of America (1957). #30 in the 1880 census is said to have parents b. in Vermont and N.Y., so his father could be the Abel Brass of Berlin (then in Orange Co.), Vt. in 1810. We proceed, then, in the above format for three generations behind only #16, George Washington Wilson (1831-1909).

    32. Henry “Heinz” Wilson, b. poss. Jay, Essex Co., N.Y. 13 Oct. 1807, d. Olive, Meigs Co., Ohio 22 Aug. 1870, listed as a stonemason in the 1850 census of Olive. He m. Geauga Co., Ohio 20 Nov. 1828 [37]

    33. Marilla Warren, b. (prob. Jay), N.Y. ca. 1811, d. Meigs Co., Ohio post 1881. She m. (2) Meigs Co. 24 Sept. 1881 David Spencer [23].

    64. (prob.) Elias Wilson, b. (perhaps Wrentham), Mass. ca. 1773, d. Hancock Co., Ohio ante 1860. On 1 July 1810 both Elias and Cyrus Wilson were deeded land in Essex Co., N.Y. [38]. In 1810 he resided at Jay, Essex Co., N.Y.; in 1820 at Butler, Oxford Co., Ohio; in 1830 at Leroy, Geauga (later Lake) Co., Ohio; and in 1850 at Delaware, Hancock Co., Ohio. Elias was a nearby Justice of the Peace for Hancock Co., Ohio [39]. He m. (2) at Leroy 11 June 1826 Bethiah Kentfield [40]; (1)

    65. ____ ____.

    66. Ithamar Hibbard Warren, b. Wells, Vt. 26 Jan. 1787, d. Leroy, Lake Co., Ohio 30 Aug. 1872. In 1840 Ithamar res. in Thompson, Geauga Co., Ohio. He m. prob. Essex Co., N.Y. ca. 1808

    67. Lydia Peck, b. Conn. 19 April 1792, d. Leroy, Lake Co., Ohio 19 June 1875.

    128. (Elias Wilson, #64, was probably an unrecorded son of) Henry Wilson, b. Wrentham 17 March 1729/30, d. prob. Rowe, Mass. after 3 June 1799. See Ken Stevens, Wilsons from Dedham, Massachusettts (1996, hereafter HW), pp. 31-33, plus, for Henry’s military service, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, vol. 17 (1908), p. 564. Henry m. Wrentham 30 Jan. 1758

    129. (probably) Elizabeth Adams, b. Wrentham 8 April 1734. Henry and Elizabeth (Adams) Wilson are likely parents of Elias because (1) Elias and Cyrus Wilson (b. Wrentham 3 Oct. 1771, son of Henry and Elizabeth) were granted land in Essex Co., N.Y. as above, and lived in N.Y. in 1800 and 1810, but Ohio by 1830. Warren Wilson (b. Wrentham 29 July 1765, son of Henry and Elizabeth, who disappears from Rowe, Mass. after 20 March 1802 [HW, pp. 61-62] was also in Jay, Essex Co., in 1810. Cyrus Wilson, like his probable nephew, Henry “Heinz” Wilson (who would have been named for his paternal grandfather) seems to have been a mason/bricklayer [41]. And Elias Wilson’s presumed birth year (1773) fits nicely between his recorded brothers Cyrus and Ephraim (b. and d. 29 Nov. 1775).

    130-131. ____

    132. Nathan Warren, b. prob. Williamstown, Mass. ca. 1755-57, d. Thompson, Geauga Co., Ohio ca. 1827 [43]. He is found in Jay, Essex Co., N.Y. in 1810 next to Elias Wilson; in 1830 and 1840 he lived in Thompson. He m. Wells, Vt. Aug. 1783

    133. Persis Sumner, b. Middletown, Conn. 30 Dec. 1761, d. prob. Thompson, Geauga Co., Ohio, after 29 March 1855. For #s 132-33 see Kathleen D. Fenton, “Enigmas #8: Who was Persis Pease, Wife of Ebenezer Sumner of Middletown, Connecticut and Wells, Vermont?” TAG 73 (1998): 58-63, plus Ms. Fenton’s letter to the author of 22 Jan. 2003.

    134. Eleazer Peck, b. perhaps Woodbury, Conn. ca. 1771-74. In 1777 guardians were appointed for him and his sisters Esther and Lydia by the Woodbury Probate Court. He was in Hoosick, Rensselaer Co. in 1800, Jay, Essex Co., N.Y. in 1810, Mad River, Champaign Co., Ohio by 1817 and Leroy, Geauga Co., Ohio by 1824. He was not in the Ohio census after 1830 and may have died in Leroy ca. 1835. He m. ca. 1790

    135. (allegedly) Anne Herbert.

     Extensions for #s 129, 132, 133, 134:

    129. (probable) Elizabeth Adams; John Adams & Sarah Fairbanks; John Fairbanks, Jr. & Hannah Whiting; Nathaniel Whiting & Hannah Dwight; John Dwight & Hannah ----.

    132. Nathan Warren; Jabez Warren, Jr. & Susannah Walker; Jabez Warren & Mary Bissell, Nathaniel Walker & Jemima Ward; Nathaniel Bissell & Dorothy Fitch, Israel Walker & Susanna Baldwin, William Ward & Judith (Beaman?); Rev. James Fitch & Abigail Whitfield, Henry Baldwin & Phebe Richardson, Obadiah Ward & Mary ----; Rev. Henry Whitfield of Conn. & Dorothy Sheafe, Ezekiel Richardson & Susanna ----, William Ward & ---- ---- (or Elizabeth ----); Thomas Richardson (FP) & Katherine Duxford (FP).

