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  • #88 Royal Descents, Notable Kin, and Printed Sources Additions to Ancestors of American Presidents, 2009 Edition

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : Updated May 2012

    This article will list major additions—usually those requiring new charts—to Ancestors of American Presidents, 2009 Edition [AAP 2009], 2012 reprint. Readers are invited to submit additions (or regrettably, and we hope only a few, corrections), and the list may also appear elsewhere on this website or, or in future issues of American Ancestors, as well as in future editions of AAP

    1. Dorothy ____, wife of John Plumb of Wethersfield and Branford, Conn., and ancestor of F.D. Roosevelt (p. 550), was Dorothy Chaplin, sister of Mrs. Martha Chaplin Parke (p. 636), first wife (and first cousin) of Robert Parke of New London and Stonington, Conn., an ancestor of President Harding, First Ladies Ellen Wilson and Bess Truman (pp. 642-43), and the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Dorothy and Martha were daughters of William Chaplin (and Agnes Holborough), son by an unknown wife of William Chaplin, d. 1575-77/8, of Long Melford, Suffolk, these last parents also of Alice Chaplin, wife of an elder Robert Parke and mother of the above New London immigrant. See TAG 82 (2007): 250-61. The Chaplin-derived kinship between Harding and FDR is the first between these two presidents, so FDR now has 18 presidential kinsmen, equal to G.H.W. and G.W. Bush, and Harding has nine (pp. 591-93).

    2. Grant and F.D. Roosevelt ancestor John Scudder (p. 56 [#142], 455) was a son of Henry Scudder, d. 1594-95, of Horton Kirby, Kent, and Elizabeth ____. An almost certain granddaughter of this couple was the immigrant Bridget ____ of Salem, Mass., wife of Thomas Verry and Edward Giles and mother of Eleazer Giles (p. 95), Taft ancestor #228. The resulting kinship between Grant and Taft would also be their first. Taft would then have 17 presidential kinsmen, and Grant eight. See TAG 72 (1997): 285-300.

    3. Grant and F.D. Roosevelt ancestor Elizabeth (Stoughton) Scudder (pp. 56 [#143], 455) was a daughter of Rev. Thomas Stoughton, b. ca. 1555, vicar of Naughton, Suffolk, and Coggeshall, Essex, and his first wife, Katherine ____. Elizabeth’s brother was Israel Stoughton (1602/3-1644), militia officer and founder of Dorchester, Mass., who married Elizabeth Knight, maternal aunt of Yale College benefactor Elihu Yale, and left (in addition to William Stoughton, chief justice of Mass. during the Salem witchcraft trials) a daughter, Rebecca Stoughton, who married William Tailer. Elizabeth (Tailer) Nelson, daughter of these last, was FDR ancestor #175, p. 124. See TAG 72 (1997): 295-97, 29 (1953): 193-204, 33 (1957): 105-12 and the Nelson work by Temple Prime cited on p. 263. And for Exhurst, Roberts, likely Colepepper and Roper, and possible Lewknor and RD ancestry of the Stoughtons see NEHGR 165 (2011): 245-60, 166 (2012): 46-70.

    4. Taft ancestor William Eure, 1st Baron Eure, p. 429, was a son of Sir Ralph Eure (and Muriel Hastings), son of Sir William Eure (and Margaret Constable), son of Sir Ralph Eure and Elizabeth Greystock, daughter of John Greystock, 4th Baron Greystock, and Elizabeth Ferrers, daughter of Robert Ferrers, 2nd Baron Boteler of Wemme, and Lady Joan Beaufort (pp. 648-49). Thus Taft is a tenth presidential descendant of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and a fifteenth presidential kinsman of modern royalty. See P1 A, pp. 296-98, (Eure, Mansfield), 363 (Greystoke/Greystock), 134-35 (Ferrers), 75-77 (Beaufort). This line was brought to my attention by Martin E. Hollick.

