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    A Narrative of Griswold, the African youth, from the mission school, at Las Palmas, who died in Boston, May 16, 1844.   BX5979 .N3 1845 Rare Book Collection
    The Freedman's Savings and Trust Company and African American genealogical research. Washington, Reginald, 1949- CD3020 .P72 v.29 no.2 Summer 1997 Research Library & Internet Resource
    Institutions of memory and the documentation of African Americans in Federal Records. Hill, Walter B., Jr. CD3020 .P72 v.29 no.2 Summer 1997 Research Library & Internet Resource
    Preserving the legacy of the United States Colored Troops [electronic resource]. Weidman, Budge. CD3020 .P72 v.29 no.2 Summer 1997 Research Library & Internet Resource
    Records of the Superintendent of Education for the State of Texas, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1870. US Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands. CD3027.M5 N3 M826 Vertical File
    Black genesis: a resource book for African-American genealogy. Rose, James M. & Alice Eichholz CS21 .R57 2003 6th Floor Reference
    Ethnic genealogy: a research guide. Smith, Jessie Carney CS49 .E83 1983  
    Slaves in the family. Ball, Edward, 1959- CS71 .B2 2001  
    Homelands and waterways: the American journey of the Bond family, 1846-1926. Alexander, Adele Logan, 1938- CS71 .B7 1999  
    And they were related, too: a study of eleven generations of one American family! Welch, Vicki S. CS71 .C746 2006  
    Inventory of the papers of Caroline Bond Day.   CS71 .D273 1994  
    The source of our pride: the Garrett, Neely, and Sullivan families: two hundred years of American history, beginning in Laurens, South Carolina. Garrett-Nelson, LaBrenda, 1953- CS71 .G24 1996  
    Workbook on the families of color of Nashoba Valley. Dewey, George W. CS71 .H428 2004  
    The Hemings family of Monticello. Bear, James Adam. CS71 .H4928 1980  
    The Hornes: an American family. Buckley, Gail Lumet, 1937- CS71.H8134 1986  
    Descendants of Shandy Wesley Jones and Evalina Love Jones: the story of an African American family of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Pinkard,Ophelia Taylor, 1917- CS71.J76 1993  
    The ancestors and descendants of Theodore Roosevelt Whitney (1902-1979): profile of an African-American family. Whitney, Harold Coleman, 1933- CS71.W62 1994  
    The Wrench tribes: a comprehensive history of the Wrench. family Wrench, Peter Yorke. CS71.W943 1991  
    The Fuller letters, 1728-1755: guns, slaves, and finance. Sussex Record Society ; v. 76. Crossley, David & Richard Saville DA670.S97S97 v.76  
    Bristol, Africa and the eighteenth-century slave trade to America. Richardson, David DA690.B8B8 v.38,42, 47  
    Kingdoms of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa: an illustrated encyclopedia of ruling monarchs from ancient times to the present. Gurney, Gene. DS32.G87 1986  
    African place names: origins and meanings of the names for natural features, towns, cities, provinces, and counties. Room, Adrian. DT2.R66 2008 6th Floor Reference 
    Black mother: the years of the African slave trade. Davidson, Basil, 1914- DT352.D33 1961a  
    Dictionary of Black African civilization. Balandier,George & Jacques Maquet DT352.4.D53 1974  
    The Baganda: an account of their native customs and beliefs. Roscoe, John, 1861-1932. DT434.U2R7 1911  
    A vanished dynasty, Ashanti. Fuller, Francis Charles Bernard Dudley, Sir, 1866-1944. DT507.F87 1921  
    Life of Jehudi Ashmun, late colonial agent in Liberia: With an appendix, containing extracts from his journal and other writings with a brief sketchof the life of the Rev. Lott Cary. Gurley, Ralph Randolph, 1797-1872. DT631.A84 1839 Rare Book Collection  
    The tribes of Rustenburg and Pilansberg Districts. Breutz, P. L. DT1054.B74 1953  
    The Swazi: a South African kingdom. Kuper, Hilda. DT2754.K87 1963  
    Black heritage sites: an African American odyssey and finder's guide. Curtis, Nancy C. E159.C95 1996 6th Floor Reference 
    Fading to white: one woman's journey into her family's past uncovers a story that affects every American. Sim, Jillian A. E171.A43 March 1999 Vault
