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The Daily Genealogist Spotlight: Carson City, Nevada

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

Carson City, Nevada
Carson City is the capital of Nevada. It is located at about the midpoint on Nevada’s western border. The Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office has made available on its website a database comprising a number of resources. The original records from which the database was compiled are available in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Click on the "Browse Our Files" bar to open the search page and view the following records:

Birth Records
Birth records from 1867 through 1957 are indexed under both the parents’ names and that of the child. If the children do not have first names, they are listed as son or daughter.

Death Records
Death records from 1887 through 1957 include coroner's report records, burial records, physicians' certificates of death, and other types of documents.

Public Health Officer Reporting
The records in the index contain data from the Public Health Officer reports from 1911 through 1941. The County’s Public Health Officer was required to file a monthly report related to the health status of the county. These reports included monthly listings of births, deaths, burial and removal permits, diseases, and other health conditions, such as identified epidemics or contagious diseases.

Citizenship Documents
This database covers the period from 1868 through 1926. Sources include Declarations of Intention, Oaths of Loss of Declaration of Intention, Oaths of Minority, Oaths of Allegiance, and Certificates of Citizenship.

Cemetery Indexing
This database contains the names of people buried at Lone Mountain Cemetery and Empire Cemetery from 1850 to the present. The detailed records in the database do not name the cemetery in which the individual is buried, just the plot location. Click here for more information about Lone Mountain Cemetery and other Carson City cemeteries.

The Carson City Clerk-Recorder’s Office database can be searched by surname or date. You may enter a partial surname to include spelling variations in the results. For the date search you must enter month, day, and year. Searches may be limited by record type. Unusual names have been indexed as written. For example, there is a death record for "One Arm Jim (Indian)" who died in 1915 at age 109. A description of how Chinese names have been indexed is provided.

The data fields in the search results include name, person type, document type, and date. "Person type" may include status information such as parent(s), child, deceased, and citizen. Click on the "Open" button on the left to view the detailed record. The data fields in the "details" record include file number, document type, reference location, document date, and comments. The information found in the "reference location" field includes volume and page numbers for original records and cemetery plot locations. The "comments" field contains information such as age at death, birth and death dates for cemetery records, country of origin, and date of birth on a Declaration of Intention.

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