    5. Douglas Richardson reports that Clifford L. Stott has disproved the royal descent of ThomasNewberry of Mass., which in its specifics was also doubted by Sir Anthony Richard Wagner. Thus the top section of pp. 333 and 335, plus all of p. 334, should be deleted, as should the listing for Thomas Newberry among the RD ancestors of Hayes (p. 264) and Ford (p. 274), and the bolded notice of the Thomas Newberry line for Ford on p. 376.

    6. C.A. Torrey, in his Taft ancestor list in TAG 22 (1944-45):205, misidentified the parents of Jacob Aldrich [Jr.], #222, p. 92. Jacob was not the son of John and Sarah Thompson, but of John’s brother Jacob Aldrich and Huldah Thayer, daughter of Ferdinando Thayer and Huldah Hayward; see p. 495. Taft is thus a fourth president (in addition to Coolidge, Ford, and G.W. Bush) of Thayer (Tayer) descent. See Alvin James Aldrich, The George Aldrich Genealogy, vol. 1 (1971), pp. 38-40, 44-45 and the pertinent Braintree and Mendon vital records, and Waldo Chamberlain Sprague, “Thomas Thayer Genealogy,” mss. at NEHGS, card for Ferdinando2 Thayer. Alexander Bannerman brought this new Thayer line to my attention.

    7. Nixon ancestor #377, Mary (Hartshorne) Clayton, was a daughter of Richard Hartshorn(e) and Margaret Carr, sister of Harding ancestor Caleb Carr (pp. 346, 491, 582) and daughter of Robert Carr, d. 1681, Newport, R.I., & _____. See Derick S. Hartshorn III, The Hartshorne Families in America (1997), pp. 501-6 and R.C. Anderson, G.F. Sanborn Jr., and M.L. Sanborn, The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, vol. 2 (2001), pp. 24-27 (Robert Carr).

    8. Peter Lester, Jr. (ca. 1697-ca. 1741), Hoover ancestor #182, p. 115, was a son of Peter Lester (ca. 1660-1742, a Quaker immigrant from Leicestershire, England, to Richland, Penn.), and Martha Duncalf, who are Nixon ancestors #474-75, p. 154. Peter and Martha are the first Pennsylvania couple, and only the second Quaker couple (the first was Richard and Abigail [____] Lippincott, p. 561) shown to be ancestors of two presidents. When added to the various New York and two Maryland (Cheney and Duvall) families, mid-Atlantic representation among the 203 whose progeny includes two or more presidents, rises to 18, still less than 10%.

    9. In PlA 2: 2: 278-85 Douglas Richardson developed a royal descent for Edward Howell of Southampton, L.I. (m. Frances Paxton and Eleanor ____), an ancestor of Mrs. Julia Gardiner Tyler as follows: Julia (Gardiner) Tyler; David Gardiner & Juliana Maclachlan; Abraham Gardiner, Jr. & Phebe Dayton; Abraham Gardiner & Mary Smith; Nathaniel Smith & Phebe Howell; Josiah Howell & Mary Johnes; Richard Howell & Elizabeth Halsey; Edward Howell (RD) of L.I. & Frances Paxton. See F.K. Smith, The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island (1967), pp. 63-65, 125-29 (to Mrs. Tyler) and E.H. Rose and David Faris, Descendants of Edward Howell (1584-1655) of…Southampton, Long Island, New York (1985), pp. 5-38, 47-48, 75-76, 116.

