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Daughters of the American Revolution Patriots and Veterans online.

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David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: Can you direct me to a website to search to see if a relative has had a D.A.R. membership taken out?


Answer:  You can search on Patriots and veterans of the Revolutionary War on a free database from the Daughters of the American Revolution.  You can also purchase copies of their application forms from this same site.  I would suggest searching for the Ancestor, and choosing a D.A.R. member you may be familiar with in your pedigree first.  The website is:

Posted by David Lambert at 04/26/2011 11:50:26 PM | 

I would also suggest taking the members of your family tree and searching through the D.A.R. "Descendants" database to see if any of your ancestors are in the lineage of anyone who has become a member of D.A.R. You may not know a distant relative was a member.
Jennifer Mitten
Dallas, Texas
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