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The Daily Genealogist: The Gathering & Return to Your Roots

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Betlock Lynn

Lynn Betlock

The idea of exploring an ancestral homeland is awfully compelling for many genealogists. Below are links to two sites that encourage making an ancestral pilgrimage.


The Gathering


"Throughout 2013, Ireland is opening its arms to hundreds of thousands of friends and family from all over the world, calling them home to gatherings in villages, towns and cities." The Gathering Ireland 2013 is a series of events, held throughout the country, and anyone with Irish connections - or an interest in Ireland - is encouraged to visit. Special events and festivals are a major part of this effort, as are local gatherings.


Approximately seventy million people worldwide are part of the global Irish diaspora, and organizers hope many of them will make a trip to Ireland this year. The Gathering website features a genealogy page with links to resources and to Ireland Reaching Out, a "national reverse genealogy programme," which aims to connect people with their place of origin in Ireland.


Online articles and videos relate how The Gathering has drawn people to Ireland. Of particular interest are sixty "heritage and tracing your roots" stories, which offer lots of satisfying tales.

For more information, visit The Gathering website.


"Return to Your Roots"


The April 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler features a "Return to Your Roots" theme, allowing readers to "Meet Five Travelers Who Explored Their Ancestry."  


Five different ancestral places are profiled:







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