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Ask a Genealogist: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick early census.

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What was the first standard census for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that was not a tax list?


The 1851 Provincial Census for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia can be considered the first for the 19th century.  There are, as you mentioned, earlier tax lists.  The 1851 Nova Scotia census only partially survived for some counties.  Unlike the 1851 New Brunswick census, the Nova Scotia census does not list any other than the head of household.  NEHGS has both of these censuses on microfilm, and also online subscription access if you visit the library.

Posted by Jean Maguire at 04/23/2013 11:54:44 PM | 

My 3rd g-grandparents are listed in the 1851 census as being born in Ireland (my g-g-g-grandmother arrived in NB in 1840, my g-g-g-grandfather in 1830). They met in NB, married (marriage record does not name parents), had the first two children and came to Boston in 1853.

Every other record I have (census, birth of their other children and death) say that they were born in NB or Maine.

I suspect they lied since their was discrimination against the Irish in that time period.

They had common surnames (Wilson/Long). I know David M. Wilson's parents were Thomas and Jane and that Elizabeth Long's father was Alexander. I have had no luck identifying siblings, uncles/aunts. Nor could I find names of godparents for their children.

I have looked at land records, probate, naturalizations (for their sons) and tracked down distant cousins (who know nothing) - is there any record set that you would recommend to help me trace their Irish origins? or is it possible that they were really born in NB?
Posted by: Linda_243 ( Email ) at 4/24/2013 10:46 PM

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