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19th Century Baseball Player from Baltimore

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist


While reviewing family papers I find a reference to a David Force who played baseball for the "Canaries"?  Is there anyway I can locate records on this person?



Your relative did in fact play professional baseball for a short lived team in Baltimore called the Canaries.  This team only was in existance from 1872-1874.  Known as "Davy Force" he played professional baseball between 1871-1886 in a variety of teams.  He was born David W. Force in New York, N.Y, and died in Englewood, NJ in 1918 according to  For a complete listing of his statistics use the following link: is very useful for those searching for a baseball connection on a surname they are researching.  If you reuire more information you may wish to contact the Baseball Hall of Fame Library in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Posted by David Lambert at 10/08/2010 12:45:03 AM | 

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