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Cemeteries in Hamilton, Massachusetts

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David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question: I am planning a trip to Massachusetts this spring.  Specifically I am hoping to visit the cemeteries in Hamilton, Mass.  Can you give me some guidance of where they are and the condition of their records?


Answer:  The town of Hamilton was split off from Ipswich, Mass. in 1793.  So if you are looking for earlier burials you will need to search in Ipswich.  That being said the earliest gravestone in the Hamilton Cemetery is from 1707, obviously a cemetery that was being used prior to the incorporation of the town of Hamilton itself.  The Hamilton Cemetery is located on Bay Road (Route 1A) across from Cutler Road.  The gravestones before 1850 are referred to as G.R. 1 in the Vital Records of Hamilton, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 (1908), and as G.R. 5 in the Vital Records of Ipswich, Massachusetts to the year 1850 (1910).  The cemetery department in Hamilton can be reached directly at 978-468-5580.  This information is from my 2009 edition of A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries available from the NEHGS store.

Posted by David Lambert at 03/30/2011 11:58:24 PM | 

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