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World War I Medal from Pennsylvania

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David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question:  While going through my ancestors belongings I located his Pennsylvania World War I medal.  How can I find out the details on his receiving this?


Answer: To located the records you seek contact the Pennsylvania State Archives.  They have the application files for these World War I medals available in the archives.  The following description from their website describes this particular record group. "These cards were originally submitted by veterans and their survivors who applied for service medals in accordance with the Act of April 21, 1937, P.L. 331, Sections 1 and 2. Information provided about each veteran consists of name and serial number, place of residence at time of entry into service, date and place the veteran entered into service, rank, military unit to which attached, place and date of honorable discharge, and the signature of the applicant. Also present are the initials of the person by whom the remittance was received and of the person acting on behalf of the Adjutant General, and each card is stamped with the date of approval. The reverse side of each card shows the name of the veteran or survivor applying for the medal, and the residence to which the medal was to be mailed". 


For more information on these cards and how to reach the Pennsylvania State Archives go online to:

Posted by David Lambert at 07/18/2011 11:55:09 PM | 

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