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Ask a Genealogist: Researching Catholic Cemeteries in Boston, Mass.

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Can you offer me some guidance regarding Catholic cemeteries in Boston, Massachusetts?  I understand that a member of your staff has transcribed certain Catholic cemeteries around Boston.


Reply from Marie Daly, Senior Genealogist.

Thank you for your question regarding the cemeteries I havetranscribed. The first one I did in the late 1970s was the MountAuburn Catholic Cemetery in Watertown, Massachusetts. I did not doa very good job, and printed only 4 copies. They are at theArchdiocese Archives, the Watertown Public Library, Mount AuburnCemetery and NEHGS. The burial records and many photos for thiscemetery are on

The next cemetery I transcribed was Bunker Hill Catholic Cemeteryin Charlestown, Massachusetts. I did not photograph the 150gravestones in the cemetery. But I transcribed them, located theburial records, and looked up the death records of the peopleburied there. I have it in a Word file at work, and I can dolookups.

The current cemetery I have been working on is the CambridgeCatholic Cemetery on Rindge Ave. in North Cambridge. I havephotographed about 600 gravestones. You need to determine at whatcemetery your ancestors is buried, since these cemeteries includeburials from all over the Boston area.

Posted by David Lambert at 01/28/2014 01:03:11 PM | 

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