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Clark's Alley in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts in the 1820's.

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: I have a question for you. John Bartley was a tailor in Boston for many years.  For several years his shop was located on Pearl Street.  However the 1829 Boston Directory has his establishment located on Clark's Alley for which I am having difficulty locating. 



The area you mention was located in the North End of Boston near 170 North Street.  According to A Record of the Streets, Alleys, Places, Etc. in the City of Boston. (Boston, 1910), p. 116.    

Clark’s Alley, Boston (1824) from Hanover Street to Ann (now North) Street, south of Richmond Street; confirmed as a public way, Sept. 15, 1834; a portion near Hanover Street now built over and the remainder [in 1910] was called Keith’s alley [in] 1868. 


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