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  • An Ahnentafel as a Record of Migration and Mobility

    D. Alden Smith

    Published Date : October-November 1988
    This Ahnentafel was compiled using family Bibles and other family records, wills, deeds, birth and death certificates, cemetery stones, census records, obituaries, documented genealogies, Massachusetts Vital Records, the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Torrey’s New England Marriages Prior to 1700 and many sources cited therein, The American Genealogist, the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, and the English Origins of New England Families (first and second series). My maternal great uncle, Everett Wilson, and my paternal great aunt, Mildred Smith French, initiated this compilation in the 1920s. People in generations #1-5 were known to them personally.

    From the arrival of the early Separatists and the Winthrop fleet, to the Great Migration and the dissemination of the colonists throughout the North and South Shores, this Ahnentafel shows the migration patterns of a large number of individuals from many New England families. From the earliest settlement at Plymouth (1620), individuals noted in the Ahnentafel spread quickly to Duxbury, Marshfield, Sandwich, Barnstable, and Yarmouth; and then inland to Carver, Middleboro, Bridgewater, Pembroke, Hanson, and Freetown. Settlers also quickly established homes at Dartmouth, Dighton, Taunton (1639) and Rehoboth. Another stream of immigrants came from Newport (1639), Middletown, Portsmouth (1638), Providence (1636), and Pawtucket, RI., and Swansea, Mass., to intermarry with Rehoboth and Taunton families who arrived from the South Shore. Other families first settled at Weymouth (1623), Scituate (1632), and Hingham.


    Closer to Boston, we see early families settling at Boston itself, Watertown, Charlestown, Cambridge, Dorchester, Roxbury, and Saugus. Further north, families arrived at Salem, Gloucester, Ipswich, and Newbury, as well as Hampton, Portsmouth, Dover, and Exeter, N.H., and Saco, Wells, Falmouth, and York, Maine. These northern families moved inland to Amesbury and Salisbury, Haverhill, Andover, Reading, Billerica, Bedford, Concord, Sudbury, Lancaster, Dedham, and Walpole. The mobility of these families in the 17th century is worth noting, as some descendants moved into newer towns and intermarried both with other older families and with immigrants settling directly in the newer towns.


    The general pattern shown in both North and South Shore families initially is that of movement in from the coast, as well as an evident mobility among a number of towns in the area. Finally, we see the migration patterns of a number of individuals from Massachusetts who left for Nova Scotia, and a large influx of Germans into Nova Scotia in the 1750s.


    The marriage of my parents represents a merger of migrations (cf. Philip S. Thayer, “Migrations and ‘Nodal Points”’ in NEXUS 4[1987]:230-31), a melding of primarily North and South Shore family movements. Other ‘nodal points’ are obvious throughout the table. A description of them, however, is outside the scope of this brief introduction.


    The general patterns noted in earlier paragraphs have many interesting exceptions. The immigrant John Turner (#8956, a great-great-grandfather of #559) settled at Saugus to work at the ironworks but had descendants who moved to Middletown, R.l., and intermarried with the Church family which had moved from Plymouth into Freetown. A late Church moved to Nova Scotia and had descendants who moved to Newburyport, Mass. Another line which demonstrates significant mobility is that of immigrant Robert Smith (#1024, father of #512) who arrived at Hampton, N.H., had a son who settled at Dedham, Mass., and descendants in this Ahnentafel who moved to Westminster, Mass., Bowdoinham, Maine, New Market, N.H., Pembroke and East Bridgewater, Mass., and then west to Gardner, Mass.


    One individual who showed great mobility in later times was Stickney Swett Gale (#54), who went west with the 49ers, fought in the Mexican War and the Civil War, and was imprisoned at Andersonville. His diary is now at NEHGS.


    Even with an Ahnentafel as extensive as this one, there are many unresolved research questions. After 10 years of work, I have been unable to trace my great-great-grandparents from Bourg-Louis, Quebec (#20-23). Hopefully a trip to Quebec will solve this problem some day. Phebe Saunders Ford (#39) left a Bible with her parents’ names and dates of birth and death, but John Saunders and Phebe Holmes have not proven traceable. Is their marriage recorded in Plymouth, Mass., in 1795, as that of Bille Saunders and Phebe Holmes? Who is the Mary Holmes of Marshfield whose illegitimate daughter Prudence (#37) married David Ford? Who was Prudence’s father? These Holmeses have, as yet, defied even the expertise of Herbert Holmes of Weymouth.


