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The Daily Genealogist: Vermont Civil War Sesquicentennial Website

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock
Managing Editor

Vermont Civil War Sesquicentennial Website
by Lynn Betlock, Editor

Readers with Vermont ancestors — or those interested in the history and culture of the state — should explore the resources available at the Vermont Civil War Sesquicentennial website. It offers a ten-page PDF, Vermont & the Civil War: A Visitor's Guide, which “describes 46 places to visit. The guide will take you to New England's best documented stop on the Underground Railroad, the factory where the gun milling machines that armed the nation were produced, and the resort where Mary Lincoln and her children summered in 1864.” The site also includes links to information about various aspects of Vermont's Civil War history as well as a link to the Vermont Historical Society's page on Researching the Civil War from a Vermont Perspective.

Those interested in pursuing the topic further will want to investigate a new book by Howard Coffin, Something Abides: Discovering the Civil War in Today's Vermont. “Coffin takes the reader through every town in the Green Mountain State to document more than 3,000 sites that were in some way touched by the Civil War and are extant today. Not a theme-park guide to quaintly preserved structures, the sites identified here are homes where soldiers lived and died, hospitals where they were treated, and halls where abolitionists spoke passionately.” Howard Coffin is also the author of Full Duty: Vermonters in the Civil War.

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