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A New Beginning

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Lynn Betlock

Lynn Betlock
Managing Editor

This issue of The Weekly Genealogist marks a new beginning. With Michael Leclerc’s departure from NEHGS, I have become the new editor. I will be assisted by Valerie Beaudrault, who has proofed the enewsletter and contributed the Spotlight column since 2004, and Jean Powers, my colleague in the Publications Department. Over the years Michael did a superb job of developing a clear format and engaging content for The Weekly Genealogist. As the new editor, I’m looking forward to building on the foundation he established as well as introducing some new elements.


I first joined the NEHGS staff in 1995 as sales manager. My position changed in 2001 when I assumed a marketing role. In 2003, I became the managing editor of New England Ancestors, now American Ancestors. I also work on the Great Migration Study Project and other NEHGS publications.


Some of you who are long-term subscribers may remember that I was the enewsletter editor from 2001 until 2004. In fact, when I became the editor of HisGen Highlights (as it was called) in 2001, I was taking over from Michael then, too. As I was writing this announcement, I checked the enewsletter archive for the exact date and found that I’d written the following on September 7, 2001:


“I am pleased to announce that with this issue of HisGen Highlights I am assuming the role of enewsletter editor. I'd like to thank Michael Leclerc, the previous editor, for all the improvements he made to the enewsletter and for the help he has given me during this transition. My work on the enewsletter will be part of my new position as the NEHGS marketing director. Although I have just started this position, I have been with NEHGS since 1995 as sales manager. You may remember me standing behind the table selling books at various conferences or taking your sales order over the telephone. In my new role I am pleased to have the opportunity to spread the word, not only about what we offer for sale, but about our great education programs, magazine and journal, and library and research resources. I am excited about using this enewsletter as a means to keep you informed about NEHGS and its activities as well as news from the larger genealogical community. As time goes on, I would like to solicit your input and content to make this enewsletter into more of a forum for us to educate one another.”


Nearly ten years later, as I reassume the enewsletter editorship, I find my words still hold true. I continue to be excited at the prospect of choosing and shaping interesting stories about NEHGS and the genealogical world. I’m looking forward to where The Weekly Genealogist goes from here.

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