    Who was the Mary Baker (#145) who married John Ford? Was she a daughter of the Joshua Baker who married Sarah Cushing in 1730 in Pembroke? She had, among other children, a daughter Sarah Hawkes Ford and a son Joshua Baker Ford. These names are suggestive but a search of Plymouth County wills is the next step. Who was the Deborah Beals (#133) who married Simeon Jones? Was she the daughter of Jedidiah Beals and Deborah Bowles? Was Nehemiah Adams (#884) a descendant of William Adams of Ipswich? The name Nehemiah does appear in later generations of the William Adams family. Which Susannah Collins (#865) married Jacob Gale? Which Susannah Clark married Luke Morgan (#962)? Who were the parents of Christopher Columbus Geldert (#114)? If he was born on a ship in New York harbor, was the ship arriving in America, or was it sailing to Nova Scotia? Was his wife Margaret Dunbar (#115) from Scotland? She was clearly not a sister of the wife of President Zachary Taylor as claimed by F. Phelps Leach in Lawrence Leach of Salem, Mass. 11926], p. 52. The author would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their assistance: his mother and collaborator Virginia Wilson Smith, and relatives Danny D. Smith, Betty Sheldon, Jean Jess, Shirley Reddin, and Lewis Millet. Hobart Holly and Herbert Holmes also deserve thanks, as does the staff at NEHGS. As always, any mistakes are the responsibility of the author. All documented comments or corrections will be received gratefully.


    D. Alden Smith, 317S. Boylan Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27603






    1. D. Alden Smith, 1949-, Providence, R.I.



    2. Howard C. Smith, 1924-, Berlin, N.H.

    3. Virginia Mae Wilson, 1926-, Quincy, Mass.



    4. Howard Smith, 1890-1960, Kingston, Mass., Gardner, Mass.

    5. Dora B. M. Gray, 1897-1969, Berlin, N.H., Quincy, Mass.

    6. George A. Wilson, 1898-1986, Newburyport, Mass., Braintree, Mass.

    7. Ruth M. Webber, 1891-1973, Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada, Dorchester, Mass.



    8. Charles Elmer Smith, 1855-1932, East Bridgewater, Mass., Brockton, Mass.

    9. Nancy Ford, 1859-1944, Pembroke, Mass., Whitman, Mass.

    10. Charles Gray, 1869-1946, Bourg-Louis, Quebec, Canada, Berlin, N.H.

    11. Sydney Dean, 1865-1945, Bourg-Louis, Quebec, Berlin, N.H.

    12. John Mortimer Wilson, 1868-1945, Quaco, New Brunswick, Canada, Newburyport, Mass.

    13. Lizzie Maria Bryant, 1877-1957, Newburyport, Mass., Berwick, Maine

    14. George Austin Webber, 1856-1938, Chester, N.S., Chester, N.S.

    15. Mary Agnes Millett, 1856-1942, Chester, N.S., Chester, N.S.



    16. Charles Jones Smith, 1826-1912, Bowdoinham, Maine, Pembroke, Mass.

    17. Sarah V. Hicks, 1832-1866, Rehoboth, Mass., East Bridgewater, Mass.

    18. Baker Ford, 1813-1899, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    19. Elizabeth Cushing Ford, 1825-1899, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    20. William Gray, of Bourg-Louis, Quebec

    21. Isabella Tumbilson

    22. William Dean, of Bourg-Louis, Quebec

    23. Mary Smith

    24. Sgt. John* Wilson, 1827-1913, Yorkshire, England, Newburyport, Mass.

    25. Elizabeth Pinder Devitt, 1835-1898, poss. Little Driffield, England, prob. Newburyport, Mass.

    26. John Franklin Bryant, 1856-1936, Newburyport, Mass., Newburyport, Mass.

    27. Sarah Merrill Gale, 1859-1923, Newbury, Mass., Newburyport, Mass.

    28. Charles P. Webber, 1832-1915, Chester, N.S. Chester, N.S.

    29. Jane M. Church, 1836-1873, Chester, N.S. Chester, N.S.

    30. John Michael Millet, 1804-?, Chester, N.S. Chester, N.S.

    31. Sophia Corkum, 1816-?, Chester, N.S., Chester N.S.



    32. Allen Smith, 1787-1876, Westminster, Mass. New Market, N.H.

    33. Deborah Jones, 1792-1883, Pembroke, Mass. New Market, N.H.

    34. Jotham Hicks, 1806-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    35. Maria Peck, 1810-?, b. East Bridgewater, Mass.

