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Searching for recent scholarship on Hatevil Nutter of Dover, New Hampshire.

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist


I am wondering what recent work has been done on my unusually named ancestor Hatevil Nutter of New Hampshire.



Two recent publications available from NEHGS will be of interest of you.  His English origins were published by John C. Brandon, The English Origin of Elder Hatevil1 Nutter of Dover, New Hampshire. With an Account of his Uncle the Reverend Anthony Nutter, Puritan Minister of Fenny Drayton, Leicestershire, and Woodkirk, Yorkshire. The American Genealogist (72:263-278).  Also a compiled genealogy on his descendants by Frederick R. Boyle, Hatevil Nutter of Dover, N.H., and his descendants (Portsmouth, NH: Peter E. Randall, 1997).

Posted by David Lambert at 10/20/2010 05:38:37 PM | 

I'm doing my family genealogy and Hatevil Nutter is my 9th great grandfather.
Posted by: Lynette Richey ( Email ) at 5/12/2011 4:36 PM

I've been doing the same as Lynette Richey, and Hetevil is also my 9th great grandfather.
David, are you aware of the dark side of Hatevil, like his role in the whiping of three Quaker women in Dover, and how that also wound up in a John Greenleaf Whittier poem about the incident? Sadly, I have the same relationship to Humphre Ahterton, involved with the hanging of witches and Quakers in Mass. Since I carry that name, at least it sounds better.
Posted by: Paul Atherton Clark ( Email ) at 7/19/2011 6:51 PM

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