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  • Additional Noted American Cousins of The Princess of Wales

    Gary Boyd Roberts

    Published Date : October 1985
    In the twelve months since publication of American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales research on the Princess’s American forebears, further discoveries concerning distinguished distant kinsmen, and vital events within the royal family and its near relations have continued apace.  Prince Henry Charles Albert David, second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, was born at St. Marys Hospital, Paddington, London, 15 September 1984. Edmund James Burke Roche, 5th Baron Fermoy, the Princess’s uncle, died in Hungerford, Berkshire, England, 19 August 1984; her former uncle-by-marriage, the (lately knighted) Hon. Sir. Anthony George Berry, noted Tory politician, was killed in an IRA bomb explosion at Brighton, 12 October 1984.  Considerable data on the Princess’s Parke and Thompson (or Tompson) forebears appeared in The Genealogist (New York) 4(1983):176-186; and an extensive monograph by Francis James Dallett, “Captain Peter Young, His Wife and Descendants: Further Philadelphia Roots of the Princess of Wales,” appeared in the Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine 33(1984): 180-203. This latter presents final documentary proof of the parentage of Mrs. Eleanor (Ellen) Strong Wood, the Princess’s great-great-great grandmother.

    As regards the 302 notable distant cousins of Dr. Joseph Strong (Mrs. Wood’s father) and the Princess of Wales, all of whom share New England ancestors with Prince William and Prince Henry, George Horace Gallup and Philip Winston Pillsbury died in 1984, and Henry Cabot Lodge II in early 1985.  With help, moreover, from William Addams Reitwiesner, my colleague on the book, and various correspondents - Joseph L. Druse and Michael J. Wood especially - I have traced additional kinships to the Princess and Dr. Strong for 14 of the 302, and found various other distinguished cousins as well.  These 14 additional kinships, and 23 of these “new” noted kinsmen, are treated below, with the hope that many readers will find common ancestors or surnames of interest herein. If response to this article is positive further explorations of kinships among notable Americans with New England ancestry - including but not limited to cousins of the Princess could become a regular feature of the NEXUS.

    The 23 “new” noted American kinsmen (or their spouses) of Dr. Strong and the Princess of Wales include a U.S. Vice-President (C. W. Fairbanks), two major Hollywood figures (Fred Astaire and Katharine Hepburn), four Boston [126] Lowells (Amy, James Russell, Percival, and Robert; two more - Abbott Lawrence and Guy are among the 14); Henry David Thoreau and Charles Sumner among the nineteenth-century intellectual leaders associated with Harvard, the “flowering of New England,” abolition or reform; and currently both a cabinet officer (Malcolm Baldridge) and a U.S. Senator (Alan Cranston).  Thus the Princess of Wales and her two sons are distantly related to 21 - 30% - of the 70 U.S. presidents and vice-presidents to date (or, of course, to their spouses); Bogart and Hepburn, stars of The African Queen, were seventh cousins who shared New England Morgan, Hill, Parke and Thompson ancestors, the last of royal descent; and through Robert Blott of Boston the entire progeny of Judge John Lowell (d. 1802) is connected not only to the Princess, but also to F. D. Roosevelt and First Ladies Frances Cleveland, Edith Roosevelt, Bess Truman, and Nancy Reagan.

    The format of the listings below is essentially the one I used in the October 1982 Register article on this same subject and in the first two chapters of American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales.  The notable kinsman’s full name, birth and death years and, for the 23 “new” cousins a word or phrase denoting achievement (plus parentheses and the spouse’s name if the kinship is through this latter) are followed by an outline, generation by generation - parents, then grandparents, then great-grandparents, etc., with semi-colons separating generations and commas separating couples of the same generation (back from the figure) whenever there are two or more kinships - of the descent from the pair or pairs of ancestors shared by Dr. Strong and the Princess.  These common ancestors are named and italicized, however, not merely identified by number.  The additional lines for 14 of the 302 are treated first, with only the kinsman’s number (from the Register article or the book) and name, then the last earlier treated couple through one of whom the new line derives, then the new line itself.  Next follow two figures (McGeorge Bundy and A. L. Lowell) earlier treated only as husbands of distant kinsmen of the Princess, but now known to be Robert Blott descendants. A. L. Lowell’s siblings, Amy and Percival Lowell, are counted as numbers 303 and 304 (J. G. and T. G. Masaryk, treated in an addendum to chapter two of the book, are numbers 301 and 302). 305 through 325 are the remaining “new” notable kinsmen.  As regards the several mentioned children of Experience Mitchell and ____, Elizabeth (wife of John Washburn, Jr.) was the child almost certainly of Experience’s first wife, Jane Cooke, daughter of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke; Edward and Sarah (wife of John Hayward) were probably children of a second wife, Mary ____.  Note also that one of these 23 “new” kinsmen (Mrs. Baldridge) was descended from both New England (Morgan) and mid-Atlantic (Newbold) ancestors of the Princess.

