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The Daily Genealogist: Spotlight Reflections

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Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

It's hard to believe that I began writing weekly articles for the NEHGS enewsletter ten years ago. Over that time there have been many changes. What was then the NEHGS eNews is now The Weekly Genealogist. The articles I wrote in the beginning covered both online and onsite genealogical resources. As more and more resources have become available online, the focus of my articles has turned exclusively to finding freely available online resources.

When I think about it, the numbers astound me. There are 52 weeks in each year, with an article written nearly every week over the course of ten years, which means that I've written more than 500 articles in ten years. And, believe it or not, there are a lot of resources still waiting to be discovered.

My Spotlight Resolution for 2014 is to continue to seek out and share online genealogical and family history resources with readers of The Weekly Genealogist. I welcome input from readers who know of sites that I've not found, and I am encouraged when I hear from readers about successful searches on sites about which I've written.

Posted by Jean Powers at 01/06/2014 11:50:39 AM | 

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