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Bone Hill in London, England

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question:  In correspondence my great-aunt had with a relative in England I have a mystery.  She stated that our ancestor and his wife who survived the Great London Fire were buried later at the Bone Hill in London.  I know you are an author of a book on Massachusetts cemeteries, but can you help?


Answer:  I belive strongly the cemetery you are mentioning is the 17th century cemetery called Bunhill Fields on City Road in London.  This cemetery was consecrated as a common burial ground in 1665.  According to the book by Hugh Meller and Brian Parsons, London Cemeteries - An Illustrated Guide and Gazetteer. (The History Press, 2008) "The name 'Bunhill' probably derives from 'Bonehill'".  The hill of bones refers to the location of bones from the charnel house associated with St. Paul's Cathedral.

Posted by David Lambert at 01/25/2011 02:05:51 PM | 

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