    36. David Ford, 1785-1848, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    37. Prudence Holmes, 1785-1865, Marshfield, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    38. Martin Ford, 1795-1872, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    39. Phebe Saunders, 1798-1869, Plymouth, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    50. John* Pinder, b. Yorkshire, England

    51. Annie*Cooper, 1814-1907, b. Little Driffield England

    52. John Bryant, 1825-1887, of Newburyport, Mass.

    53. Sally Kendall Beckman, 1816-1906, Hill, N.H. Newburyport, Mass.

    54. Stickney Swett Gale, 1823-1 895, Sanford, Maine Newbury, Mass.

    55. Abigail Adams Bray, 1825-1918, Newbury Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    56. John Webber, 1804-1884, Chester, N.S., Chester N.S.

    57. Mary Ann Gelded, 1800-1894, Chester, N.S. Chester, N.S.

    58. C. Lot Anthony Church, 1804-1888, Chester, N.S. Chester, N.S.

    59. Sarah Hiltz, 1815-1883, Chester, N.S., Chester N.S.

    60. Jacob Millet, 1779-?, prob. b. Chester, N.S.

    61. Sarah Magdalene Keyser, 1783- ?, prob. b Chester, N.S.

    62. John Corkum, 1794- ?, b. Chester, N.S.

    63. Ann Elizabeth Lowe, 1792- ?, b. Lunenburg, N.S



    64. Joseph Smith, 1746-1808, Dedham, Mass. Westminster, Mass.

    65. Calla Allen, 1759- ?, Dedham, Mass., Gardner Mass.

    66. Charles Jones, 1768-1845, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    67. Deborah Sampson, 1773-1862, Duxbury, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    68. Jotham Hicks, ca. 1776-1849, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    69. Nancy Kent, 1781-1866, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.



    70. Edmund Peck, 1773-1853, prob. Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    71. Sibel Codding, 1774-1846, Taunton, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    72. Bille Ford, 1757-1844, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    73. Lucena Howland, 1754-1844, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    75. Mary Holmes, of Marshfield, Mass.

    76. Henry Ford, 1767-1842, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    77. Betsy Bisbee, 1776-?, b. Pembroke, Mass.

    78. John Saunders, ca. 1766-1842, of Plymouth, Mass.

    79. Phebe Holmes, ca. 1776-1856

    104. poss. John Bryant, of Newbury, Mass.

    105. poss. Margaret Caswell

    106. Israel Beckman, 1780-1847, Hill, N.H., Sanbornton, N.H.

    107. Betsy Eaton, 1787-1869, b. Seabrook, N.H.

    108. Benjamin Bachelor Gale, 1802-1887, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    109. Sarah Tibbetts, 1803-1843, Sanford, Maine, Salisbury, Mass.

    110. Ebenezer Bray, 1791-1882, Gloucester, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    111. Mary Shod, 1790-1874, b. Newbury, Mass.

    112. Joseph Webber, 1769-?, Chester, N.S., prob. Chester, N.S.

    113. Susanna Etter, 1775-?, Braintree, Mass., prob. Chester, N.S.

    114. Christopher Columbus Geldert, 1774-1855, “on ship in” N.Y. Harbor, Halifax, N.S.

    115. Margaret Dunbar, 1780-1833, poss. b. Scotland

    116. C. Lot Church, 1777-1864, Fall River, Mass., Chester, N.S.

    117. Hannah Millet, 1784-1865, Chester, N.S., Chester, N.S.

    118. John Frederick Hiltz, 1788-?, of Lunenburg, N.S., prob. d. Martin’s River/Point, Chester, N.S.

    119. Catherine Lantz, 1787-?, prob. d. Chester, N.S.

    120. George Millet, ca. 1753-1800, prob. Halifax, N.S., Chester, N.S.

    121. Mary Houghton, 1753-?, b. Bolton, Mass.

    122. John Michael Keyser, 1757-?, b. Lunenburg, N.S.

    123. Ann Margeret Weyler, of Lunenburg, N.S.

    124. John Peter Corkum, 1760-1813, Lunenburg, N.S., Chester, N.S.

    125. Elizabeth Margaret Gerhard, 1765-?, b. Lunenburg, N.S.

    126. Jean Pierre John Peter L’eau, 1756-1830, Lunenburg, N.S., Lunenburg, N.S.

    127. Elizabeth Vienot, ca. 1763-1841, d. Lunenburg, N.S.



    128. Ebenezer Smith, 1719-?, b. Dedham, Mass.

    129. Lydia Hartshorn, 1726-?, b. Walpole, Mass.

    130. Hezekiah Allen, 1724-?, of Medfield, Mass.

    131. Mary Peters, 1732-1813, b. Dedham, Mass.

    132. Simeon Jones, 1732-1801, Scituate, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    133. Deborah Beals, ca. 1738-1822, poss. Pembrok Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    134. Myles Sampson, Jr., 1731-1812, Duxbury, Mass. Duxbury, Mass.

