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  • A Guide to Massachusetts Public Records: Parishes, Towns, and Counties

    PG_Sketch_catCarroll D. Wright
    Foreword by David Curtis Dearborn
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, 442 pp.
    reg. $26.95, member price $24.26
    This remarkable book, originally published with the title Report on the Custody and Condition of the Public Records of Parishes, Towns, and Counties in 1889, brings together under one cover a town-by-town, church-by-church, and county-by-county listing of all the records existing for each jurisdiction. Each section is preceded by detailed explanatory notes, and numerous footnotes cite special circumstances related to particular records, such as missing volumes or records kept elsewhere. When genealogists and family researchers need to visit a city or town hall, knowing what existed in the clerk’s custody in 1889 will aid them in their search for records.

    The Early History of Boston: Aspinwall Notarial Records, 1644–1651

    PG_Sketch_catWilliam Aspinwall
    Foreword by Alicia Crane Williams
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, 478 pp.
    reg. $26.95, member price $24.26
    William Aspinwall arrived with the Winthrop fleet in 1630, moved from the Massachusetts Bay Colony to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and back to Boston. As Recorder of the Suffolk County Court in Boston from November 1644 until October 1651, he kept careful records of every document he notarized-including letters of attorney, marriage contracts, and property and estate transactions. This compilation of those records provides invaluable insight to historians and genealogists alike. It is no wonder that it has served as a key source for the Great Migration Study Project and other genealogical investigations into early New England.

    Soldiers in King Philip's War

    PG_Sketch_catGeorge Madison Bodge
    Foreword by David Allen Lambert
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, 536 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    Thanks to the efforts of the Civil War veteran, genealogist, historian, and Unitarian clergyman George Madison Bodge (1841–1914), historians and genealogists have a better understanding of the conflict known as King Philip’s War (1675–1676). Based on his detailed analysis and transcriptions of countless pages of seventeenth-century records, Bodge’s Soldiers in King Philip’s War includes the official listing of Massachusetts soldiers and officers, sketches of the principal officers, and official lists of land granted to veterans and their heirs. This reprint of the 1906 (third) edition also includes a history of Indian conflicts in New England prior to King Philip’s War, an element that Bodge added to the second edition.

    Pioneers of Massachusetts

    Pioneers Mass 100Charles Henry Pope
    Foreword by Scott C. Steward
    NEHGS, 6 x 9 softcover, 574 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts presents biographical information for nearly 6,000 pioneers who settled Massachusetts between 1620 and 1650. This classic reprint includes Pope's full, annotated text (published 1900) and his sixteen-page supplement of additions and corrections (published 1904).


    A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries, 2nd Edition

    Cemetaries guide 100David Allen Lambert
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, xvii + 345 pp.
    reg. $17.95, member price $16.16
    An invaluable tool for genealogists with Massachusetts ancestors, updated with the latest available information, including town-by-town listing of all known burial grounds in the state; year of town incorporation; year of consecration of the cemetery (or oldest known gravestone or burial); address or location of cemetery, as well as contact information; key sources that mention the cemetery; and a comprehensive index of cemeteries.

    Western Massachusetts Families in 1790

    Westernmass_storeEdited by Helen Schatvet Ullmann
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 326 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    In 1790 Western Massachusetts was a crossroads for New England families heading west into New York or north into Vermont. The transient nature of families living in this area, especially during the post-Revolutionary War years, presents certain genealogical challenges. Western Massachusetts Families in 1790 contains fifty genealogical sketches of heads of households and a listing of their children. Contributed by NEHGS members, these compiled sketches provide a major addition to the published research on this region.

    Genealogical Notes

    First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts

    Genealogical Notes 100Nathaniel Goodwin
    Foreword by D. Brenton Simons
    NEHGS, 6 x 9 softcover, xx + 362 pp.
    reg. $24.95, member price $22.46
    Originally published in 1856, this resource is essential for anyone with early Connecticut and Massachusetts ancestry. It presents genealogical notes for more than 40 families, through the fourth generation, and sometimes into the sixth. The detailed notes will have researchers of all levels returning to the book time and again.

