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California Cemetery Databases

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Valerie Beaudrault

Davis Cemetery District, Davis, California

Davis is the largest city in Yolo County, which is located in north central California. The Davis Cemetery District has made a burial database available on its website.


The Davis Cemetery has been in existence since at least 1855, the date of its earliest marker. The land on which the cemetery is located was originally purchased in 1850 by Colonel Joseph B. Chiles. Click on the History link in the site’s contents list to read a detailed history of the Davis Cemetery District.


Scroll down the page to the Burial Search With Mapping section and click on the Click Here link to access the search page. The search fields include last name, first name, date of interred with a dropdown list for a time range, section and lot, and AKA search. The AKA search field searches the first, middle, last and AKA (Also Known As) fields of the database. The data fields in the search results include title, first name, middle, last name, AKA, Jr./Sr., date of birth, date of death, date interred, section, block, lot, grave number, funeral home and place of death. Click on the map button to view a map of the cemetery. There are instructions for viewing maps of individual sections, but I did not have any luck with opening those PDF pages. There is also a print button at the top of the search results, which gives you a printer friendly view of those results.


Riverview Cemetery District, Brawley, California

Brawley is in Imperial County, which is one of the southernmost counties in California. Riverview Cemetery is a special district of Imperial County. It was formed in 1909. The Riverview Cemetery District has made a burial database available on its website.


To access the database you should first click on the Burials on the Web link in the site’s contents list to open a new page with instructions on searching the database. Click on the Burials on the Web link on this page and then on the Search Burials tab to access the search page. Enter part or all of the deceased’s name in the search box and click on ‘find people!’ to see the search results.


The search results are in the form of an alphabetical listing of burials. The data fields in this list include image, map, name, and date of death. Click on the image link to view a photograph of the gravestone and on the map image to view a cemetery map showing the location of the grave. Clicking on the name link will open the Person View page. The information found on this page includes full name, date of birth, if known, location of the grave, age, place of birth, gender, veteran, place of death, date of death, spouse name, father name, mother name, funeral director, date of service, and whether the individual was cremated. This information may be emailed or printed from this page. You may also browse through an alphabetical listing of burials, which may be found below the search box when you open the search page.

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