    135. Deborah Bonney, 1729-1817, Pembroke, Mass. Duxbury, Mass.

    136. Jotham Hicks, 1752-1829, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    137. Chloe Wheeler, 1750-1826, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    138. Ezekial Kent, 1744-1842, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    139. Ruth Gary, 1747-1818, prob. Taunton, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    140. Jathniell Peck, 1747-?, Rehoboth, Mass., prob Rehoboth, Mass.

    141. Sarah Ingalls, 1738-?, Rehoboth, Mass., prob Rehoboth, Mass.

    142. William Codding, ca. 1740-?, poss. b. Dighton Mass.

    143. Deborah Austin, 1742-?, b. Dighton, Mass.

    144. John Ford, 1729-1813, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    145. Mary Baker, 1732-1827, d. Pembroke, Mass.

    146. Rouse Howland, 1708-1774, b. Marshfield Mass.

    147. Lydia Bolles, 1725-1805, Rochester, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    152. Seth Ford, 1724-1814, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    153. Margaret Josselyn, 1729-?, b. Pembroke, Mass.

    154. Jonah Bisbee, Jr., 1744-1838, Pembroke, Mass. Pembroke, Mass.

    155. Ruth Sherman, 1750-1826, b. Marshfield, Mass.

    212. John Robinson Beckman, 1752-?, poss. b. Sweden

    214. Reuben Eaton, 1764-1813, Seabrook, N.H. Seabrook, N.H.

    215. Martha Easton, 1761-1848, d. Seabrook, N.H.

    216. Bezaleel Gale, 1773-1835, Amesbury, Mass. Amesbury, Mass.

    217. Mary Worthen, 1776-1840, Amesbury, Mass. Amesbury, Mass.

    218. Joshua Tihbetts, 1777-?, b. Sanford, Maine

    219. Ruth Frost, 1778-?, Sanford, Maine, Berwick Maine

    220. Ebenezer Bray, 1758-?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    221. Hannah Adams, 1761-?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    222. Richard Shod, 1752-1846, Newbury, Mass. Newbury, Mass.

    223. Judith Lunt, 1754-1813, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    224. James Webber, 1726-1805, Medford, Mass. Chester, N.S.

    225. Sarah Fowle, 1736-aft. 1778, Medford, Mass. prob. Chester, N.S.

    226. Franklyn Germanous Etter, 1752-1828, prob. b Philadelphia, Pennslyvania, Chester, N.S.

    227. Elizabeth Cleverly, 1755-aft. 1800, Braintree Mass., Chester, N.S.

    232. Charles Church, 1740-?, Freetown, Mass., bur Church’s Island, Dover, N.S.



    233. Lillias Bowen, ca. 1740-?, of Swansea, Mass., poss. bur. Church’s Island, N.S.

    234-35. (same as 120-21)

    236. John Henry (Johann Heinrich) Hiltz, 1763- 1857, Lunenburg, N.S., Martin’s River, Lunenburg, N.S.

    237. Susanne Margaret Knickel, 1766-?, Lunenburg, N.S., prob. Martin’s River, Chester, N.S.

    238. Johannes (John Frederick)* Lantz, 1749-1832, Frankfurt, Germany, prob. Martin’s River, Chester, N.S.

    239. Maria Elizabeth Awalt, 1763-1844, Lunenburg, N.S., prob. Martin’s River, Chester, N.S.

    240. Nathaniel Millet, 1727-ca. 1758, Beverly, Mass., prob. Halifax, N.S.

    241. Mary Crompton, 1729-?, Ipswich, Mass.

    242. Capt. Timothy Houghton, 1727-1780, Bolton, Mass., Halifax, N.S.

    243. Eunice Whitcomb, 1733-?, b. Lancaster, Mass.

    244. John George (Johann Georg)* Keyser, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

    245. Anna Margarita Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany

    246. Conrad* Weil, b. Palatinate, Germany

    247. Maria Catherine Smith

    248. Wilhelm* Gorkum, 1783-?, Westhofen, Palatinate, Germany, poss. Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, N.S.

