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  • #68 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources: Notable Descendants of Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, RD

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke, ur-mother through her two younger daughters of Stonington, Connecticut, and surrounding towns, is, as I have previously written, both an ancestor of the late Princess of Wales and Princes William and Harry, and a descendant herself of Ethelred II “the Unready,” King of England (d. 1016). Mrs. Parke probably migrated from Roxbury, Massachusetts to Wethersfield, New London, and Stonington, Connecticut with her second husband, Robert Parke (as the widow of John Thompson of Little Preston, Northamptonshire, who died in England, she married Robert Parke shortly after May 30, 1644). She is almost certainly the royally-descended immigrant to Connecticut who left the largest known notable progeny.

    I treat Alice Freeman briefly in American Ancestors and Cousins of The Princess of Wales (1984, with William Addams Reitwiesner; hereafter AACPW), pp. 32, 143-44. In The Genealogist 4 (1983): 184, note #25, Neil D. Thompson calls to our attention an article by Geoffrey W.S. Barrow in The Scottish Genealogist 25 (1978): 98, which disclaims any connection between Maldred, Lord of Carlisle and Allerdale, to the royal house of Scotland. In addition, the Capetian line via, among other families, Wake and Duston, first posited by George Andrews Moriarty, Jr., and dependent on a stained-glass window inscription, is no longer tenable. A new Carolingian line, via Throckmorton, Spinney, Durvassal, de Camville, counts of Réthel and Namur and dukes of Lower Lorraine, to Louis IV, King of France (d. 954), is mentioned in the 2002 reprint, with addenda, of my 1993 compendium, The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants(hereafter RD500), pp. 657-58. An ancestor table of Alice (Freeman) (Thompson) Parke for 32 generations appears in Henry James Young, The Blackmans of Knight’s Creek: Ancestors and Descendants of George and Maria (Smith) Blackman, rev. ed (1980), which includes, however, the discarded Scottish and Capetian lines. Alice (Freeman) (Thompson) Parke also appears in the 7th (and earlier) editions of Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists [Sixty Colonists](1992), lines 29A, 41-43, 34. Her Giffard descent was first developed in TAG 13 (1936-37): 1-8, 14:(1937-38): 145-46, 29 (1953): 215-18 (articles by Clarence Almon Torrey and Robert L. Steenrod). The ancestry Alice shares with Rev. William Sargent of Malden, Mass. was developed by G. A. Moriarty, Jr., in volumes 75 and 79 of the Register.

    Alice (Freeman) (Thompson) Parke, by her first husband John Thompson, left three daughters who came to New England – Mary, wife of Joseph Wise of Roxbury, Massachusetts. Bridget, first wife of Capt. George Denison of Stonington; and Dorothy, wife of Thomas Parke of Stonington. Mary was an ancestor of a sizeable number of Boston Brahmins, especially through her daughter Sarah, wife of Stephen Williams. The immediate progeny of Bridget and Dorothy is a maze of early Stonington/Preston families (who are mostly very well covered in printed sources) – Denison, Stanton, Chesebrough, Wheeler, Morgan, Gallup, Lay, Minor, Palmer, Copp, Avery, Benjamin, Williams, Coit, Perkins, Witter, Brewster, etc.

    Mary (Thompson) Wise left two daughters and three daughters’ daughters through whom various of the notables below are derived. Bridget (Thompson) Denison left only two daughters (no sons), and seven daughters’ daughters through whom, likewise, many of the notables below are descended. Dorothy (Thompson) Parke left three daughters (in addition to four sons) and nine daughters’ daughters through whom the following descend. The first five or more generations of this progeny are heavily matrilineal or “mostly maternal” (through more women than men). The matrilineal descendants of Alice Freeman’s own mother’s mother’s mother – Jane Bond, wife of Richard Coles – are being traced (the form is called a “matrilineage”) by Julie Helen Otto of NEHGS.