    10. Caroline Watts Haskell, wife of George Cabot Lee and mother of Alice Hathaway (Lee) Roosevelt, first wife of the 26th president (see pp. 351, 354, 402-3) was of royal descent via Mrs. Audrey Barlow Almy and a descendant also of Mayflower passengers Francis Cooke, Richard Warren, John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, and John and Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley. These descents may be outlined thus: Caroline Watts Haskell; Elisha Haskell & Alice Russell Hathaway; Eli Haskell & Achsah Nye, Humphrey Hathaway & Abigail Smith; Ebenezer Nye & Melatiah Sturgis, Stephen Hathaway, Jr. & Lydia Swain; Caleb Nye & Hannah Bodfish, Stephen Hathaway & Abigail Smith; Benjamin Bodfish & Lydia Crocker, Jethro Hathaway & Hannah West; Jonathan Crocker & Hannah Howland, Thomas Hathaway & Hepzibah Starbuck, Stephen West, Jr. & Susanna Jenney; John Howland, Jr. & Mary Lee, Arthur Hathaway, Jr. & Sarah Cooke, Stephen West & Mercy Cooke; John Howland (MP) & Elizabeth Tilley (MP), John Cooke & Sarah Warren (parents of Sarah and Mercy), Bartholomew West & Katherine Almy; John Tilley (MP) & Joan Hurst (MP), Francis Cooke (MP) & Hester le Mahieu, Richard Warren (MP) & Elizabeth Walker, William Almy & Audrey Barlow (RD). See E.P. White, John Howland of the Mayflower: Volume 2…John2 Howland (1993), pp. 1-22, 33-34, 81-82, 187-89 (to Ebenezer Nye), MF 12: 1-28, 37-46, 75-76, 81-82, 121-23, 147-48, 319-20 (and MF 18: 1: 1-2, 5-6 (Cooke and Warren to Stephen Hathaway), L.B. Nye, Jr., A Genealogy of American Nyes of English Origins, vol. 1 (1977), pp. 137-38, Haskell Journal 9 (1993-94): 619, E.S. Versailles, Hathaways of America, 1970 Edition (1970), pp. 751-54, 766, 784-85, 818, and R.C. Anderson, G.F. Sanborn Jr. and M.L. Sanborn, The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-35, vol. 1 (1999), pp. 42-47 (Almy).

    11. On the back of a non-genealogical item dated 2 Sept. 1945, now in the Tryon mss. file at the Connecticut Historical Society, Donald Lines Jacobus drew a chart of the Tryon family that gives Sarah Tryon (b. Glastonbury, Conn. 13 July 1730), a great-great-grandmother of Mrs. Helen Herron Taft, as having married (1) in 1755 Benjamin Smith and (2) 1758 Lawrence Clinton. In TAG 83 (2008-9): 81-100, in a three-generation study of the progeny of William Tryon, Gale Ion Harris shows that probably the Sarah Tryon, wife of Lawrence Clinton, could be only Sarah, b. 1730, daughter of Joseph Tryon (1702-71) and Sarah Treat (b. 1707). In The Connecticut Nutmegger 44 (2011-12): 267-68, 271, Lynn B. McManus also identifies the Sarah, b. 1730, as Clinton’s second wife (and cites the chart by Jacobus), as had Joan Parsons Wang (niece of the sociologist Talcott Parsons) in Captain Jotham Parsons (1783-1860): A Genealogical Biography (2001), chart on p. 457. These recent works and the 1945 chart supersede Jacobus’s description of Mrs. Sarah Tryal in FANH, p. 424, and his lack of a marital history for Sarah, b. 1730, in The Bulkeley Genealogy (1933), pp. 164-65. Sarah’s death record (9 Dec. 1794, aged 66) clearly, as was common, overestimates her age.

    Sarah (Treat) Tryon was a great-granddaughter of three RD immigrants, as follows: Thomas Treat & Dorothy Bulkeley; Rev. Gershom Bulkeley & Sarah Chauncey; Rev. Peter Bulkeley (AAP, pp. 253-55) & Grace Chetwode (RD), Rev. Charles Chauncey, second president of Harvard College (RD) & Catherine Eyre. See Bulkeley, as above, pp. 92-111, 116-27, 137, 164-65, and W.C. Fowler, Memorials of the Chaunceys (1858), pp. 1-45, 232-35.