    249. Sophia Catherine ____ ?-bef. 1765, Westhofen, Palatinate, Germany, Lunenburg, N.S.

    250. Johannes* Gerhard, 1725-?, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, prob. Lunenburg, N.S.

    251. Anna Magdalena Griesterland

    252. Jean* L’eau, 1725-1792?, Montbeliard, Germany (now part of France), Lunenburg, N.S.

    253. Catherine ____ Montbeliard, Lunenburg Township, N.S.

    254. Christopher James* Vienot, b. Montbeliard, Germany, prob. Northwest, Lunenburg Township, N.S.

    255. Catharine Robert*, Montbeliard, prob. Northwest, Lunenburg, N.S.

    256. Joseph Smith, 1673-1745, Dedham, Mass., Dedham, Mass.

    257. Susannah Fisher, 1679-?, b. Dedham, Mass.

    258. Thomas Hartshorne, 1695-?, prob. b. Walpole, Mass.

    259. Elizabeth Lovell, 1698-?, b. Medfield, Mass.

    260. Hezekiah Allen, 1692-?, b. Medfield, Mass.

    261. Mary Draper, 1693-?, b. Dedham, Mass.

    262. William Peters, 1704-1788, Andover, Mass., Medfield, Mass.

    263. Hannah Chenery, 1707-1799, Dedham, Mass., Medfield, Mass.

    264. Ebenezer Jones, 1696-?, b. Hingham, Mass.

    265. Jane King, 1705-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    266. poss. Jedidiah Beals, 1716-1806, Hingham, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    267. poss. Deborah Bolles, 1717-?, b. Rochester, Mass.

    268. Myles Sampson, 1690-1780, Duxbury, Mass., Duxbury, Mass.

    269. Sarah Studley, 1690-1782, Duxbury, Mass., Duxbury, Mass.

    270. Ichabod Bonney, 1698-?, Pembroke, Mass. Turner, Maine

    271. Elizabeth Howland, 1706-?, b. Marshfield, Mass

    272. Hezekiah Hicks, 1715-1788, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    273. Desire Carpenter, 1716-1800, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    274. Aaron Wheeler, 1722-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    275. Hopestill Daggett, 1725-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    276. John Kent, 1697-1780, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    277. Rachel Carpenter, 1705-ca. 1747, Rehoboth Mass., prob. Rehoboth, Mass.

    278. Elijah Gary, ca. 1718-?, b. Taunton, Mass.

    279. Ruth Hoskins, ?-1777, d. Taunton, Mass.

    280. Jathnial Peck, 1725-1812, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    281. Sybcll Butterworth, 1729-?, Rehoboth, Mass. Rehoboth, Mass.

    282. Edmund Ingalls, 1713-1749, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    283. Deborah Esterbrook, of Swansea, Mass.

    284. prob. George Codding, 1709-1794, poss. Dighton, Mass., poss. Taunton, Mass.

    285. prob. Eliz. Luscomb, ?-1762

    286. Ebenezer Asten, of Dighton, Mass.

    287. Deborah ____

    288. Capt. John Ford, 1694-1776, Marshfield, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    289. Mary Cushing, 1702-1790, Marshfield, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    290. poss. Joshua Baker, 1711-1755, Marshfield, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    291. poss. Sarah Cushing, 1711-?, b. Pembroke, Mass.

    292. Abraham Howland, 1675-1747, b. Freetown, Mass.

    293. Annie Rouse, 1676-1743?, of Hanson, Mass., d. Pembroke, Mass.

    294. Samuel Bolles, ?-aft. 1764, of Rochester, Mass., d. Rehoboth, Mass.

    295. Lydia Balch, 1695-?, b. Beverly, Mass.

    304-305. (same as 288-89)

    306. Henry Josselyn, 1697-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    307. Hannah Oldham, 1700-?, b. Pembroke, Mass.

    308. Jonah Bisbee, 1716-?, b. Pembroke, Mass.

    309. Ruth Briant, 1714-1777, Pembroke, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    310. John Sherman, 1720-1800, Marshfield, Mass., Carver, Mass.

    311. Elizabeth Dingley, 1723-1796, Marshfield, Mass., Carver, Mass.

    430. Thomas Easton

    432. Capt. Eli Gale, 1745-1817, Kingston, N.H., Amesbury, Mass.

    433. Dolly Blaisdell, 1747-1816, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    434. Lt. Ezra Worthen, 1738-1804, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    435. Jerusha ____ 1743-1819, d. Amesbury, Mass.



    436. Jonathan Tibbetts, 1738-1798, b. Rochester, N.H.

    437. Sarah Emery, 1742-1825, of Kittery, Maine

    438. Elliot Frost, 1748-1840, d. Sanford, Maine

    439. Sarah Bagley, 1755-?, b. Amesbury, Mass.

    440. Thomas Bray, 1720-?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    441. Judith Sargeant, 1726-1811, Gloucester, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    442. Nehemiah Adams, Jr., 1725-?, Gloucester, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    443. Ruth Goodridge, 1734-1803, Gloucester, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    444. James Short, 1713-1795, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    445. Ruth Jacques, 1717-?, b. Newbury, Mass.

    446. Ephraim Lunt, 1716-1758, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    447. Jane Noyes, 1719-1809, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    448. Jonathan Webber, 1701-1730, Charlestown, Mass., Medford, Mass.

