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This Week's Survey: Reading The Weekly Genealogist

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Lynn Betlock

Lynn Betlock

We apologize for the delay in posting to our Daily Genealogist blog. A fire in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood disrupted services for a few days, and our Internet access was cut off.


Last week’s survey asked whether you have a family story of how an ancestor’s name was changed by an immigration official. The results are:


77%, No, I do not have an ancestral name change story.
12%, Yes, I have documented proof of an ancestral name change.
12%, Yes, I have an unverified family legend of an ancestral name change.


This week's survey asks how you read The Weekly Genealogist enewsletter (this description refers to the EMAIL version of TWG, not the blog: HTML email readers will see bold and italics in their enewsletters; text-only readers will see no such formatting). Take the survey now!

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