    Indian Deeds

    Land Transactions in Plymouth Colony, 1620–1691

    Indian Deeds 100Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, vii + 647 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96 This important genealogical work presents more than 400 transcriptions of early deeds of interest to Mayflower, Plymouth Colony, and Native American researchers. It includes a much-needed re-evaluation of land ownership and the relations between early-17thcentury European settlers and their Indian neighbors. A major addition to any early New England library.

    Black Families in Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1650–1865,
    2nd Edition

    Black Families 100Joseph Carvalho III
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 hardcover, 400 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    This revised edition chronicles the lives of African American individuals and families who lived in the area now known as Hampden County in western Massachusetts between the years 1650 and 1865. Carvalho has relied on a wide variety of sources—including church, court, military, and cemetery records; ministers’ journals; family papers; newspapers; U.S. and Massachusetts census reports; and city directories—to piece together family relationships. This compilation of genealogical, biographical, and historical information not only brings these individuals to life but also provides the student of regional black history with a comprehensive view of the community at a pivotal time in history.

    Twenty Families of Color in Massachusetts

    African American Resources 100Franklin A. Dorman
    Foreword by James O. Horton
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, xxi + 524 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    Using a variety of primary and secondary sources, Dorman has constructed a vivid account of African American community life over 250 years. Through these pages move soldiers of the Revolution, black abolitionists and farmers, physicians and porters, ministers and barbers, social justice advocates and suffragists, as well as artists, musicians, and athletes.

    Reminiscences and Traditions of Boston by Hannah Mather Crocker

    Reminiscenes 100Edited by Eileen Hunt Botting and Sarah L. Houser
    Foreword by Conrad Edick Wright
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, hardcover, 592 pp., illus.
    reg. $39.95, member price $35.96
    Published for the first time, Hannah Mather Crocker’s early 19th-century Reminiscences offers a unique history of Boston and its environs from the 1620s to the 1820s. A leading women’s rights advocate and the granddaughter of Cotton Mather, Crocker provides a significant resource for anyone interested in Boston and early American history. Transcribed and annotated from the original manuscript at NEHGS.

    The History and Antiquities of Boston

    From Its Settlement in 1630, to the year 1770

    drake_catSamuel G. Drake
    Foreword by D. Brenton Simons
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 890 pp., illus.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    Originally published in 1856, Drake's history of pre-revolutionary Boston has long been a key resource for historians.From the city's founding to its first churches; natural disasters to outbreaks; witchcraft to Freemasonry, this volume provides detailed historical context for anyone with early Boston ancestors.

    From Deference to Defiance

    Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1629–1692

    Deference 100Roger Thompson
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, 650 pp., illus.
    softcover: reg. $27.95, member price $25.16
    hardcover: reg. $44.95, member price $40.46 This book recreates the lost world of 17th-century Charlestown and the lives and work of the first three generations of its townspeople. By using a variety of surviving records, Thompson presents a colorful history of the town’s settlement and governance, its relationship with the land and sea, the church, local crime and violence, the role of women, and ultimately its involvement in the Glorious Revolution.

    Cambridge Cameos

    Cambridge Cameos 100Roger Thompson
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, xix + 355 pp.
    reg. $19.95, member price $17.96
    Drawing on his vast knowledge of Middlesex County's families and town and court records, Roger Thompson has composed 44 delightful vignettes of early residents of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Based on thousands of original documents, these sketches provide a rare opportunity to experience 17th-century life through the eyes of its people. Perfect for early New England enthusiasts.

    Bond’s Genealogies and History of Watertown, Massachusetts,
    2nd Edition

    Bonds 100Henry Bond, M.D.
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 hardcover, 1,094 pp.
    reg. $49.95, member price $44.96
    Dr. Henry Bond’s lifelong interest in the history of his native town bore fruit in the classic Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston, known ever after as Bond’s Watertown. This book, first published in 1860, covers dozens of Watertown families in impressive detail, often carrying their histories from the 1630s to the turn of the 19th century.