    449. Mary Whitmore, 1707-1782, Medford, Mass., Medford, Mass.

    450. Henry Fowle, 1707-1756, Medford, Mass., Medford, Mass.

    451. Sarah Pierce, 1710-1737, prob. Medford, Mass., prob. Medford, Mass.

    452. Peter Etter, 1715-1794, Oberreid, Switzerland, Halifax, N.S.

    453. Margeretta (Martin?), 1723-1754, poss. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, d. Quincy, Mass.

    454. Joseph Cleverly, 1713-1802, Braintree, Mass., Braintree, Mass.

    455. Esther Minor, 1730-1770, d. Braintree, Mass.

    464. Charles Church, 1710-1762, Plymouth, Mass., Freetown, Mass.

    465. Frances Turner, ca. 1718-?, prob. b. Middletown,

    472. Johan Daniel* Hiltz, 1730-1782, Koenigstein (near Frankfurt, owned by Stolberg), Germany, prob. Oakland, Lunenburg, N.S.

    473. Rebecca Magdalena* Lantz, 1735-?, Frankfurt, Germany, prob. Oakland, Lunenburg, N.S.

    474. Johann Conrad* Knickle, 1729-1807, Palatinate, Germany, Lunenburg, N.S.

    475. Eva Elizabeth* Schaffner, 1738-1778, Palatinate, Germany, Lunenburg, N.S.

    476. Johann Heinrich* Lantz, 1711-1788, Frankfurt, Germany, bur. New Cornwall, N.S.

    477. Anna Maria* Much, 1713-1778, Frankfurt, Germany, Lunenburg, N.S.

    478. John George Ewald, 1727-bef. 1784, Palatinate, Germany, Lunenburg, N.S.

    479. Catherine Elizabeth Eichenberg

    480. Nathaniel Millet, 1700-1765, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    481. Elizabeth Morgan, 1707-?, b. Beverly, Mass.

    482. Francis Crompton, Jr., 1704-1732, Ipswich, Mass., lpswich, Mass.

    483. Esther Andrews, of Boston, Mass.

    484. Jacob Houghton, 1696-1780, Worcester, Mass., Bolton, Mass.

    485. Mary Willard, ca. 1700-?, b. Lancaster, Mass.

    486. David Whitcomb, ?-1796, prob. Lancaster, Mass., Lancaster, Mass.

    487. Betty White, 1716-?, b. Lancaster, Mass.

    488. Johan Michael Keyser/Kayser, 1707-1775 Hesse-Darmstadt, Lunenburg, N.S.

    489. Catharina____ 1703-1752/3, Hesse-Darmstad Halifax, N.S.

    508. Leopold* Vienot, 1704-1783, Montbeliard France, Northwest, Lunenburg, N.S.

    509. Jeanne ____ ?-1753, Montbeliard, Halifax, N.S

    511. Jeanne* Robert, c. 1716-1788, Montbeliard Lunenburg, N.S.



    512. Asaell Smith, ?-ca. 1715, d. Dedham, Mass.

    513. Mary ____ ?-1676

    514. Thomas Fisher, ?-1706, d. Dedham, Mass.

    515. Rebecca Woodward, 1647-1727, poss. b. Watertown, Mass.

    516. Joseph Hartshorne, 1652-1727, Reading, Mass. Walpole, Mass.

    517. Sarah ____, ?-1727, d. Walpole, Mass.

    518. Nathanell Lovell, 1672-1730, Medfield, Mass. Medfield, Mass.

    519. Elizabeth Davis, 1678-1743, Medfield, Mass. Medfield, Mass.

    520. Joseph Allen, 1652-?, b. Medfield, Mass.

    521. Hannah Sabine, 1654-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    522. John Draper, 1656-1749, Dedham, Mass., Dedham, Mass.

    523. Abigail Mason, 1659-?, b. Dedham, Mass.

    524. Samuel Peters, ca. 1675-1736, Ipswich, Mass., Andover, Mass.

    525. Phebe Fry, 1680-1757, Andover, Mass., Andover, Mass.

    526. Benjamin Chenery, 1673-?, b. Medfield, Mass.

    527. Mary ____

    528. Joseph Jones, 1660-1727, Hingham, Mass., Marshfield, Mass.

    529. Sarah Ford, ca. 1665-1753, b. Marshfield, Mass.

    530. Ichabod King, 1680-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    531. Hannah Wetherall, 1680-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    532. Solomon Beals, 1679-1750, b. Hingham, Mass.