    The noted descendants of Alice Freeman are much like the New England kinsmen generally of the late Princess of Wales – “a fair sample of the Yankee and especially Connecticut contribution to American history.” Involved in the Revolution, the Federalist mercantile elite of Salem and Boston, “the flowering of New England,” the New York-centered tycoon culture (with a base also in the Midwest), “400” society and an “eastern establishment,” and the growth of the suburban middle class dominating the Sun Belt and Far West. Migration itself was often to western Massachusetts; Vermont; perhaps Nova Scotia; upstate New York; Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin; Mormon Utah; western mining, etc. states, and the South and Southwest after World War II.

    Among tycoon families below are Firestones, Fords, McCormicks, Mrs. Paul Mellon, Rockefellers, Tiffanys, Mrs. W. C. Whitney, and Pierpont Morgans. Political figures or their wives include President Warren Gamaliel Harding and the wives of Vice Presidents Charles Warren Fairbanks, Levi Parsons Morton, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller and James Schoolcraft Sherman, plus Malcolm Wallop, Mrs. Malcolm Baldrige, William F. Weld, J. H. Choate, C. J. Bonaparte, Mrs. C. E. Hughes, T. E. Dewey, Mrs. H. L. Stimpson, Robert Lansing, Seth Lowe, Mrs. C. R. Vance, R. S. Baker, Mrs. McGeorge Bundy, G. F. Kennan, and Mrs. William McChesney Martin, Jr. Military figures include Mrs. G. S. Patton, G. B. McClellan, both wives of “Billy” Mitchell, and Admiral George Dewey. Major intellectual or artistic figures (or their wives) include Mrs. J. H. O’Hara, Mrs. Philip Rahv, Mrs. F. J. Turner, L. S. Auchincloss, Mrs. A. B. and Louisa May Alcott, B. G. Goodhue, C. D. Gibson II, E. R. Burroughs, Mrs. Jacques Barzun, Mrs. Edward R. Murrow, Mrs. E. E. Hale, Mrs. E. A. MacDowell, Mrs. L. C. Tiffany, Archibald MacLeish, Mrs. Louis Bromfield, Thomas Pynchon, Clarence Day, J. L. Motley, Mrs. Enrico Caruso, Mrs. J. W. Root, L. F. Baum, G. H. Gallup, S. P. Langley, Mrs. S. F. B. Morse, Mrs. S. E. Morison, Martha Graham, and Sir Thomas Beecham, 2nd Bt. (his second wife). Hollywood or entertainment figures are Katharine Hepburn, Julia Child, Lee Remick, Mrs. John Barrymore and Mrs. Eddie Duchin, Humphrey Bogart, Mrs. Rudolph Valentino, and Mrs. “Gene” Tunney. College presidents include Seymour and Brewster of Yale, and Kirkland of Harvard.

    I have outlined elsewhere the descent from Alice Freeman to all of the figures below. The first 57 are outlined and referenced in Notable Kin, Volumes Oneor Two(NK1, NK2), in New England Ancestors (NEA), or in Internet columns 53, 54, 63, and 64. C. J. Bonaparte and the late Princess of Wales appear in RD500, pp. 436-37, 469. The Alice Freeman lines of #s 58-100 are outlined, but not referenced, in AACPW, so I have taken this opportunity to reference them below. I hope many readers who are Alice Freeman descendants will consult the various volumes I have mentioned, and enjoy seeing this list in one place. Despite my listing 100 notable descendants for her, I do not think that Alice Freeman has quite as many lesser-notable descendants as Gov. Thomas Dudley, and thus a smaller noted progeny overall. Alice’s is certainly, however, the premier royally-descended progeny in Connecticut.

