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Family Tree SamplersThis database update contains photographs and genealogical information from fourteen additional family tree samplers in the collection of Marty and Dan Campanelli. The Campanelli collection of family tree samplers was featured in the Winter 2012 issue of American Ancestors magazine: Following the Threads of the Carver Fruit Tree Family Register.  The samplers included in the database contain information from the Carver family, featured in American Ancestors, and from 29 additional families.  Photos of the individual samplers may be viewed by clicking the View link on any search result.  The “Next Page” and “Previous Page” buttons on the image display page may be used to page through the photos of the samplers. 

From an introduction by Dan and Marty Campanelli, "By making these precious artifacts available in an online database, researchers and descendants can see an actual item created by an ancestor, and sometimes this very piece of needlework is the only documentation that exists for a particular family. There may be errors within a sampler’s genealogy text, perhaps because the information went through several hands: First the mother or father may have transcribed it from the family bible, gave or sent it to the daughter at school, then the instructress drew the letters and numbers with ink onto the linen, and lastly the girl stitched over the ink with her colorful thread. But these artifacts are closer to the truth since they were made in period."

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