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Searching for colonial vital records in Lanesborough, Massachusetts

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist


I have come across several unrelated families who lived in Lanesborough, Massachusetts at the end of the Revolution.  All of them moved on to New York.  Why can’t I seem to find vital records from this community?



Many of the communities in Massachusetts were published in what we refer to as the “Official Series” and many call them simply the “tan books”.  This town was not part of the series.  The only published accounting of the town’s vital records occurred in Charles J. Palmer’s, History of the town of Lanesborough, Massachusetts 1741-1905. Two chapters titled Births, Deaths and Marriages in Early History of the Town, pgs. 84-108, and Early Lanesborough Marriages, pgs. 108-121 cover much of the era you are looking for.  This town was also part of the Corbin Collection that NEHGS published on CD-Rom.  For the primary sources of both I would refer to the following microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah: Record of families; births, marriages and intentions, deaths 1750’s to 1850’s; Births, marriages, deaths - 1843-1858; Births and marriages -1859-1897 [FHL US /CAN Film # 1901559].  At NEHGS you can rent microfilm from the LDS Church for $5.50 a reel and use them at our research center at 99 Newbury Street in Boston, Mass.  This option is available for members, and visitors who wish to pay the $15.00 day fee.

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