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Why are 3,000 Victims of 9/11 Missing from Social Security Death List?

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Michael J. Leclerc

Michael J. Leclerc
Director of Special Projects

 Get a better understanding of how the Death Master File works in this Daily Republicreport on possible reasons for the omission of the 9/11 victims from the records.

Posted by Michael Leclerc at 07/21/2011 02:11:29 PM | 

This is a shame for family and friends. Throughout the news article they don't come up with any plausible explanations - only excuses. It is also full of contradictions. Thanks so much for letting us know. It means a great deal for those who are researching families!
Posted by: Julie ( Email ) at 7/23/2011 9:41 AM

Whats the deal, gov't does not have all their ducks in a row again?How wrong how very very wrong, the ones they were at least able to ID should be in those records
Posted by: paula bennett ( Email | Visit ) at 7/28/2011 9:59 PM

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