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Barrington & Argyle, Nova Scotia Vital Records

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Nova ScotiaThis database includes records of births, deaths, marriages, and local family histories from the 1710s through the 1900s for Barrington & Argyle, Nova Scotia. It also includes information on the original proprietors of nearby towns Liverpool, Annapolis, and Yarmouth.

Barrington was established in 1759 and settled extensively by New England Planters and Loyalists. Argyle was granted township in 1771.

The records for Barrington are registers kept by town clerks Samuel O’Doane Junior and Senior, who recorded births, deaths, and marriages from the 1710s through 1856.

The records related to Argyle range from the 1770s through the first decade of the twentieth century. In addition to births, marriages, and deaths, the Argyle records include the genealogies of prominent local families.


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