Western Massachusetts Families in 1790

Sketch Submissions

We continue to edit member-submitted sketches and post them online at AmericanAncestors.org in the category “Genealogies, Biographies, etc.” under the title “Families of Western Massachusetts in 1790.”

In response to our original invitation for sketches, we received about 250. Fifty of them appear in the published volume. For one reason or another, usually because the family was previously published elsewhere or because the sketch did not follow our guidelines, another dozen or so were not used. A number of sketches were proposed but not fully developed. Thus we had about 150 suitable subjects remaining. A number of them have been edited and posted online. More are underway. It will take a great many months to process them all.

Anyone who submitted sketches and has not heard from the editor is welcome to study the sketches in our published book or on our website and revise their submissions accordingly. Priority will be given to the sketches already submitted. If other members of the society would like to submit new sketches that reflect the kind of research and source citations that we use, so that they need minimal editing, we will consider posting them online.

Helen Schatvet Ullmann, cg, fasg
Editor, Western Massachusetts Families in 1790