    A piece of the pie: Blacks and white immigrants since 1880. Lieberson, Stanley, 1933- E184.A1 L49  
    African American Family History Association, Inc. newsletter.   E184.5.A4  
    Afro-American history: sources for research. Clarke, Robert L. E184.6.N37 1973  
    The historical and cultural atlas of African Americans Asante, Molefi K., 1942- E185.A8 1991 6th Floor Reading Rm Ref
    In hope of liberty: culture, community, and protest among northern free Blacks, 1700-1860. Horton, James Oliver. E185.H644 1997  
    Catalogue of the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American collection, a unit of the Temple University Libraries. Blockson, Charles L. E185.T46 1990  
    Black studies: a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications. United States. National Archives and Records Service. E185.U54 1984 Microtext Floor
    Free Negro heads of families in the United States in 1830, together with a brief treatment of the free Negro. Woodson, Carter Godwin, 1875-1950. E185.W887 1925 NEHGS Database & 6th Floor Reference
    Slaves without masters:  the free Negro in the antebellum South. Berlin, Ira, 1941- E185.18.B47 1975  
    The roots of African-American identity: memory and history in free antebellum communities. Bethel, Elizabeth Rauh. E185.18.B48 1997  
    Freedman's Bank records [electronic resource].   E185.2.F74 2000 CD Microtext Floor 
    Organizing Black America: an encyclopedia of African American associations. Mjagkij, Nina E185.5.O74 2001 6th Floor Reference 
    Polish-black encounters: a history of Polish and black relations in America since 1619. Wytrwal, Joseph Anthony, 1924- E185.61.W9 1982  
    Blacks in science and related disciplines. Sammons, Vivian O. E185.62.S26 1985 Vertical File 
    The right to fight: African-American Marines in World War II. Nalty, Bernard C. E185.63.N35 1995 Oversize 
    African Americans in the maritime trades: a guide to resources in New England. Malloy, Mary, 1955- E185.8.M34 1990 6th Floor Reference 
    Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society E185.86.A35  
    Index to the Journal of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society quarterly: issues of 1980-1990. Walker, Barbara D. E185.86.A35 Index  
    The Black family in slavery and freedom, 1750-1925. Gutman, Herbert George, 1928- E185.86.G77 1976  
    The African American family album. Hoobler, Dorothy. E185.86.H72 1995  
    Lay down body: living history in African American cemeteries. Hughes Wright, Roberta. E185.86.H84 1996  
    Goin' home. Murari, Timeri. E185.86.M95 1980  
    Black Yankees: the development of an Afro-American subculture in eighteenth-century New England. Piersen, William Dillon, 1942- E185.917.P54 1988  
    Black valor: buffalo soldiers and the Medal of Honor, 1870-1898. Schubert, Frank N. E185.925.S43 1997  
    Researching African American genealogy in Alabama: a resource guide. Taylor, Frazine K. E185.93.A3 T39 2008  
    Compensated emancipation in the District of Columbia: petitions under the act of April 16, 1862. Provine, Dorothy S. E185.93.D6 P768 2005  
    Freedom & slavery documents in the District of Columbia. Rogers, Helen Hoban. E185.93.D6 R64 2007  
    Twenty families of color in Massachusetts: 1742-1998. Dorman, Franklin A. E185.93.D67 1998  
    Maine's visible Black history: the first chronicle of its people. Price, Harriet H., 1940- E185.93.M15 P75 2006  
    Free African Americans of Maryland 1832: including: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Calvert, Caroline, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Kent, Montgomery, Queen Ann's, and St. Mary's counties. Hynson, Jerry M. E185.93.M2 H96 1998  
    African-Americans in Boston: more than 350 years. Hayden, Robert C. E185.93.M3 H39 1992  
    African-Americans on Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket: a history of people, places and events. Hayden, Robert C. E185.93.M3 H392 1999  
    People of color: black genealogical records and abstracts from Missouri sources. Blattner, Teresa. E185.93.M7 B53 1993  
    The colored aristocracy of St. Louis. Clamorgan, Cyprian, b. 1830. E185.93.M7 C53 1999  