    12. Alexander Bannerman, formerly James K. Raywalt, in Executive Papers: A Publication of the Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America, issue 8 (Autumn 2011), p. 14-19, 25, 71-72, has traced two new descents from RD immigrants for Mrs. Ellen Louise Axson Wilson, one an addition to RD600 with new immigrant sisters. Mrs. Wilson’s maternal grandfather, Rev. Nathan Hoyt, Jr., was the son of Nathan Hoyt and Meribah Perkins, daughter of Abraham Perkins of Ipswich, Mass., and Sanbornton, N.H. (and Mary Sanborn), son of Matthew Perkins, Jr. (and Mary Brewer), son of Matthew Perkins and Esther Burnham, daughter of Thomas Burnham and Mary Lawrence of Mass., RD. Via Mary Lawrence’s sister Jane (Lawrence) Giddings of Mass. and their brother Thomas Lawrence of Long Island, Mrs. Wilson is a cousin of Taft and FDR. See DG1, pp. 129-30, 401 (Lawrence, Burnham), G.A. Perkins, The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Part Third, Descendants of Sergeant Jacob Perkins (1889), pp. 11-12, 16-17, 26-27, 53-54 and David W. Hoyt, A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight and Hight Families (1871, repr. 1984), pp. 73, 99, 66.

    Mrs. Wilson’s paternal grandfather, Isaac Stockton Keith Axson, was the son of Samuel Edward Axson and Sarah Anne Palmer, daughter of Job Palmer and Sarah Morgan, daughter of Nathaniel Morgan and Anna Tucker of S.C., RD, daughter of Benjamin S[towe] Tucker (and Love [Gibbs?]), son of William Tucker (and Ann Stowe), son of George Tucker of Bermuda and Frances St. George, for whom see RD600, pp. 263-66 and Robert Dennard Tucker, Descendants of William Tucker of Trowleigh, Devon (1991), esp. pp. 52, 184-85, 187 (also for Anna’s sisters—Sarah Tucker, wife of William Harris and Edward Bullard [by Harris, she left locally notable Southern descendants] and Mary, who married John Ballentine/Ballantine, all of S.C.). Daughter Anna Morgan and son-in-law Nathaniel morgan, and their residence in South Carolina, were mentioned in the 1759 will of Benjamin S[towe] Tucker (see Tucker, p. 187). Anna Tucker’s 1807 will (Charleston, S.C. will book 31 at p. 16) names son-in-law Job Palmer (who married Morgan sisters) and “the children of my deceased daughter Sarah” and the death notice of Mrs. Sarah A. Axson (see Brent H. Holcomb, Marriages and Deaths from the Charlestown Observer, 1827-1845 [1981], issue of 25 Feb. 1837) calls her a daughter of Job Palmer. See also Thomas Cary Johnson, The Life and Letters of Benjamin Morgan Palmer (1906) and NEHGR 95 (1941): 203-4, 112 (1958): 263-65. Mrs. Ellen L.A. Wilson now has five RD immigrant ancestors but, as noted above, loses the possibility of such a line from Thomas Newberry of Mass.

    13. Alexander Bannerman also found (Executive Papers, issue 8, as above, pp. 29-39, 72, esp. 37-39) a seventh RD ancestor for Mrs. Edith Bolling Galt Wilson. Anne Stanard, wife of William Walter (AAP, 2009, p. 399) was a daughter of William Stanard, Jr. (and Anne Hazlewood), son of William Stanard and Mrs. Eltonhead Conway Thacker (an ancestor by Henry Thacker, her first husband, of President Obama; see AAP 2009, pp. 313, 569), daughter of Edwin Conway and Martha Eltonhead of Virginia, RD. Among other sources Alex cites HVG, p. 279, and GVFVM 1:98-100 (Conway, Stanard, Thacker). Via Conway Mrs. Edith B.G. Wilson is a seventh cousin four times removed, of the half blood, of President Obama and a third cousin five times removed of President James Madison.

