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The Daily Genealogist: Numa Pompilius

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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto
Staff Genealogist

NUMA POMPILIUS (m): Numa Pompilius Rose (Canandaigua Co., N.Y. 28 April 1811–Ann Arbor, Mich. 24 June 1899, a Civil War veteran), a younger son of Jairus and Zilpha (Gillett) Rose of Granville, Mass., and Canandaigua and Niagara Cos., N.Y. (Eretta Rose Starr, The Ancestry and Descendants of Jairus Rose and Zilpha Gillett [Portage, Wash., 1930], p. 71), was named for the legendary Roman king (actually a Sabine), successor of Romulus; aided by the nymph Egeria, King Numa Pompilius drew up the Roman religious law. The seven ancient kings of Rome (who ruled from the founding of Rome, traditionally by Romulus in 753 B.C., until the establishment of the Roman Republic) were chronicled by the Roman historian Livy [Titus Livius Patavicinus, ca. 59 B.C.?–ca. 17 A.D.?] in the early books of his History of Rome. Numa Pompilius was the second of the seven legendary kings, after Romulus the founder; he was said to have built the famous temple of Janus, and to have originated many of the earliest Roman priesthoods, occupational guilds, and political institutions.

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