    533. Deborah ____

    534-35. (same as 294-95)

    536. Abraham Sampson, Jr., 1658-ca. 1727, Duxbury, Mass., Duxbury, Mass.

    537. Lorah Standish, 1658-ca. 1725, prob. Duxbury, Mass., prob. Duxbury, Mass.

    540. John Bonney, 1664-1745, Duxbury, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    541. Elizabeth Bishop, 1673-1745, Duxbury, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    542-43. (same as 292-93)

    544. James Hicks, ca. 1693-1729, prob. Swansea, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    545. Mary Wells

    546. Jotham Carpenter, 1682-1 760, b. Swansea, Mass.

    547. Desire Martin, 1684-1727, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    548. Maj. Philip Wheeler, 1698-1774, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.



    549. Martha Salisbury, 1698-1745, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    550. John Daggett, Jr., 1698-1738, Rehoboth, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    551. Hopestill Wood, 1698-?, b. Swansea, Mass.

    552. Ens. Joseph Kent, Jr., ca. 1665-1734, d. Rehoboth, Mass.

    553. Dorothy Brown, 1666-1727, Swansea, Mass., Rehoboth, Mass.

    554. Nathaniel Carpenter, 1 667-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    555. Mary Preston, 1675-1706, d. Rehoboth, Mass.

    556. Stephen Gary, 1691-1749, Charlestown, Mass., Taunton, Mass.

    557. Mercy Gilbert, 1684-1782, Taunton, Mass., Taunton, Mass.

    558. William Hoskins, 1685-1777, Taunton, Mass., Taunton, Mass.

    559. Mary Cobb, ?-1768, prob. Taunton, Mass., Taunton, Mass.

    560. Ebenezer Peck, 1697-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    561. Margaret Whitaker, 1703-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    562. Noah Butterworth, 1689-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    563. Judith Bosworth, 1689-?, b. Rehoboth, Mass.

    564. Edmund Ingalls, ?-1749, poss. Bristol, R.I., Rehoboth, Mass.

    565. Eunice Luddin

    568. George Codding, of Dighton, Mass.

    569. prob. John Asten, 1671-?, b. Taunton, Mass.

    570. prob. Sarah Hall, 1679-?, prob. b. Taunton, Mass.

    576. Deacon Joseph Ford, 1666-1749, Marshfield, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    577. Lois Stetson, 1672-1735, Scituate, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    578. Joshua Cushing, 1670-1750, Scituate, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    579. Mary Bacon, 1680-?, b. Hingham, Mass.

    584. Samuel Howland, ?-1716, Duxbury, Mass., Freetown, Mass.

    585. Mary Sampson, 1650-?, b. Freetown, Mass.

    586. George Rouse, 1648-1676, prob. Duxbury, Mass., Marshfield, Mass.

    588. Samuel Bolles, 1646-?, poss. b. Sheepscot, Maine

    589. Mary Dyer, ca. 1650-?, of Sheepscot, Maine

    590. Benjamin Balch, 1629-1706, prob. b. Salem, Mass.

    591. Grace ____

    612. Henry Josselyn, ?-1730, of Scituate, Mass., Hanover, Mass.

    613. Abigail Stockbridge, 1662-1743, Charlestown, Mass., Hanover, Mass.

    614. Isaac Oldham, 1669-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    615. Hannah Keen, 1668-?, b. Marshfield, Mass.

    616. John Bisbee, Jr., 1690-1773, prob. Scituate, Mass., Pembroke, Mass.

    617. Mary Oldham, 1686-?, b. Scituate, Mass.

    618. Stephen Bryant, Jr., 1684-?, b. Plymouth, Mass.

    619. Bathsheba Briggs, 16&3-?, b. Taunton, Mass.

    620. William Sherman, 1693-1724, Marshfield, Mass., Marshfield, Mass.

    621. Mary Fames, 1698-ca. 1756, Marshfield, Mass., Bridgewater, Mass.

    622. John Dingley, ca. 1670-1763, prob. Marshfield, Mass., Duxbury, Mass.

    623. Sarah Porter, ca. 1680-1741, Weymouth, Mass., Marshfield, Mass.

    864. Jacob Gale, 1708-1778, Newbury, Mass., Kingston, N.H.

    865. Susannah Collins

    866. Ephraim Blaisdell, 1719-1806, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    867. Annabel Trafton, 1724-1752, York, Maine, York, Maine

    868. Charles Worthen, 1706-1740, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    869. Mehitable Gould, 1706-1766, b. Amesbury, Mass.