    14. First Lady Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe Harding was a descendant of Henry Gregory of Conn., almost certainly of royal descent, as follows: Amos H. Kling & Louisa Emily Bouton; Harvey Bouton & Dorcas Emily Hanford; John Bouton & Rhoda Richards; Ezra Bouton & Mary Bouton; Jachin Bouton & Mary ____ (parents of Mary); Joseph Bouton & Mary Gregory; Jachin Gregory & Mary ____; John Gregory & Sarah ____; Henry Gregory & ____. See James Boughton, Bouton-Boughton Family (1890), pp. 9, 15, 129-30, 140-42, and Grant Gregory, Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory (1938), pp. 34-51, 55-56. See also Donald Lines Jacobus, History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, vol. 1 (1930, repr. 1976), pp. 97 (Bouton), pp. 236-38 (Gregory). This line was also brought to my attention by Alexander Bannerman.

    15. First Lady Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge was a descendant, as again traced by Alexander Bannerman, of Richard Warren of the Mayflower, as follows: Andrew Issachar Goodhue & Lemira A. Barrett; Towns Barrett & Laurena Fretts; Henry Fretts & Joanna Barnes; Reuben Barnes & Eleanor Shipley; Joseph Barnes & Joanna Sprague; Jeremiah Sprague & Priscilla Knight, Anthony Sprague & Elizabeth Bartlett; Robert Bartlett & Mary Warren, Richard Warren (MP) & Elizabeth Walker. See MF 18: 1: 1-4, 16-17, 67, 2 (2nd ed., 2011): 97 (to Mrs. Joanna Sprague Barnes); D.H. Heard, History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire (1885), p. 542 (Reuben Barnes [as son of Joseph], Mrs. Joanna Barnes Fretts and Lorena [Laurena, etc.] Fretts), plus The History of Merrimack, New Hampshire, vol. 1 (1996), pp. 198-99, 243 (Barnes, Fretts); N.H. marriage record of Towns Barrett and “Loreni” Fretts (24 Dec. 1846) and 1850 N.H. census, p. 412 (for Nashville, N.H., later Nashua), lines 8-12, for Towns Barrett, 30 Laurena, 30, Lenura [Lemira], 2, Henry R., 1/12, and Lydia [Towns] Barrett, 65); tombstones of Andrew Issachar Goodhue and Lemira Barrett Goodhue, 26 April 1849-24 October 1929 in Greenmount Cemetery, Burlington, Vermont, and W.W. Hayward, The History of Hancock, New Hampshire (1889), p. 606 (Goodhue).

    16. First Lady Lou Henry Hoover was of likely royal descent via Mrs. Elizabeth Bullock Clement(s), an ancestor of G.H.W. and G.W. Bush. Bush forebears Hannah Sumner (granddaughter of Mrs. Clements) and John Goffe (p. 383) were also grandparents of Lou Henry ancestor John Goffe (III) (p. 626), husband of Hannah Griggs and son of John Goffe, Jr. and Hannah Parish (three John Goffes had wives named Hannah). See NK1 (first in NEXUS 8 [1991]: 29, 31), pp. 21, 25 and, among sources cited therein, correspondence with the Hoover Presidential Library, the DAR application of Mrs. Jean Henry Large (Mrs. Hoover’s sister) and P.P. Woodbury, Thomas Savage and William Patten, History of Bedford, New Hampshire, from 1737 (1903), pp. 932-33 (Goffe), 1110 (Wallace). Note also Rev. W.R. Cochrane, History of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire (1880), pp. 733-34 (Wallace) and History of Butler and Bremer Counties, Iowa (1883), pp. 354-55 (Dr. John Scobey), 700 (Phineas Weed).

