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Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850

Vital Records Of Buckland, Massachusetts To The End Of The Year 1849


Published By

The Essex Institute

Salem, Mass.



Newcomb & Gauss Co.


Salem, Mass.



The following records of births, marriages and deaths

include all entries to be found in the books of records kept by

the town clerks; in the church records; in the cemetery

inscriptions, and in many private records found in family

Bibles and other sources. These records are printed in

a condensed form in which every essential particular has

been preserved. All duplication of records has been elimi-

nated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter

appear in brackets. Parentheses are used when they occur

in the original record; also to indicate the maiden name of

a married woman, and to show variations in the spelling of a

name in the same entry.


When places other than Buckland and Massachusetts are

named in the original records, they are given in the printed

copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under

the names of both parties. When both the marriage and

intention of marriage are recorded, only the marriage record

is printed; and when a marriage appears without the inten-

tion being recorded, it is designated by an asterisk. In all

records the original spelling of names is followed, and the

various forms of family names have been placed in one alpha-

betical arrangement.


From the fact that in 1876, all the records of the births,

marriages and deaths of Buckland were destroyed by fire,

none of such records are available, save the period of 1843

to 1850, copies of which years are on file at the State House

in Boston. These have been considered in this work original

records. The church records have fortunately been preserved

and have been incorporated, as well as considerable material

from the records of Franklin and Hampshire counties, and

from other public and private sources bearing on the vital

statistics of this community.



April 14, 1779, the plantation called No-town, and part

of Charlemont.  April 14, 1838, part of Conway annexed.



The population of Buckland at different periods was as



1790,    718            1840, 1,084            1890, 1,570

1800, 1,041            1850, 1,056            1900, 1,446

1810, 1,097            1860, 1,702            1910, 1,573

1820, 1,037            1870, 1,946            1920, 1,433

1830, 1,039            1880, 1,739            1930, 1,497












C. R. 1.—church record, First Congregational Church.

C. R. 2.—church record, Baptist Church.





d.—daughter; day; died.



d. t.—Direct Tax of 1798.

dup.—duplicate entry.




F. D.—Franklin County Deeds.

F. P.—Franklin County Probate.



G. R. 1.—gravestone record, Buckland Cemetery.

G. R. 2.—gravestone record, Buckland Center Cemetery.

G. R. 3.—gravestone record, Old Cemetery, East Buckland.

G. R. 4.—gravestone record, New Cemetery, East Buckland.

G. R. 5.—gravestone record, yard in "Buckland Upper City."

H. D.—Hampshire County Deeds.

H. P.—Hampshire County Probate.

h.—husband; hour.


int.—intention of marriage.



m.—male; married; month.


N. R. 1.—newspaper records, Greenfield Gazette and Courier.

P. R. 1.—Bible records in possession of Miss Ida Harris of Buckland.

P. R. 2.—family records from Ward Genealogy.

P. R. 3.—family records in possession of Frank A. Ward of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 4.—family records in possession of William F. Taylor of Warren.

P. R. 5.—family records in possession of Erwin T. Mallory of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 6.—family records in possession of Mrs. H. A. Ferguson of Lakeland, Florida.

P. R. 7.—Bible records in possession of Miss Jane M. Lamb of Greenfield.

P. R. 8.—Bible records in possession of Miss Sarah Ward of Buckland.

P. R. 9.—family records in possession of Mrs. Albert O. Davenport of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 10.—family records from genealogy compiled by W. O. Taylor.

P. R. 11.—family records in possession of Mrs. Electa P. Stratton of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 12.—family records in possession of Miss Jennie Thayer of Brookline.

P. R. 13.—Bible records in possession of Mrs. Frank Purrington of Greenfield.

P. R. 14.—family records in possession of Charles E. Ward of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 15.—family records in possession of Miss Clara J. Bement of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

P. R. 16.—family records in possession of Mrs. W. E. Scott of Greenfield.

P. R. 17.—family records in possession of W. F. Taylor of Warren,

P. R. 18.—family records from Field Genealogy.

P. R. 19.—family records in possession of Galen W. Johnson of Buckland.

P. R. 20.—family records from Ware Genealogy.

P. R. 21.—family records from Elmer Genealogy.

P. R. 22.—family records in possession of Mrs. Lena T. Merriam of Buckland.

P. R. 23.—family records in possession of Mrs. George Dodge of Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 24.—family records in possession of Edmund G. Wilder.

P. R. 25.—family records in possession of Frederick E. Wells of Greenfield.

P. R. 26.—family records in possession of Mrs. C. W. Trow of Buckland.

P. R. 27.—family records from Vital Records of Charlemont.

P. R. 28.—family records from County Clerk's office, Franklin County, Greenfield.

P. R. 29.—family records in possession of Percy E. Woodward of Boston.

P. R. 30.—family records, from Connecticut Valley History.

P. R. 31.—family records from Sheldon's History of Deerfield.

P. R. 32.—family records from History of Conway.

P. R. 33.—family records in Collections of Lucy C. Kellogg.

P. R. 34.—family records from the History of Western Massachusetts.

P. R. 35.—family records from Chapin Genealogy.

P. R. 36.—family records from Vital Records of Heath.

P. R. 37.—family records in possession of Harry W. Kellogg of Greenfield.

P. R. 38.—family records in Collections of W. O. Taylor deposited in Arms Library at Shelburne Falls.

P. R. 39.—family records from genealogy of the Taylor family.

P. R. 40.—family records from Vital Records of Deerfield.

P. R. 41.—marriages and intentions from New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

P. R. 42.—records of marriages in Western Massachusetts in New England Historical and Genealogical Register.

P. R. 43.—family records from "Churches and Ministers of Franklin County."

P. R. 44.—family records from History of Whately.

P. R. 45.—marriages and intentions from Colrain Town Records.






U. S. C.—United States Census.


w.—wife; week.




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