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A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries, Second Edition

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A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries, 2nd Edition

Author and NEHGS staff member, David Allen Lambert, discusses A Guide to Massachusetts Cemeteries and how this essential guidebook came about.


"While working at the Massachusetts State Archives over twenty years ago I began keeping track of the resources for local Boston cemeteries. Many genealogists wish to visit an ancestral cemetery, but don't know the location or if there is an office to visit. The locations of many small Massachusetts cemeteries on back roads were a mystery. This book includes the physical location, alias names, and date of incorporation or earliest gravestone within cemeteries across the state. Since many older gravestones are worn by the effects of time, nature, or simply vandalized, I have also included both published sources and manuscripts associated with each cemetery. This revised second edition includes many additions and corrections from the original, but I welcome any and all feedback to make this popular guidebook as complete as possible in future editions."


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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert has been a member of the NEHGS staff since 1993 and has provided invaluable guidance to researchers, members, and budding family historians as the "Online Genealogist." He maintains the daily blog, “Question of the Day” on, which highlights a sampling of the questions that David receives every day. Submit a Question

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