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MSMD: Not Just for Mayflower Descendants

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Michael J. Leclerc

Michael J. Leclerc
Director of Special Projects

The Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants has added some new resources to its website, all free to the public. In the Online Resources section of the Research menu, you will see the plans they have for providing information. Currently, only the state guides, vital records, and genealogical tools sections have information. Future plans include cemetery, census, church, court, land, military, and town records, city directories, immigration and naturalization, and newspapers.


The genealogical tools section has a PDF file of a pedigree chart. The state guides provide information on the New England states. Here you will find various records sources and repositories in the state. You will also find a list of counties in the state.


Particularly helpful is Franklin County, Massachusetts, where the index for the dockets and files of the probate court from 1812 to 1925 has been scanned and made available online. The images are not searchable, but you can browse through. You can jump down to a particular letter of the alphabet to a list of links with the first surname on each page of the index that starts with that letter. The images load in a new tab in your browser, and loaded fairly quickly with a high-speed internet connection. Having them open a new tab makes accessing easier, as you can quickly open up a new tab with another page instead of having to hit the back button and wait for the page to reload.


As GSMD is able to add to the website, the value will only increase over time. Check it out at

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