    Additional Lines and Kinsmen:

    22. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS PORTER BARNARD: Abner Barnard & Rachel Catlin; John Catlin & Mary Munn; Joseph Catlin & Hannah Sheldon; John Sheldon & Hannah Stebbins; Isaac Sheldon & Mary Woodford; Thomas Woodford & Mary Blott.

    75, 79.  MRS. HARVEY SAMUEL FIRESTONE, JR., and her daughter, MRS. WILLIAM CLAY FORD: Elisha Parke & Abiah Hickox; David Hickox & Adah Baldwin; John Hickox, Jr. & Eunice Warner; Benjamin Warner & Joanna Strong; Josiah Strong & Joanna Gillette; John Strong, Jr. & Elizabeth Warriner; John Strong & Marjorie Dean.

    129, 254. GUY LOWELL & his niece, MRS. JACQUES BARZUN: Edward Jackson Lowell & Mary Wolcott Goodrich; Francis Cabot Lowell, Jr. & Mary Lowell Gardner; Francis Cabot Lowell & Hannah Jackson, Samuel Pickering Gardner & Rebecca Russell Lowell; John Lowell, Jr. & Susanna Cabot, his second wife (parents of Francis Cabot Lowell), John Lowell, Jr. & Rebecca Russell, his third wife (parents of Rebecca Russell Lowell); John Lowell & Sarah Champney; Noah Champney & Sarah Turell; Joseph Turell & Sarah Moore; Daniel Turell & Lydia Blott; Robert Blott & ____.

    162.  POTTER PALMER: Benjamin Palmer & Rebecca Potter; Samuel Potter & Deborah Ricketson; John Ricketson & Phebe Russell; John Russell & Rebecca Ricketson; Joseph Russell & Elizabeth Fobes; John Fobes & Constant Mitchell.   Note: According to Horace Wilbur Palmer, Palmer Families in America, vol. 1, Lt. William Palmer of Yarmouth, Mass., and his Descendants of Greenwich, Conn., Neshanic, N.J., 1966, 703-706, 709-7 13, Benjamin Palmer was not - as Potter Palmer’s children thought -. the son of Samuel Palmer & Hannah Eells, but of Peter Palmer (not a descendant of Mrs. Alice Freeman Thompson Parke) & Rebecca Akin. Further research seems required.

    219.  MRS. JOSEPH JAMES “GENE” TUNNEY: James Edward Rowland & Catherine A. Morgan; Henry Augustus Rowland & Frances Bliss, grandparents of Henry Augustus Rowland Ill, see 191.

    237.  PAUL DUDLEY WHITE: John Howard & Abigail Hudson; Daniel Hudson, Jr. & Mary Fobes; John Fobes & Abigail Robinson; Edward Fobes & Elizabeth Howard; John Fobes & Constant Mitchell.

    248, 249.  WILBUR WRIGHT & ORVILLE WRIGHT: Dan Wright & Sarah Freeman; Benoni Wright & Elizabeth Smith; George Smith & Elizabeth Lyman; Richard Lyman III & Elizabeth Cowles; Richard Lyman, Jr. & Hepzibah Ford; Thomas Ford & Elizabeth Charde.

    284, 297.  PAUL MOORE, JR. & MALCOLM WALLOP: Edward Alonzo Small & Mary Caroline Roberts; Benjamin Roberts & Clarissa Mitchell; George Roberts & Hannah Davis; Joseph Roberts & Ruth White; William White & Christian Simonton; John White & Lucy Wise; John Wise & Abigail Gardner; Joseph Wise & Mary Thompson; John Thompson & Alice Freeman.

    40.  MCGEORGE BUNDY, b. 1919, foreign affairs adviser to J. F. Kennedy, president of the Ford Foundation; Harvey Hollister Bundy & Katherine Lawrence Putnam; William Lowell Putnam & Elizabeth Lowell, sister of A(bbott) Lawrence Lowell, Amy Lowell, & Percival Lowell, see below; George Putnam, Jr. & Harriet  [127] Lowell; Charles Russell Lowell, brother of James Russell Lowell, see 315 below, & Anna Cabot Jackson.

    128, 303, 304. A(BBOTT) LAWRENCE LOWELL, 1856-1943, president of Harvard University, 1909-1933, AMY LOWELL, 1874-1925, poetess, & PERCIVAL LOWELL, 1855-1916, astronomer; Augustus Lowell & Katherine Bigelow Lawrence; John Amory Lowell & ElizabethCabot Putnam; John Lowell Ill & Rebecca Amory; John Lowell, Jr. & Sarah Higginson (his first wife); John Lowell & Sarah Champney, see under the additions to 129 & 254 above. Note: A. L. Lowell’s father-in-law & kinsman, George Gardner Lowell, see page 47 of American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales, was a son of Francis Cabot Lowell, Jr. & Mary Lowell Gardner, see also under the additions to 129 & 254 above.

    (to be continued)

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