Ask a Genealogist

Andrew Krea on phone

Have a question about research methodology?

Wondering where a certain type of record can be found?

Looking for suggestions on sources you might try next in your research?

If you have a quick genealogy or local history reference question, we invite you to submit it to our staff of genealogists through our free Ask a Genealogist service. We can provide you with guidance and suggestions about such topics as where to locate records or what sources to try next in your research. Examples of the types of questions answered through the Ask a Genealogist service are:

  • What does the abbreviation "w" mean in a land record?
  • Where would this death certificate be located and how can I obtain a copy of it?
  • Can I find these probate records on or another website?
  • Where can I find newspapers for Stark County, Ohio?
  • Can you recommend sources for research on Quakers in New York?

While Ask a Genealogist does not carry out genealogical research on individual ancestors for you or review the research you have done so far, NEHGS does offer another service which will do just that. Learn more about Research Services here.

If you are interested in carrying out research yourself, but would like more extensive assistance than that which is provided through Ask a Genealogist, you can also receive one-on-one research guidance in person or by phone through our Consultations service. We will schedule an appointment with you and select the genealogist you will work with by matching staff expertise with the area you are researching.