    17. John C. Brandon of Columbia, S.C. has charted and brought to my attention the Brin(d)ley ancestry shared by Mrs. Garfield, FDR, and the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Lawrence Brin(dl)ley of Willnall, Staffordshire, was the father, by ____ Fle(t)cher, of William Brin(d)ley of Willnall, who married Anne Tunkes and was the father of Alice Brin(d)ley, wife of Richard Foley, and of Richard Brin(d)ley of Exeter, who married Joan Reese and was the father of Thomas Brin(d)ley of Datchett, Bucks (d. 1661), an “auditor of the Revenue of King Charles the First and King Charles the Second.” Thomas married Anne Wase and was the father of Francis Brinley of Newport, R.I.; Grizzell Brinley of Shelter Island, N.Y., wife of Nathaniel Sylvester; and Anne Brinley of R.I., wife of Governor William Coddington. Grizzell Sylvester, daughter of Nathaniel and Grizzell, married James Lloyd of Lloyds Neck, L.I., and is FDR ancestor #173. Mary Coddington, daughter of Governor William and Anne, married Peleg Sanford, also a governor of R.I., and is an ancestor of Mrs. Lucretia Rudolph Garfield (see p. 366). The younger William Brin(d)ley is listed in Gerald Paget, The Lineage and Ancestry of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, vol. 2 (1977), p. 88, as the Prince’s ancestor #M7251. Richard Foley and Anne Brin(d)ley were the parents of Thomas Foley, father (by Anne Browne) of another Thomas Foley, father (by Elizabeth Ashe) of Elizabeth Foley, wife of Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Speaker of the House of Commons. Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford, a son of these last, married Lady Harriett Cavendish Holles and was the father of Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley, wife of William Bentinck, 2nd Duke of Portland, and mother of William Henry Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland, British Prime Minister. This last, by Lady Dorothy Cavendish, was the father of Lord William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck, father by Anne Wellesley of Charles William Cavendish-Bentinck, father by Caroline Louisa Burnaby of Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck, pp. 623, 625 herein, wife of Claude George Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne and mother of H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. See GGE, pp. 13-19 (Brinley), W.C. Metcalfe, ed., The Visitation of the County of Worcester, 1682-83 (1883), pp. 46-47 (Foley), Charles P. Noyes, Noyes-Gilman Ancestry (1907), pp. 66-73 (Brinley, Coddington), Rev. Jacob E. Tallman, Historical Papers on Shelter Island (1899, repr. 1985), p. 177 (Sylvester) and the Lloyds of Queens Village, Lloyds Neck citation on pp. 262-63 herein.

    Also of note among the late Queen Mother’s presidential kin are the Harrisons, via Bernard of Abington (see AAP 2009, pp. 320-21 and RD600 [2008], pp. 289-90, 576-77, 858). President W.H. Harrison was almost certainly a sixth cousin of Mildred (Porteus) Hodgson, and President Benjamin Harrison was an eighth cousin of the late Henrietta Maria (Hodgson) Smith, this last a great-grandmother of the Queen Mother. And James Madison ancestor Thomas Gerard (see p. 313), husband of Maud Bold, was a son of William Gerard of Ince, Lancashire, and Elizabeth Byron, listed in Paget, as above, p. 468, Prince Charles ancestors Q120217-8. Gilbert Gerard, another son of these last and brother of Thomas, was the father by Eleanor Davison of Sir William Gerard (d. 1581), father by Dorothy Barton of Sydney Gerard, wife of Sir John Wynne, 1st Bt., and mother of Mary Wynne, wife of Sir Roger Mostyn.  Sir Thomas Mostyn, a son of these last, married Elizabeth Whitlock and was the father of Sir Roger Mostyn, 1st Bt., father by Prudence Lumley of Jane Mostyn, wife of Sir John Trevor and mother of Anne Trevor, wife of Michael Hill. Arthur Hill, later Trevor, 1st Viscount Dungannon, son of these last and an eighth cousin of President Madison, married Anne Stafford and was the father of Anne Trevor, wife of Garret Wellesley, 1st Earl of Mornington, and mother of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo, and Richard Wellesley, 1st Marquess Wellesley, governor-general of India. Anne Wellesley, an illegitimate daughter of this last by Hyacinthe Gabriel (Fagan) Roland, married secondly Lord William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck, see above, and was a great-grandmother of the Queen Mother.

