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Ask a Genealogist: Early Worcester, Massachusetts church records.

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The Worcester birth records include a listing of children of Samuel and Hannah (Tatman) Lawrence in the 1750's. The source is listed as the Old South Church records. I would like to see the original records and I am trying to locate them.


According to the work of Dr. Harold Field Worthley the early records of the First Congregational Church or "Old South" are "owned by the church." According to his published work - An Inventory of the records of the particular (Congregational) Church of Massachusetts gathered 1620-1805 (Cambridge, Harvard University, 1970), they have the following:

The oldest records, 1719-1747, are now missing. Church Records (Folder A) "Records of the Old South Church, Worcester, Mass., 1747-1761." (Folder B) "Records of the Old South Church, Worcester, Mass., 1745-1790. Baptisms, admissions & demissions."

The contact information for the church is below. Please let me know how you do in contacting them.

First Congregational Church, 1070 Pleasant Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01602

Phone #: 508 752 4635. Church email address:



Posted by Andrew Hanson-Dvoracek at 01/16/2013 12:03:40 PM | 

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