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Searching for lost relatives in Nevada in 1913.

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David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question:  I have correspondence that my grandmother lost two cousins to illness in Nevada in 1913.  Being new to genealogy I have no idea how to get these records.  Can you offer some advice?


Answer: Death records in Nevada from July 1, 1911 to the present are available from the Office of Vital Records in Carson City, Nevada. Please note that according to this office “Birth and death records are confidential in the State of Nevada and may only be released to a qualified applicant. A qualified applicant is defined as the registrant, or a direct family member by blood or marriage, his or her guardian, or his or her legal representative”.

Office of Vital Records
4150 Technology Way, Suite 104
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Telephone: 775-684-4242
Fax: 775-684-4156

Qualified individuals can complete an application online and send a check or money order for the appropriate fee. The cost of a certified death record is $20.00.

The following link will bring you to a PDF of the form to send:

Posted by David Lambert at 04/25/2011 11:10:17 PM | 

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