    18. Anson J. Thurston, Jr. of Ojai, California, has noted that Mary Dane (p. 527), wife of William Chandler and mother of Hannah (Chandler) Robbins, FDR ancestor #241, was a daughter of John and Eleanor (Clark) Dane, the former a brother of Elizabeth Dane, wife of James How(e) and mother of James How(e), Jr. This last was the husband of Salem witchcraft victim Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson How(e), listed in NK2, p. 82. Mrs. How(e) is the fifth such victim with presidential connections, following Mrs. Susanna North Martin and John Proctor, Jr. (Arthur), George Jacobs (Taft), and Mrs. Mary Ayer Parker (Ford). See Noyes-Gilman Ancestry, as above (12), pp. 289-96 (Chandler, Dane) and G.B. Howe, Howe Genealogies, vol. 2 (1929), pp. 153-59, 158-59, 162, 169, 8, 14-15.

    For one descent of First Lady Mrs. Grace Anna Goodhue Coolidge from Edmund Towne, brother of witchcraft victims Mrs. Mary Towne Estey and Mrs. Rebecca Towne Nurse, see NK2, pp. 79-86; also outlined therein is the Mary (Towne) Estey descent of Mrs. (Virginia) Joan Bennett Kennedy, first wife of U.S. Senator and liberal leader Edward Moore Kennedy, and thus a sister-in-law of 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In Mrs. Coolidge’s Edmund Towne descent, Benjamin Knight, Jr., married a first cousin; Benjamin was a son of Jonathan Knight and Phebe Perkins, sister of Sarah (Perkins) Lake.

    In addition, through her mother, Lemira A. Barrett, Mrs. Coolidge has two more Towne lines, as follows: Lemira A. Barrett; Towns Barrett & Laurena Fretts, as above; Joel Barrett & Lydia Towns/Towne; Elijah Towne & Eunice Dwinnell; Jabez Towne & Tryphena Dwinnell, Thomas Dwinnell, Jr. & Hannah Towne; Jacob Towne, Jr. & Phebe Smith (parents of Jabez), Joseph Towne, Jr. & Abigail Curtis (parents of Hannah); Jacob Towne & Catherine Simonds, Joseph Towne & Phebe Perkins; William Towne & Joanna Blessing (parents of Edmund, Jacob and Joseph). See the 18 December 1889 Mass. death record (vol. 402, p. 415) of Towns Barrett (in Boston, aged 69:5:27, b. Hudson, N.H., son of Joel Barrett, also b. Hudson), Towns Barrett’s 1850 census entry (noted above), Lois Payne Hoover, Towne Family: William Towne and Joanna Blessing, Salem, Massachusetts, 1635, Five Generations of Descendants (2010), pp. 103-5, 111, 152-56, 183-86, 216-18, 263-66, 271-72, 327-28, 330-31, 367-68, and E.E. Towne, The Descendants of William Towne (1901), p. 49 (this last for Lydia Towns/Towne and Joel Barrett, not Bartlett).

    Via her paternal grandmother, Caroline B. (Andrews) Goodhue, Mrs. Coolidge is also a descendant of a third witchcraft victim, Taft ancestor George Jacobs, as follows: Caroline B. Andrews; Issachar Andrews & Abigail (“Nabby”) Manning; Joseph Andrews (III) & Margaret Ober, Joseph Manning & Priscilla Ober; Benjamin Ober & Anne Foster (parents of Margaret and Priscilla); Israel Foster & Anna Woodbury; John Foster & Margaret Jacobs; George Jacobs & Rebecca Andrews; George Jacobs & Mary ____. See TAG 58 (1982): 65-76 (Jacobs), F.C. Pierce, Foster Genealogy (1899), pp. 700, 710, Vital Records of Manchester, Massachusetts, to the End of the Year 1849 (1903), p. 50 165 (birth and marriage of Anne [Foster] Ober), 99, 203 (births and marriages of Margaret [Ober] Andrews and Priscilla [Ober] Manning), E.C. Cogswell, History of New Boston, New Hampshire (1864), pp. 436, 438 (Andrews) and William H. Manning, “Overflow Letters from the Genealogical and Biographical History of the Manning Families of New England,” tss. (1902, 1924), pp. 64-66.

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