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The Online Genealogist: Liberty Ships in WWII

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: Can you refer me to a listing of the Liberty Ships in World War II?


Answer: My father served in the Army Engineer Construction Corps and traveled to Europe on two ships including the Charles B. Aycock.  A complete list can be found online here of the Liberty Ships:


Posted by David Lambert at 06/19/2012 11:54:51 PM | 

There is also another great resource for Liberty Ship information.
Project Liberty Ship is a non-profit volunteer based organization out of Baltimore, MD, they preserve the history and one of two Liberty Ships that are still in existance out of 2700 built for WWII. Project Liberty Ship preserves and maintains the John W. Brown named after my Great Uncle who was a National Labor Organizer. The other Ship in existance is the Jeremiah O'Brien out in California.I am sure Project Liberty Ship would be happy to assist you with information about Liberty Ships from WWII. If you can make a trip to Baltimore the ship is a floating Museum as well as they schedule Living History Cruises through out the season. I highly recommend participating in the Living History Cruise. I had the opportunity to take the cruise in 2010 and it was the most exciting event I have ever been to, it gave me true appreciation for all who serve this great nation and what they experienced during WWII.
Enjoy....I hope this is helpful
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