    Slaves and nonwhite free persons in the 1790 Federal Census of New York. Bahn, Gilbert S. E185.93.N56 B24 2000  
    Free Black heads of household in the New York State federal census, 1790-1830. Eichholz, Alice, 1942- E185.93.N56 E37  
    The Heritage of Blacks in North Carolina. Simmons-Henry, Linda et al E185.93.N6 H47 1990  
    The Black presence in North Carolina. Crow, Jeffrey J. & Ronert E. Winters, Jr. E185.93.N6 N67 1978  
    Guide to African American resources at the Pennsylvania State Archives. Hodge, Ruth E. E185.93.P41 H63 2000  
    African Americans in Newport: an introduction to the heritage of African Americans in Newport, Rhode Island, 1700-1945. Youngken, Richard C. E185.93.R4 Y68 1998  
    African American genealogical research Begley, Paul R. E185.93.S7 B45 1997  
    104th Infantry Regiment - USCT: colored Civil War soldiers from South Carolina. Gourdin, J. Raymond (John Raymond), 1946- E185.93.S7 G68 1997  
    African American genealogical sourcebook. Byers, Paula K. E185.96.A444 1995 6th Floor Reading Rm Ref
    African-Americans in the 1870 U.S. federal census [electronic resource].   E185.96.A454 2001 CD Microtext Floor CD Collection
    Black genealogy Blockson, Charles L. E185.96.B57 1977  
    Black roots: a beginner's guide to tracing the African American family tree. Burroughs, Tony, 1948- E185.96.B94 2001  
    Tracing African-American roots. Clem, Deloris Kitchel, 1931- E185.96.C54 1999 6th Floor Reference 
    Locating free African American ancestors: a beginners guide. Day, Aaron L. E185.96.D39 2003  
    Family Tree Maker African Americans in the 1870 census [electronic resource].   E185.96.F36 1996 CD Microtext Floor CD Collection
    Slave ancestral research: it's something else. Fears, Mary L. Jackson. E185.96.F43 1995  
    In search of our roots: how 19 extraordinary African Americans reclaimed their past. Gates, Henry Louis. E185.96.G384 2009  
    Free African Americans of Maryland and Delaware: from the colonial period to 1810. Heinegg, Paul. E185.96.H46 2000  
    Free African Americans of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina from the colonial period to about 1820. Heinegg, Paul. E185.96.H48 2005  
    A student's guide to African American genealogy. Johnson, Anne E. E185.96.J57 1996  
    Black history: a guide to civilian records in the National Archives. Ham, Debra Newman, 1948- E185.96.N49 1984 6th Floor Reference 
    North Carolina Freedman's Savings & Trust Company records. Reaves, Bill & Beverly Tetterton E185.96.N67 1992  
    Notable Black American women. Smith, Jessie Carney E185.96.N68 1992 6th Floor Reference 
    Passing for white: race, religion, and the Healy family, 1820-1920. O'Toole, James M., 1950- E185.96.O95 2002  
    Index to the Cherokee freedmen enrollment cards of the Dawes Commission, 1901-1906. Page, Jo Ann Curls. E185.96.P34 1996  
    Beginning an Afro-American genealogical pursuit. Scott, Jean Sampson. E185.96.S36 1985  
    On the trail of the buffalo soldier: biographies of African Americans in the U.S. Army, 1866 – 1917. Schubert, Frank N. E185.96.S383 1995  
    Guide to tracing your African Ameripean Civil War ancestor. Braxton-Secret, Jeanette. E185.96.S43 1997 6th Floor Reference 
    Secrets to African-American roots: a guide for researching American records. Smith, Colette Thomas. E185.96.S6512 2006  
    A genealogist's guide to discovering your African-American ancestors: how to find and record your unique heritage. Smith, Franklin Carter, 1954- E185.96.S6514 2003  
    Slave genealogy: a research guide with case studies. Streets, David H. E185.96.S817 1986  
    Case studies in Afro-American genealogy. Thackery, David T. E185.96.T42 1989  
    Black family research: records of post-Civil War federal agencies at the National Archives. US National Archives and Records Administration. E185.96.U55 2004  
    Black Indian genealogy research. Walton-Raji, Angela Y. E185.96.W294 1993  
    Who's who among Black Americans. Phelps, Shirelle E185.96.W52 6th Floor Reference 
    Somebody knows my name: marriages of freed people in North Carolina county by county. White, Barnetta McGhee. E185.96.W53 1995  
    Who's who of the colored race: a general biographical dictionary of men and women of African descent. Mather, Frank Lincoln E185.96.W6 1976  
