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Where was the South Ground Cemetery in Boston?

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David Allen Lambert

David Allen Lambert
NEHGS Online Genealogist

I have a question if you don't mind. I found two death records in the LDS Boston deaths 1646-1895 microfilms which refer to the "South Ground". These were burials in 1833 and 1843. One was listed as "5 South Ground in a brick tomb" (according to the record he belonged to the "City Poor" and the other was buried at "113 South Ground". Any idea where this cemetery might be?



“The South Ground” is just one of the names referring to the South End Cemetery, also known as Franklin Square Cemetery. This closed cemetery was originally opened in 1810, and is located at Washington Street and East Newton Street in Boston’s South End.  Some of the inscriptions for this cemetery were recorded in the book Gravestone Inscriptions and Records of Tomb Burials in the Central Burying Ground, Boston, Common, and Inscriptions in the South Burying Ground, Boston (Salem, MA, 1917).  NEHGS has this book available under call # F73/61/C3/C6/1917.  However in the case of South Burying Ground you refer to numbers 5, and 113.  These are tombs and the tomb doors generally have a number or family surnames of the owner.  Since tomb ownership does tend to change, the name of all occupants will not be represented on the tomb door. This cemetery is locked to prevent vandalism; however you can call the Mount Hope Cemetery 617-635-7361 to arrange the cemetery to be opened if you wish.

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