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Spotlight: Amelia Island Genealogical Society, Florida

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Visitor Services Representative

Amelia Island Genealogical Society, Florida


Nassau County is the northeasternmost county in Florida, on the Georgia border. It includes Amelia Island, one of the Sea Islands that stretch along the east coast from South Carolina to Florida. The Nassau County seat is Fernandina Beach, which is located on Amelia Island. The Amelia Island Genealogical Society (AIGS) has made a number of resources available on its website.


Click on the Nassau County History link in the center of the homepage to view a timeline of Nassau County history, which was created by the WPA in 1936. Click on the Records link in the contents bar to access links to the society’s online resources, which include the following:

1850 Federal Census

The 1850 Census for Nassau County has been transcribed and uploaded to the website. This database can be searched by last name or by census page number. The data fields include page number, dwelling number, family number, last name, first name, age, sex, color, occupation, real estate, birthplace, estimated year born, and comment. Information in the comment field includes a notation if a couple was married within the year.


1895 State Census

Florida conducted statewide censuses in both 1885 and 1895, but for Nassau County only the 1895 census survives. It is thus a valuable tool for anyone researching Nassau County ancestors during the period from 1881 and 1899. The database can be searched by last name or by census page number. The data fields in the website include page number, dwelling number, last name, first name, race, sex, age, relationship, civil condition, occupation, birthplace, comment, and estimated year born.



This database is an index to the Nassau County marriage books for 1868 through 1894. It can be searched by bride’s last name and groom’s last name. The data fields in the index include bride’s last name, bride’s first name, groom’s last name, groom’s first name, date of the marriage, and comment.



This alphabetical index contains 105 records of wills, testaments, and proofs for the period from 1870 to 1908. The data fields include last name, first name, and page number. An example of a will from that period has been digitized and uploaded to the website.


Confederate Civil War Pensions

The files in this index have been extracted from the pension files for individual pensions and widows’ pensions. Confederate pensions in Florida were first authorized in 1885, and were granted to residents of Florida regardless of the state for which they served. The data fields in the database include case number; first and last name; unit name and number; widow’s name; and year filed.


Cemetery Database

Currently the records for fifty-seven cemeteries, on Amelia Island and other locations in Nassau County, are in the database. The data is drawn from surveys sponsored by the AIGS. First click on the cemetery name link. This will open a new page containing a brief history of the cemetery. There is also a link to the grave layout for most cemeteries. Click on the Area Map link to view a map of all Nassau County cemeteries. There are also detailed four sectional maps. Click on the Search by Name link to open an ‘All Cemeteries’ search page. The index can be searched by name (last name or maiden name) and by year (year of death or year of birth). You can also browse through the cemeteries database by clicking on the Browse Cemeteries link. The data fields include cemetery name, last name, first name, maiden name, date of birth, date of death, burial plot, other info, and photo number.


Obituary Database

The AIGS is in the process of abstracting obituary records from a number of Nassau County newspapers. To date the following years have been completed: 1879 through 1885, 1949 through 1955, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1964 through 1967, and 1969. In addition the following years have been partially completed: 1878, 1886, 1907, 1908, 1910, 1918, 1920, 1923, 1925, 1927 and 1930. This database is a work in progress.


The database contains obituary records for nearly 3,500 individuals. More than 17,000 other individuals mentioned in the obituaries have also been included. It can be searched ‘By Deceased Name,’ ‘By Attendee Name’ or ‘By Death Year.’ The data fields in the search results for the Deceased Name or Death Year search are: deceased last name, deceased first name, death year, death place, birth date, birth place, newspaper, and location. For the Attendee Name search results the data fields are: attendee last name, first name, relationship, deceased last name, deceased first name, death, and year. Click on the deceased’s last name link to open a detailed record. The detailed records can contain a significant amount of information about the deceased, circumstances surrounding the death, and newspaper source information, as well as information about family and friends mentioned.

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