    New England Marriages Prior to 1700

    New England Marriages 100Clarence Almon Torrey
    NEHGS; 8½ x 11, 2,400 pp. in 3 vols. softcover: reg. $84.95, member price $76.46
    hardcover: reg. $124.95, member price $112.46
    “Torrey’s New England Marriages” is an essential reference for any genealogist with New England ancestors. Owned by NEHGS, Clarence Almon Torrey’s twelve-volume manuscript enumerates an estimated 99% of all pre-1700 marriages of New Englanders and has now been published for the first time in a three-volume set. These records also include those individuals married in Europe before migrating, as well as those couples for whom no marriage record exists but whose marriage can be inferred from other evidence. The three-volume set includes Torrey’s complete text, listing all his sources, and a comprehensive every-name index.

    New Englanders in the 1600s, Expanded Edition

    A Guide to Genealogical Research Published Between 1980 and 2010

    Hollick_storefrontMartin E. Hollick
    NEHGS; 6 x 9 softcover, 300 pp. reg. $21.95, member price $19.76
    This expanded edition of the bestselling New Englanders in the 1600s offers researchers an even more comprehensive source for finding the most recent genealogical writing about seventeenth-century New England families. The new edition includes a full five years’ worth of publications, plus select publications from 2011. All levels of researchers will find this book helpful for finding articles, single- and multi-family genealogies, and other scholarly compendia covering New England immigrants born before the year 1700. All levels of researchers, from beginners to professionals, will find this book helpful for finding articles, single- and multi-family genealogies, and other scholarly compendia covering New England immigrants born before the year 1700. 

    New England Captives Carried to Canada

    Between 1677 and1760 During the French and Indian Wars

    captives_catEmma Lewis Coleman
    Foreword by Donald R. Friary
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 900 pp.
    reg. $29.95, member price $26.96
    Originally published in two volumes in 1925, New England Captives Carried to Canada represents decades of research conducted by Coleman and C.Alice Baker (author of True Stories of New England Captives Carried to Canada, 1897). This work names all the captives the two women discovered, provides biographical data for each, and paints a detailed picture of the Indian attacks on New England communities over the eighty-year period.Includes sources, a comprehensive index, and an appendix with greater explanation of terms, key people, and places mentioned in the text.For nearly a century, this has been the go-to resource and the most definitive work ever published on the subject.

    Dictionary of American-Indian Place and Proper Names in New England

    amerindianplacenames_catR. A. Douglas-Lithgow
    Foreword by David Allen Lambert
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 456 pp.
    reg. $24.95, member price $22.46
    This dictionary is a key resource for scholars of New England Native American language, history, and culture, as well as genealogists.Experts at NEHGS have long relied on this book, first published in 1909, to help identify specific locations within New England and to interpret early deeds.Ideal for anyone with an interest in pre-1620 New England. Features include: introduction to New England tribes; state-by-state listing of place names, including some now extinct; list of prominent 17th-century New England Native Americans; enumeration of New England tribes; and lists of words from the Abenaki and Massachusetts (or Natick) languages.

    The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 1600-1700

    Hotten_catJohn Camden Hotten
    Foreword by Robert Charles Anderson, FASG
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 616 pp.
    reg. $27.95, member price $25.16
    Published more than 125 years ago, this important resource compiles documents listing seventeenth-century English immigrants to New England, the Chesapeake, and the Caribbean.It remains an invaluable resource for anyone with such ancestry.Includes a comprehensive index. Compiled documents include: surviving records from the London Port Books; lists from some of the English outports; muster rolls from Virginia; and other items listing early settlers.

    The Founders of New England

    Originally Collected and Published in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register

    Founders_catSamuel G. Drake
    Foreword by Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG
    NEHGS; 6 x 9, paperback, 160 pp.
    reg. $14.95, member price $13.46
    First published in the Register in 1860, this volume, much like Hotten's The Original Lists of Persons of Quality above, compiles passenger lists and other documents from the British Archives relevant to early migration to New England.Although some of the contained transcriptions may overlap with Hotten's work, it is important to review this volume for additional information and research avenues, and to compare and/or confirm how a name appears.An influential figure in the early years of NEHGS and editor of the Register off and on between 1847 and 1861, Drake and his works continue to be a go-to source for researchers of early New England.Includes comprehensive indexes by passenger, person, place, and ship.


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