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The Daily Genealogist: Filiopietism Prism

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock
Managing Editor

Our latest blog profile features Filiopietism Prism, written by John D. Tew, who wrote an article for the fall 2011 issue of American Ancestors magazine, “Echoes from the Dorr Rebellion: The 1842 Aplin/Carpenter Correspondence.” (NEHGS members can read the article online.) Here, John introduces his blog:

Filiopietism Prism went live on New Year's Eve 2012. It was inspired byNutfield Genealogy, and a generous invitation from its author, Heather Wilkinson Rojo, to contribute a guest post in February 2012.

I have been interested in my family history since I was a teenager. My initial interest came from discovering that the “Rhode Island Pirate,” Thomas Tew, hailed from Newport, where my ancestors resided. Although various sources have linked him to my ancestors, no proof has been found and I continue to pursue all new leads. After this original encounter with genealogy, I began to slowly and sporadically collect family information and photographs in file folders and boxes. Following the birth of our two sons, my interest deepened and got more organized. This, coupled with a general interest in history, prompted me to begin writing a family history and eventually led to the decision to start a blog.

Filiopietism Prism is largely focused on my New England ancestry because both my paternal and maternal lineage go back to the early colonization of New England - the Mayflower on my mother's side and the 1640 arrival of the Tews to Newport, Rhode Island on my father's side. The blog allows me to share information, photographs, and resources I have accumulated and reach out to others who have similar interests. It has also led to the discovery of a few distant cousins.

I like to explore lost traditions I have discovered through my genealogy pursuits (such as May baskets). I also have developed two regular features: Saturday Serendipity (which passes on interesting genealogy and history reads) and Samaritan Sunday (which presents stories of strangers helping strangers with genealogy-related assistance).

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