    Finding a place called home: a guide to African American genealogy and historical identity. Woodtor, Dee. E185.96.W66 1999a 6th Floor Reading Rm Ref
    Captain Paul Cuffe's logs and letters, 1808-1817: a Black Quaker’s voice from within the veil. Cuffe, Paul, 1759-1817. E185.97.C96 C84 1996  
    A gentleman of color: the life of James Forten. Winch, Julie, 1953- E185.97.F717 W56 2002  
    Prince Estabrook: slave and soldier. Hinkle, Alice M. E241.L6 H575 2001  
    Minority military service, Connecticut, 1775-1783.   E255.M56 1988 -91  
    Minority military service, Maine, 1775-1783. National Society Daughters of the American Revolution E255.M56 1988 -91  
    Minority military service, Massachusetts, 1775-1783.   E255.M56 1988 -91  
    Minority military service, New Hampshire, Vermont, 1775-1783.   E255.M56 1988 -91  
    Minority military service, Rhode Island, 1775-1783.   E255.M56 1988 -91  
    African American and American Indian patriots of the Revolutionary War.   E269.N3 A37 2001  
    Forgotten patriots: African American and American Indian patriots in the Revolutionary War: a guide to service, sources and studies. Grundset, Eric. E269.N3 G78 2008 6th Floor Reference 
    The Black presence in the era of the American Revolution. Kaplan, Sidney, 1913- E269.N3 K36 1989  
    Services of colored Americans in the wars of 1776 and 1812. Nell, William C. (William Cooper), 1816-1874. E269.N3 N43 1851 Rare Book Collection  
    The colored patriots of the American Revolution: with sketches of several distinguished colored persons: to which is added a brief survey of the condition and prospects of colored Americans. Nell, William Cooper.1816-1874. E269.N3 N45 1855 Rare Book Collection  
    The colored patriots of the American Revolution. Nell, William Cooper.1816-1874. E269.N3 N45 1986  
    List of Black servicemen compiled from the War Department collection of Revolutionary War records. Ham, Debra Newman, 1948- E269.N3 N48 1974 Microtext Floor 
    The Negro in the American Revolution. Quarles, Benjamin. E269.N3 Q3 1973  
    Patriots of color 1775 Bunker Hill: 'a peculiar beauty and merit’ African Americans and American Indians at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Quintal, George. E269.N3 Q56 2007  
    Black soldiers of the American Revolutionary War. Stewart, Frank Ross, Mrs. E269.N3 S74 1978  
    The Black loyalist directory: African Americans in exile after the American Revolution. Hodges, Graham Russell, 1946- E277.B57 1996  
    The Hemingses of Monticello: an American family. Gordon-Reed, Annette. E332.74.G67 2008  
    The slave families of Thomas Jefferson: a pictorial study book with an interpretation of his farm book in genealogy charts. Reed, B. Bernetiae. E332.74.R43 2007 Oversize 
    Free some day: the African-American families of Monticello. Stanton, Lucia C. E332.74.S73 2000  
    A discourse delivered before the African Society, at their meeting-house, in Boston, Mass. on the abolition of the slave trade by the government of the United States of America, July 14, 1819. Dean, Paul, 1783-1860. E441.D43 1819 Rare Book Collection  
    Once a slave; the slave's view of slavery. Govan, Thomas P. E441.F44 1971  
    Broke by the war: letters of a slave trader Dragp, Edmund L. E442.M35 1991  
    The slave community : plantation life in the antebellum South. Blassingame, John W. E443.B55 1979  
    This species of property: slave life and culture in the Old South. Owens, Leslie Howard E443.O9 1976   
    Narrative of the life of Moses Grandy: formerly a slave in the United States of America. Grandy, Moses, b. 1786? E444.G75 1844 Rare Book Collection  
    From Valley Forge to freedom: a story of a Black patriot. Beach, E. Merrill. E444.H38 B42 1975  
    I was a slave: true life stories told by former American slaves in the 1930's. Howell, Donna Wyant E444.I2 1995  
    We lived in a little cabin in the yard. Hurmence, Belinda E444.W35 1994  
    Records of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia relating to slaves, 1851-63. National Archives (U.S.) E445.D6 U5 Microfilm Collection
    Slave bills of sale project.   E445.G3 A3 1986  
