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The Daily Genealogist Name Origin: Liberty

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Julie Helen Otto

Julie Helen Otto
Staff Genealogist

LIBERTY (usually m): Even before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, idealistic parents who suspected they were living in historic times named children (mostly boys, but the occasional girl) for the precious concept of freedom. Dr. James Potter of New Fairfield, Conn., had a son Libertas Potter (1769–1770) (whose name, the Latin nominative singular for liberty, was botched in transcription to “Libartis” in C.E. Potter, The Potter Genealogies [1888], section five, #98). After the Lexington Alarm, the name became popular as fathers and older brothers marched off to battle. Some other bearers of the name, seen in Bellingham, Mass., were Liberty Partridge, b. Bellingham, Mass. 13 Jan. 1776, son of Joseph and Catherine (Richardson) Partridge (Bellingham, Mass., VRs to 1850, p. 51); a Westminster, Mass., person of this name m. Bellingham 31 Jan. 1814 Rachel Holbrook (Bellingham VRs, p. 132). Liberty Bates, b. Bellingham 16 July 1775, was a son of Laban and Olive (Wheelock) Bates (Bellingham VRs, p. 14). The name was, of course, not confined to Bellingham. Liberty Judd, son of Philip and Mary (Peters) Judd, was born August 27, 1775 in Hebron, Connecticut; he married Abigail Everest and moved to Genesee Co., N.Y. 

(Fortunately for bearers of this name, the Patriot cause prevailed.)

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