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The Daily Genealogist: Various Resources: Wisconsin, Oregon, and Illinois

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Valerie Beaudrault

Valerie Beaudrault
Assistant Editor

Marshfield Public Library, Wisconsin
The city of Marshfield is located in central Wisconsin, primarily in Wood County, with a small portion of the city extending into Marathon County. The Marshfield Public Library has made the vital events database available on its website. You can access the Marshfield Public Library Online Genealogy Index from the E-Sources tab in the menu bar at the top of the homepage. Scroll down to the Marshfield Public Library Online Genealogy Index link and click on it to open a new page with a detailed description of the database. Click next on the orange title link in the middle of the page to open the search page. The index covers the periods from 1882 through 1927 and 1990 through 2007. It can be searched by first name and last name, or you can browse the records by clicking on the desired letter of the alphabet. Searches can be limited by type of record and date of publication. The data fields in the database are name, event, newspaper title, date, and notes. 
Wilsonville Public Library, Oregon
Wilsonville is a city in northwestern Oregon. Most of the city is located in Clackamas County, while the northern section is in Washington County. The Wilsonville Public Library has made the Northwest Heritage Index available on its website. The index containsmore than 16,000 obituaries, spanning more than 100 years, extracted from Canby, Oregon, newspapers by Canby Public Library volunteers. The obituaries are for individuals who lived in or had some connection with Clackamas County and / or northeast Marion County. Another 4,000 or so records from sources in the Wilsonville Public Library Heritage Collection have been indexed and added to the database.
The Library has provided the index in two file formats -- Microsoft Excel and PDF. Scroll down the page to view the Key to the Northwest Heritage Index. There is also a PDF file containing the key to the database. There are two data fields for each record; one contains vital information about the person and the other contains source information.
Cook County Clerk's Office, Illinois
Cook County, Illinois, is located on the southwestern end of Lake Michigan. Its county seat is Chicago. The Cook County Clerk's Office has made non-certified versions of vital records available through databases found on its Genealogy Unit website. There are more than six million birth, marriage, and death records for Chicago and Cook County in these databases. They date back to 1872. (The Chicago Fire destroyed all Cook County vital records prior to October 8, 1871.) Mandatory filing of vital records with the State of Illinois began January 1, 1916; records filed before 1916 were filed at the county level. In Illinois, vital records prior to the following dates are defined as genealogical vital records: birth records 75 years or older (1938); marriage records 50 years or older (1963); and death records that are 20 years or older (1993).
You must register to view the indexes (registration is free). You may begin your search once you have logged in. The databases may be searched by last name, middle initial, first name, and year range, or by year and file number. You must select a record type. The data fields in the search results include name, married to, record type, file number, and event date. Clicking on the name link will bring you to a page that allows you to order an electronic copy for $15.

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