    872. Ens. Edward Tibbetts, 1702-1790, of Dover Neck, N.H.

    873. Mary ____ 1701-1780

    874. Simon Emery, 1702-1780, of Kittery, Maine

    875. Martha Lord, ca. 1705-1760

    876. William Frost, 1710-?, of Berwick, Maine

    877. Love Butler, 1713-?, b. South Berwick, Maine

    878. Thomas Bagley, 1722-1771, Amesbury, Mass., Amesbury, Mass.

    879. Ruth Webster, 1725-?, b. Salisbury, Mass.

    880. Thomas Bray, Jr., 1687-1744, Gloucester, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    881. Eleanor Dodge, ca. 1690-?, b. Beverly, Mass.

    882. Nathaniel Sargent, 1702-1769?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    883. Judith Parsons, 1706-1767, Gloucester, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    884. Nehemiah Adams, of Gloucester, Mass.

    885. Hannah Riggs, 1695-?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    886. William Goodrige, 1708-?, b. Newbury, Mass.

    887. Ruth Eveleth, 1713-?, b. Gloucester, Mass.

    888. John Short, 1685-?, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    889. Joannah Jackrnan, 1687-?, b. Newbury, Mass.

    890. Richard Jacques, 1683-1760, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    891. Elizabeth Knight, 1690-1760, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    892. Benjamin Lunt, 1686-1770, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    893. Hannah Noyes, 1688-1744, Newbury, Mass., Newbury, Mass.

    894. Nicholas Noyes, 1689-bef. 1740, d. Newbury, Mass.

    895. Judith Pike, 1695-?, b. Newbury, Mass.

    896. James Webber, 1666-1729, poss. Kennebec, Maine, Medford, Mass.

    897. Patience Littlefield, ?-aft. 1748

    898. John Whitmore, 1683-1753, Medford, Mass., Medford, Mass.

    899. Mary Lane, 1686-1783, Billerica, Mass., Medford, Mass.

    900. Isaac Fowle, 1676-1718, Charlestown, Mass., Charlestown, Mass.

    901. Rebecca Burroughs, 1674-1724, b. Roxbury, Mass.



    902. Benjamin Pierce, 1682-1726, prob. b. Watertown, Mass.

    903. Sarah Hall, 1677-1764, b. Medford, Mass.

    904. Johannes* Etter, 1685-?, b. Oberreid, Switzerland

    905. Anna* Sigrist, ca. 1691-?, b. Rumlisberg, Switzerland

    908. John Cleverly, 1667-1725, Braintree, Mass., Braintree, Mass.

    909. Hannah Savil, 1674-1727, Braintree, Mass., Braintree, Mass.

    928. Capt. Charles Church, 1683-1726, Scituate, Mass., Freetown, Mass.

    929. Mary Pope, 1686-aft.1717, b. Dartmouth, Mass.

    930. William Turner, ca. 1697-?, prob. b. Middletown, RI.

    931. Elizabeth ____

    946-47. (same as 476-77)

    950. Christopher Schaffner, 1719-?, Palatinate, prob. Lunenburg, N.S.

    951. Esther Elizabeth?

    958. Johann Weingard* Eichenberg, 1709-1752, Palatinate, Germany, Halifax, N.S.

    959. Catherine Magdelina ____, 1752, Palatinate, Halifax, N.S.

    960. Thomas Millet, 1675-1722, Gloucester, Mass., drowned Casco Bay, Maine

    961. Elizabeth Batchelor, 1675-1713, Wenham, Mass., Gloucester, Mass.

    962. Luke Morgan, ?-1732, b. Beverly, Mass., drowned at Cape Sable, N.S.

    963. Susannah Clark, 1668-1730

    964. Francis Crompton, Sr., ca. 1666-1730, d. Ipswich, Mass.

    965. Hannah Wardwell, 1667-1741, Ipswich, Mass., Ipswich, Mass.

    968. Jacob Houghton, 1674-1750, b. Lancaster, Mass.

    969. Rebecca Whitcomb, 1671-1752, b. Beverly, Mass.

    970. Henry Willard, 1675-aft. 1757, b. Groton, Mass.

    971. Abigail Temple, 1677-?, of Concord, Mass.

    972. David Whitcomb, 1668-1730, of Concord, Mass.

    973. Mary Hayward, 1667-1733, b. Concord, Mass.

    974. Capt. John White, 1684-1725, b. Lancaster, Mass.

    975. Eunice Wilder, 1690-1778, b. Lancaster, Mass.


    Note: Places listed after birth and death dates are birth and death places, when known. Readers may send additions and corrections, with sources, to D. Alden Smith, 317 South Boylan Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27603. Mr. Smith has extended this AT for another ten generations, which may appear in a future issue. The NEXUS will consider other ATs if the author has first consulted all available sources at NEHGS and if the manuscript is provided on an IBM-compatible disk.

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