    The Negro in Maryland: a study of the institution of slavery. Brackett, Jeffrey Richardson, 1860-1949. E445.M3 B7 1889  
    The Negro in colonial New England, 1620-1776. Greene, Lorenzo Johnston, 1899- E445.N5 G74 1942  
    Freedom papers: 1776-1781. Pernot, M. M. E445.N54 F74 1984  
    My folks don't want me to talk about slavery: twenty - one oral histories of former North Carolina slaves Hurmence, Belinda E445.N8 M9 1984  
    Black slaveowners: free Black slave masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860. Koger, Larry, 1958- E445.S7 K64 1985  
    Black majority: Negroes in colonial South Carolina from 1670 through the Stono Rebellion. Wood, Peter H., 1943- E445.S7 W66 1975  
    Virginia slave-trade statistics, 1698-1775. Minchinton, Walter E. E445.V8 M56 1984 Oversize 
    Virginia slave births index, 1853-1865.   E445.V8 V57 2007  
    A Report of the case of the Jeune Eugenie, determined in the Circuit Court of the United States, for the First Circuit, at Boston, December, 1821. Mason, William P. E446.J4 1822 Rare Book Collection
    The Black loyalists: the search for a promised land in Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone, 1783-1870. Walker, James W. St. G., 1940- E448.W34 1992  
    Despotism in America; or, An inquiry into the nature and results of the slave-holding system in the United States. By the author of "Archy Moore." Hildreth, Richard, 1807-1865 E449.H64 1840 Rare Book Collection
    Report on the deliverance of citizens liable to be sold as slaves. Mass. General Court. Joint Special Committee on Deliverance of Citizens Liable to be Sold as Slaves. E449.M423 1839 Rare Book Collection  
    Boston slave riot and trial of Anthony Burns. Pamphlets on slavery; v. 75, no. 3.   E450.B92 1854 Rare Book Collection  
    History of the Underground railroad as it was conducted by the Anti-slavery League: including many thrilling encounters between those aiding the slaves to escape and those trying to recapture them. Cockrum, Col. William M. E450.C66 1915  
    The Negro as a Soldier in the War of the Rebellion. Hallowell, Norwood Penrose. E492.C58 1991 Microfiche 238 Microfiche Collection
    The roster of Union soldiers, 1861-1865. United States Colored troops. Hewett, Janet. E494.H49 1997 v.25-26 6th Floor Reference 
    1st Kansan colored vol. reg't., 1863-1865. [manuscript] Earle, Ethan. E508.9 1st Microfilm Microfilm Collection & Manuscripts
    Where death and glory meet: Colonel Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. Duncan, Russell. E513.5 54th.D85 1999  
    On the altar of freedom: a black soldier's Civil War letters from the front. Gooding, James Henry, 1837-1864. E513.5 54th.G66 1991  
    Hope & glory: essays on the legacy of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Regiment. Blatt, Martin E513.5 54th.H66 2001  
    Blue-eyed child of fortune: the Civil War letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Shaw, Robert Gould, 1837-1863. E513.5 54th.S53 1992  
    Negroes in Michigan during the Civil War. McRae, Norman, 1925- E514.5 1st.M32 1966  
    Men of color, to arms!: Vermont African-Americans in the Civil War. Fuller, James R. E540.N3 F85 2001  
    Black Union soldiers in the Civil War. Hargrove, Hondon B., 1916- E540.N3 H35 1988  
    Diary of a contraband: the Civil War passage of a Black sailor. Gould, William Benjamin, 1837-1923. E591.G68 2002  
    Slaves, sailors, citizens: African Americans in the Union navy. Ramold, Steven J. E591.R36 2002  
    The diary of James T. Ayers, Civil War recruiter.  Ayers, James T., 1805-1865. E601.A9 1947  
    Wonders of the invisible world, 1600-1900. Benes, Peter F1.D82 1992  
    Slavery/antislavery in New England. Benes, Peter F1.D82 2003  
    “Sources for African American Research,” New England ancestors: newsmagazine of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Vol. 8, no. 2. Reik, Connie F1.N49 v. 8, no. 2 6th floor reference
    “New England African American Resources: A Bibliography,” New England ancestors: newsmagazine of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Vol. 8, no. 3. Berry, Kenyatta D. F1.N49 v. 8, no. 3 6th floor reference
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