    133. Persis Sumner; Ebenezer Sumner & Persis Pease; William Sumner & Hannah Clark; Hezekiah Sumner & Abigail Bidwell, Daniel Clark & Elizabeth Whitmore; William Sumner (III) & Hannah Henchman (WC), Samuel Bidwell & Elizabeth Stowe, John Clark & Elizabeth White; Daniel Henchman & Sarah Woodward (RD), Thomas Stowe & Mary Griggs (WC), Nathaniel White & Elizabeth ----, John Stowe & Elizabeth Bigge, John White & Mary (Levit?); John Bigge & Rachel Martin, Robert White (FP) & Bridget Allgar (FP); James Martin & Joan Adam.

    134. Eleazer Peck; Benajah Peck & Lydia Fenn; Eleazer Peck & Anne Foster; Bartholomew Foster, Jr. & ---- ---- (WC); Bartholomew Foster & Hannah Very; Thomas Very, Jr. & Hannah Giles; Thomas Very & Bridget ----, almost certainly a granddaughter of Henry Scudder (TP) & Elizabeth ---- (TP).

    SOURCES for Adams, Warren, Sumner and Peck extensions:

    1. Adams: L. S. Fairbanks, Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family, 1633-1897 (1897), pp. 41-42 (to Mrs. Henry Wilson); T. S. Lazell, Whiting Genealogy (1902), pp. 5-13, and B. W. Dwight, The History of the Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass., 2 vols. (1874), 1:91-100.
    2. Warren: Nathan and Jabez Warren research by Kathleen Fenton (in already-cited letter to author; note esp. her arguments that Mary Bi----, who married in Lebanon, Conn. 8 Jan. 1717 Jabez Warren, was Mary Bissell, daughter of Nathaniel Bissell and Dorothy Fitch); Brimfield, Mass. VRs (1727 birth and 1749 marriage of Jabez Warren, Jr.); John T. Fitch, Descendants of the Reverend James Fitch, 1622-1702, vol. 1 (1996), pp. 7-9, 19, where no Mary is listed as a daughter of Nathaniel and Dorothy Bissell) and J. B. Threlfall, The Ancestry of Reverend Henry Whitfield and His Wife Dorothy Sheafe (1989); Ashford, Conn. VRs (1728 birth of Susannah, daughter of Nathaniel and Jemima Walker, with siblings Abigail [1721], Edward [1725], Israel [1719], Obadiah [1715], Rebecca [1717], and twin Hannah), Register 57 (1903): 350-53, 356 (Walker), 52 (1898): 53 (Baldwin) and W. G. Davis, Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1966), 3 vols. (1996), 3: 216-22 (Richardson); Charles Martyn, The William Ward Genealogy (1925), pp. 65, 67-68, 79-80.
    3. Sumner: TAG 73: 58-63 by Kathleen Fenton, as above; Raeola Ford Cooke, “Sumner-Henchman Genealogy” (1988), pp. 1-2, 5-6 (with a mistaken identification of Nathan Warren, husband of Persis Sumner), 16-17 (Henchman), “John Stow/Stowe of Massachusetts and His Descendants of Middletown, Conn.” (1986), pp. 1, 4, 13, 30 (Stow, Bidwell, Sumner), “William Clark/Clarke of Hartford and Haddam, Conn.” (1987), pp. 1, 4, 11, 32 (Clark, Sumner), and “My Own Record of Descendants of Richard Warren” (1985), pp. 24 (which incorporates the erroneous identification of Nathan Warren), 28 (to Marilla Warren), 39 (to Dunmore Warren, Marilla’s brother, who married Jane Wilson, Henry’s half-sister). All of Ms. Cooke’s works are typescripts at NEHGS. Useful as well, with a correction as to the earlier identification of Nathan Warren (research undertaken by Neil D. Thompson) but nothing further on Marilla Warren or her descendants, is a 1995 typescript by Ms. Cooke that we have catalogued as a manuscript: “Nathan Warren and Persis Sumner and their Children, of Vermont, New York, and Ohio,” esp. pp. 1-22, 62-63. See also Register 92 (1938): 397-98 (Bigge, Martin) and F. F. Starr, Various Ancestral Lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut, vol. 2 (1915), pp. 395-419 (White).
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    The royal descent of Mrs. Sarah Woodward Henchman, bp. 1627, and her sister, Mrs. Frances Woodward Oxenbridge (second wife of Rev. John Oxenbridge of Boston), was developed by Lothrop Withington, and Mrs. Henchman was brought to my attention by Leslie Mahler. Sarah and Frances were daughters (by Frances ----) of Rev. Hezekiah or Ezekias Woodward (1589-1675), son of Richard Woodward and Frances Rudhall (d. 1622, aged 70), daughter of John Rudhall (1527-1558) (& Mary Fettiplace), son of John Rudhall (1498-1530), M.P. (& Isabella Whittington), son of William Rudhall (d. 1530) & Anne Milborne (d. 1556), a descendant of John de Brienne, King of Jerusalem and Emperor of Constantinople, d. 1237. See my 1993 compendium, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, pp. 303-4, W. H. Cooke, Collections Towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford, vol. 3 (1882), p. 165 (Rudhall), Botscombe, Gloucestereshire parish register (for 1589 baptism of Ezechias, son of Richard Woodward, a record also in the IGI) and H. F. Waters, Genealogical Gleanings in England, 2 vols. (1901-7, reprint 1969), pp. 1029-30 (1674 will of Hezekiah Woodward).

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