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Confederate Submarine HUNLEY crew members.

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

Question:  I am trying to determine if a near cousin of my third great-grandfather perished on the Confederate Submarine HUNLEY in 1864.  Can you help me get me a listing of the known crew members?


Answer: On February 17, 1864 the Confederate submarine H.L. HUNLEY sunk, and in August of 2000 she was raised.  Commander George E. Dixon, Arnold Becker, C. F. Carlsen, Frank Collins, C. Lumpkin, Agustus Miller,  Joseph F. Ridgaway and James A. Wicks.The remains of the crew were buried at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, S.C. in 2004.  Profiles of the crew members can be found on the website for conservation of the HUNLEY online at:

Posted by David Lambert at 12/30/2010 10:55:59 PM | 

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