    1. Mrs. William Henry MooreNK1: 11, PASCC: 68-69 (284, 285, 297)
    2. Paul Moore, Jr.NK1:11, PASCC: 68-69 (284, 285, 297)
    3. Malcolm WallopNK1:11, PASCC: 68-69 (284, 285, 297)
    4. Mrs. [Howard] Malcolm Baldrige, Jr.NK1:12
    5. Mrs. Charles Warren FairbanksNK1:12
    6. Katharine [Houghton] HepburnNK1:12-13
    7. [Mrs.] Julia (McWilliams) ChildNK1:20
    8. Fannie Merritt FarmerNK1:21
    9. Mrs. John Henry O’HaraNK1:22, NK2:211
    10. Mrs. Philip RahvNK1:22
    11. Mrs. Frederick Jackson TurnerNK1:23
    12. William Floyd WeldNK1:23
    13. Louis Stanton AuchinclossNK1:23, NK2:199
    14. Mrs. George Smith Patton (III)NK1:23
    15. [Mrs.] Lea Ann Remick Colleran Gowans, known as Lee RemickNK1:23-24

    16, 17. Mrs. Amos Bronson Alcott and Louisa May AlcottNK1:202

    18. Dorothea Lynde DixNK1:212-13

    19. Joseph Hodges ChoateNK1:69-70, 74, 78

    20. Benjamin Crowninshield “Ben” BradleeNK1:74-75, 78

    21. George Brinton McClellanNK1:222

    22. Bertram Grosvenor GoodhueNK1:221-22

    23. Mrs Harvey Samuel FirestoneNK2:11

    24. Mrs. William Clay FordNK2:11-12

    25. William Clay Ford, Jr. – NK1:11-12; son of #22 above

    26. Mrs. Cyrus Hall McCormickNK2:12

    27. Cyrus Hall McCormick, Jr. – NK2:8-9, 12

    28. Harold Fowler McCormickNK2:9, 12

    29. Harold Fowler McCormick, Jr. – NK2:3, 9, 12; son of #26 above & Edith Rockefeller

    30. Mrs. Paul MellonNK2:18

    31. Charles Dana Gibson IINK2:27

    32. Clarence Almon TorreyNK2:66

    33. Samuel May WilliamsNK2:102-3

    34. Edgar Rice BurroughsNK2:125

    35. Guy LowellNK2:208, 211-12

    36. Mrs. Jacques BarzunNK2:211-12

    37. Mrs. William Lendrum “Billy” MitchellNK2:212 (first wife, Caroline Stoddard)

    38. Charles Joseph BonaparteRD500, pp. 436-37

    39. Charles Seymour – NEA 1:6:41

    40. Kingman Brewster, Jr. – NEA 2:1:40

    41. Mrs. Edward Roscoe MurrowNEA 2:1:40

    42. Mrs. Levi Parsons Morton – Internet column 53, #16

    43. Mrs. Charles Evans Hughes – Internet column 53, #27

    44. John Thornton Kirkland – Internet column 54, #7

    45. Mrs. Nelson Wilmarth Aldrich; 46. (Mrs.) Abby Greene Aldrich Rockefeller (Mrs. John Davison Rockefeller, Jr.); 47. John Davison Rockefeller III; 48. John Davison Rockefeller IV; 49. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller; 50. Laurance Spelman Rockefeller, and David Rockefeller – Internet column 53, #s7-15, plus AACPW, p. 34; E.C.B. Jones, The Brewster Genealogy, 1566-1907 (1908, hereafter Brewster), pp. 70-71, 115, 213-14, 457, 900-1; John T. Fitch, Descendants of the Reverend James Fitch, 1622-1702, vol. 1 (1996), pp. 50-51, 126, and H.J. Witter, The Descendants of William Witter and Hannah Churchman of Lynn, Massachusetts (1991, hereafter Witter), pp. 9-10, 15-16

    51. Mrs. Edward Everett Hale – Internet column 63, #8

    52. Mrs. Edward Alexander MacDowell – Internet column 63, #23

    53. Mrs. Louis Comfort Tiffany – Internet column 63, #26

    54. Archibald MacLeish - Internet column 64, #41

    55. Mrs. Louis Bromfield – Internet column 64, #42

    56. Warren Gamaliel HardingNEA 3:5-6:34-35

    57. Thomas [Ruggles] Pynchon [V]NEA 3:5-6:35

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